Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter

May You Have a Blessed and Happy Day!

Vintage Scrap Bag

After sewing my g'daughter Starlets vintage  sheet curtains,
I had several narrow strips of scraps left over.
Not one to waste, I threw together a bag for my curlers.
Curlers? Yes, I'm old fashioned that way!
I have very thin hair, so unless I want to have it permed,
I have to roll it.
This project can definitely be rated at a  beginners level.
Anyone can do it!
Simply sew your vintage sheet strips together. Next choose a contrasting
color strip and alternate it with your patterned strips.
 You can make this
bag any size, of course, for whatever purpose you desire.
I wanted a curler bag, but you might want one for rags, or plastic bags,
or whatever.
If you'd like more ideas of uses for your vintage sheets, please feel free to
visit my Pinterest board titled  Repurposed Vintage Linens. I've repinned many really beautiful projects there!
You can get there by clicking your cursor on my Pinterest button located
on the top left corner of this post.
Happy Pinning My Friends!

Friday, 29 March 2013

A Day to Reflect

As we read our devotions this morning from Mark 15: 22-39 it reminded me afresh of Jesus great, great sacrifice for all of us. This was the day when our
gift of redemption was given.
Please don't let another day go by without accepting God's beautiful plan for your life!
 It's the most important choice you will ever make.
Acts 16:30-31
John 3:16-18
Ephesians 2:8-9
2Corinthians 5:21

Thursday, 28 March 2013

He's Back!

Tim went to open the door the other day, but stopped short when he saw a visitor sunning himself on our deck. He spent forty minutes there and then moved around the yard. I think he was stalking the squirrels.
Please enjoy a few of the photos I have taken!
I know I'm going to cherish them.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Cabin Fever

I don't know about you but when I say I'm suffering from Cabin Fever I don't mean that I'm irritable or bored  as Websters definites it.
I really just mean I sick and tired of the snow and the cold and want Spring  with all of its glory to happen now. Right now!
But until that time I've entertained myself by watching some pretty good DVDs that I want to recommend to you.
This DVD is a re-make of the original Alfred Hitchcock movie. I really enjoyed it.
It has espionage and intrigue with a little romance
(clean) and it's all filmed in the beautiful English countryside to boot.
This English movie was adapted from Elizabeth Gaskell's novel.  The acting was fabulous and the costumes were gorgeous. And although the storyline was serious there was plenty of humor in the personalities of some of the characters.
If you liked Ms. Gaskell's North and South or Cranford, you're going to like this. I, personally, thought it was the best of all of the three.
And lastly, Tim and I have watched Wartime Farm and liked it so much we're going to buy it!
It is a wonderful detailed account of how important the farm was to the WW2 War effort. For those of you who find yourselves yawning right now, forget it! This is an interesting and fun series.
Oh, I almost forgot Mr. Lynx came to visit again and hung around on our deck for over 40 minutes.
So be fair warned, my next post will be more photos of him, just in case you've seen enough.
Have a wonderful day friends-Kimberly


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

What A Difference A Week Can Make

If you want to know why I'm suffering from cabin fever, just take a look at this lake!
This is what the lake looked like 10 days ago! I actually thought Spring was on its way. Ha!
You would think after living on or near Lake Superior for over 23 years,  I'd know better by now.

I suppose I was being a little overly optimistic...
Yesterday morning, while I was still sleeping, my husband heard this beautiful woodpecker making an awful racket and got a few decent photos of him.
I hope you can make him out behind all of those branches, he blends so well.
 I would give you his official name, but I'm afraid that I've already packed my bird books to take Up North to the lodge.
Yes, we leave this weekend!
 I just can't believe how the time has snuck up on me!
 But it is all good.
I've got a lot of catching up to do, so have the teapot on. I'm on my way over now...




Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Very Welcome Visitor!


Our Surprise Visitor
You can imagine our surprise this morning when the fellow who had been leaving his tracks all over our yard this winter finally made an appearance!
First he snuck around the corner of the shed. Then he was brave enough to venture to the front of it where he sat for a good long time while I shot many, many photos of him.

Next he disappeared behind the shed, only to come out in the woods next to the old outhouse.
Again, I proceeded to shoot many photos of him.
You can tell, too, that he knew I was photographing him again.
It was interesting watching his stealth movements.
There were times when he would raise his body to a pouncing position like he was ready to attack, and then curl himself into a tight ball as if he was going to settle in for a nice little nap.
Mr. Lynx sat between our two sheds looking longingly toward my MIL's cottage like he wanted so badly to go visiting there also. This is his usual path according to the previous tracks he's left.
However, with me watching from the window, he decided instead to make one last trip to the wood shed and then he disappeared around the corner.
Now if I can only get a picture of that flighty red fox
that keep running through the yard......


Friday, 15 March 2013

Blue Skies Smiling at Me

Blue skies smiling at me,
Nothing but blue skies do I see....
It's truly a gorgeous day here on Lake Superior!
A brisk wind is blowing, it's -2C, but the lake is just as blue as blue can be!
I didn't do much today. But  for some unknown reason I can't explain I felt inspired to clean the copper I have hanging on the pot rack.
 When it turned out so well  this then lead to cleaning my silver!
I know it's no longer in vogue to polish your silver , which was alright with me since it's not my favorite of chores to do.
In truth I wanted to be sure that my silver wasn't beyond cleaning. After all this time I wondered if there was a point of no return for tarnished silver.
I'm very happy to report that mine had not reached that point. Yeah!
Now that my MIL is back from Southern Michigan, she and I have been making our regular weekly  trips in to Value village. Most times I come home empty handed,  but last week I found three treasures I couldn't resist.
I don't know if I've told you how much I love old flannel blankets. I have a couple that have been passed down to me, they both have a blue stripe at the top. So I was thrilled to find one with sweet flowers, something I had never seen before.
And I nearly jumped out of  skin when I spotted this tiny blue Pyrex container.
It matches perfectly with my blue Pyrex cup and saucer set.
And honestly, there was no rhyme or reason to buy this ceramic foolishness.. But with those begging eyes, tell me, could you have left the sweet fellow behind?
Well that, my friends, is the long and short of my exciting week. Surely you did something more news worthy than polish your silver.
Please tell me, how was your week?

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A New Adventure....

  In reality this isn't really my motto for living life, but somehow it seems to be the path that I often find myself treading!
I wanted to let you know that beginning the first of April, Tim and I will be taking over management of a lodge 4-5 hours north of here.
It isn't a lodge that is located in the wilderness this time, but sits at the edge of a small northern community of Ontario.
This means I will have easy access to the grocery store, variety store, the library, Dr's and hospital (heaven forbid I need them) and other amenities I currently have had to drive 45 minutes to reach now.
Because it is situated so far north, the woods, the lakes, waterfalls, and wildlife are just outside my back door! So I don't feel I'm having to give up any of the comforts that are so dear to me here.
We will have complete carte blanche in running it, so I'm pretty excited about doing some tweaking with the decorating. It has good bones, but just needs a woman touch added to it, I think!
I will continue blogging, of course. You know I'll be taking you along with me, just as I always have no matter where I roam.
You can help me out by giving me advice about what you're looking for when you travel and need a place to rest your head.
Until then I will be back with my usual blather of  my everyday nonsense!
Talk to you soon-Kimberly

Monday, 11 March 2013

Patchwork Curtain Reveal

  Vintage Curtains
I'm not sure if you will remember the sheet project I was going to surprise you with-it was so long a go.
Many of you guessed it was going to be a quilt.
But no!
 I had planned all along to make vintage sheet curtains for my g'daughter Starlet.
I have to say that although this was a 'fly by the seat of my pants project' with no pattern, it was quite easy.
 I will warn you that it was very time consuming with so much sewing, but still very easy.
 And I honestly can't remember when I've enjoyed working with fabric as much as I did with my collection of sheets.
Several of my vintage sheets were collected while we were in the Yukon, on the way home through Saskatchewan, and then as far South as Iowa.
The patterns in the old sheets are just gorgeous, I think. And I remember many of them from my own mothers household. I just bet you may recognise a few yourselves!

I can not take credit for this as an original idea.
I first saw the curtains above on Maggie & Sparrow's flickr, which set me out collecting my sheets in the first place.
After making four panels I still have enough fabric to make more curtains or another project.
 So, who knows, you may be right about that quilt after all!
Where I'm Partying Today!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Dressing the Dresser

Today I gathered a few mementos that were my Mothers to decorate my dresser top. None of the items are expensive or fancy-my Mother was neither.  But I think they all look pretty together and most of all they remind me of her.
This lovely lady belonged to my Aunt Vi. When she passed my Mom displayed the vase on a shelf in her spare bedroom.
 I've always wanted to start a collection, I've seen so many pretty variations, but they are a wee bit pricey to me!
 This gold watch was the one Mom wore when she was dressing to go out.
And she wore this silver watch  for every day.
Mom gave me her wedding ring set several years ago and I wear them underneath my own wedding rings every day. She had only a plain gold band for many years.
On their 25th wedding anniversary my Dad bought this set for her. It's hard to see the diamond in the set, it's so tiny.
 With seven children to feed, my Dad did commercial fishing on the Mississippi River after working a regular day job to bring in extra money. I expect that's the only way he was able to have the extra money to buy this ring set for my Mom. She was a stay at home mother at that time.
So now you can see how my little dresser vignette
is going to bring me a lot of happy memories of days gone by every time I pass it!
I am joining these parties:


Friday, 1 March 2013

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts.

I went to the mailbox yesterday and what did I find?
A lovely package all the way from Australia!
I won a drawing for a lace collage wall hanging from Suzi
I know I showed this beauty to you back when I won it, but look at how pretty Nature's Bride looks draped and hanging over one of my antique mirrors. Suzi is always coming up with unique collages.
Thanks again, Suzi Q!
Have you heard of Christmas in July? Well I had Christmas in February. My SIL brought my MIL back to her cabin this past week from Michigan, and they came bearing Christmas gifts!
This handsome (I always say that when I'm referring to a manly plaid) blanket is 100 percent wool from Cannon River Mills in the USA. My SIL must know I have a thing about plaids:-)
I have already wore my pretty scarf to town yesterday.  It has so many colors in it that are favorites of mine too. One of the things I love about scarves is that you can have just a few basic tops, change you're scarf and voila you have a whole new outfit just like that!
I'd never seen scarf jewelry before, but as I've said a few times, I don't get out much... But I do love it. Now I just need to figure out how to wear it! Any ideas?
And lastly, we received two new DVDs from another SIL. I have heard a lot about The King's Speech, but we've never seen it yet. Have you?
Now Duck Dynasty I have viewed. It is just so stupid, it is funny. It just makes me laugh at the ridiculousness of it. It was hard for me at first to get past the shagginess of the men-folk, just not my style. But after seeing it once I found it's not so bad.
I'm not a regular viewer, but I do know it has a lot of people hooked.
I know this has been a long and wordy post, but I just had to show you the yard today. See the design all over the snow? That is Mr. Bobcats paw prints. This is not just one visit, but several! The little sneak comes at night so we can't ever see him. I'm realizing now how lucky I was to get his photo at all last winter.
Well, I've bored you enough with what's happening in my little world. What are you up to today?
Whatever it is, I hope your having a good one!Kimberly