Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A Review of 2014

2014 Review In Photos
         Jan-How-to-paint-on-fabric          Feb-Lassy Mogs Recipe                Mar-Flower Pillow Tutorial

Oct-Trip to the Yukon                                   Nov-Repurposed Wool Mittens
December-A Christmas collage of the youngest of our grandchildren.
And that, my friends, is a pretty good summary of my 2014 Year In Review!

Friday, 26 December 2014

Yukon Christmas Mass

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary-Burwash Landing Yukon
Tim and I were both thrilled when we were told by a new acquaintance  of mine that there would be a Christmas Mass held at the Catholic Church in Burwash Landing.
I have been in this church many times, as it is open to the public in the summer as a museum. It has an attached little school room and then a Priest living quarters, all which have long ago been abandoned.
However, once a year they hold a Christmas Mass in the building.
Interior-Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
Here is Tim with Charlie before the service.
The black Propane Heater is set up ahead of time to warm the building, but must be shut off before the services as the fumes are so strong.
The heater in the corner is broken. Since this church no longer receives funds from the hierarchy it will remain so. There was an electric heater (the white one on the left of this photo) but it still didn't keep my toes from feeling frozen, even in my Sorels!
The temperature outside that night was -26.5C.
After the forty minute service, we were invited next door to the caretaker's residence for fellowship and snacks. It was so kind of them, and we enjoyed visiting with them and hearing Andre' and Charlie talk about their many trapping experiences from a lifetime of living here in the Yukon Territory.
The caretakers name is Andre, he is a French fellow who still has a very strong, beautiful accent. His wife, Aggie, is a lovely Christian woman who drives the local school bus.
Andre' doesn't actually live in the home in the Winter as he is also a caretaker for a gold mine that is about 20 minutes west of their home. The owners of the mine find it more economical to pay someone to stay on site while they are away than to risk their property being vandalised or their equipment stolen.
As for regular church services, the Priest comes to Burwash Landing once a month. These services are held in the caretaker's home. They have a little nook off of the living room with an alter and long folding doors to open when they have services, then close at all other times when there's not.
There where only eight of us who attended the Mass; Tim and I, Charlie and Cecile, Andre' and Aggie, the Priest and his driver, Frank.
Side view-Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
I can honestly say that I'm thankful for this new way of celebrating Christmas. Although it is not the one I would have chosen for myself, I'm so happy that I now have had this experience to remember for a lifetime and to share with my grandchildren.
Again, God has shown me that He is with us no matter where we may wander!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas To All!

"God showed us His love for us when He sent His only Son
into the world to give us life"
1 John 4:9
For all of you, I pray that God will surround you with his love and comfort.
Some of us are not surrounded by loved ones and family this holiday season.
And some are not well or just trying to hold on as their loved one is slipping away from them.
 For you, I pray for His peace, in the midst of life's storm.
The Lord will be your ever present comfort.
Love to all-Kim

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A Post of Christmas Past

Christmas 2011
This Christmas post was from my very first year of blogging.
I can remember just how exciting and fun it was to share my Christmas decorating with you that year!
You might remember we were living on Lake Superior, way out in the woods then.
I think this photos been repinned something like 69 times off of my  Pinterest board.
 Christmas 2012
                                                                   Christmas 2012
Okay, here we go again!
The porch decorated at Christmas 2012.
 I think this version might have only been repined 8 times.
Not that that matters, it's all about what we like, right?
Christmas 2013

Last years Christmas d├ęcor was all about the Polar Bears.
Now Christmas 2014, as you know, we are not spending in our home.
But stay tuned, because this is not going to deter me from creating a Christmas photo for this year too.
I'll just have to put on my furry rabbit thinking cap and come up with something unique.
I do have much of the holidays off now, so I am busy with last minute gifts I'm sewing for the staff here.
I know, it's crazy!
Wish me luck in getting them done......
I'd best be off to bed now, morning will arrive before I know it!
Tomorrow is the beginning of the days getting longer here in the Yukon.
 I wonder if that means sunrise will be before 9:30 AM now?


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Do You Believe In Angels?

Do You Believe in Angels?
Silly question, I know you do!
Last night I had a visit from one....
I was working when a customer came in to dine at the lodge.
He and I were the only one's there at the time. He told me he was from Ancorage, Alaska on his way down to Washington state to move to help with the care of his elderly father now.
He ate and then when he had finished dining he ask if he might bring his cello in and play a few Christmas carols.
By this time my husband, the owners, and another employee had come into the dining room.
The owner, not a Christian, begrudedly agreed to allow him to play and then quickly left.
It was all I could do to keep myself from sobbing when this very quiet, humble man began to play all of the beautiful Christmas carols.
 I felt like the Lord had sent him here just for me.
You see, working in this remote area has been especially hard for me during this Christmas season. There are no churches here, very limited TV access to good programing and my Internet is so limited  I haven't even heard any of the Christmas carols that we often take for granted during this holiday season.
I requested 'Carol of the Bells', just because it's a favourite of mine.
Soon, everyone had left and it was just him and myself again.
Is it any wonder that I felt that the Lord had sent him there just for me?
He played several traditional religious hymns-it was a transporting moment for me.
This man's lone recital felt like a gift from The Lord's very Throne Room.
While I was busy with other work, he very quietly packed up his instrument,
  and when I returned to the dining area he was gone.
I didn't even get to tell him how much his spontaneous concert had meant to me.
I don't truly imagine that this man is really a heavenly being, but I do believe that he was sent from the Lord as a gift to fill a very empty spot in my heart at this time, and I'm so...grateful.
Anyway, hope you don't mind me sharing my sappy  little story with you today.
May this wonderful season be merry and bright for you-Kimberly

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Bathing Beauties

I just received this new bath photo of my Cutie Patuties, Reece and Brigam.
Don't they look like they are having a blast?
Yep, these adorable little guys are my bathing beauties, for sure!
Speaking of Bathing Beauties.....
If you have never seen this film, starring Red Skelton and Esther Williams, it is a must.
It is just so hilarious!
Even my children loved it when they were still living at home. In fact my daughter, Emily, would try to immolate the beautiful Esther Williams whenever we went swimming.
You know, I had never thought of Red Skelton as handsome before, but he plays such a sweet and charming role in this movie, that you can't help but fall in love with the guy!
So, if you are looking for a light-hearted Christmas present for someone, Bathing Beauty is definitely a gift to consider.
And "no" I am not getting paid by anyone to tell you this.
 This is just my own personal recommendation.
As you all know by now, I am back to working full-time so I haven't had a lot of extra time for my favourite pastime-blogging!
I do drop by to check on many of you, but don't usually leave a comment, as I also have limited Internet access now.
Oh, bother!!
But that's just the way it is for now, no wining intended.
I do want to share a few photos I attempted to take last night. It was a gorgeous night sky and I did my best ladies, however it really doesn't do it justice.
But here are the photos anyway.......

As you can see, we have a pretty heavy hoar frost on our trees right now.
It looks like a Winter Wonderland.
And it feels like it too with -30C here.
That's all the news from the Arctic North for now.
Hope this finds you well.