Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Just A Wee Chat...

I thought tonight I would just chat with you a bit.
I am guessing that many of you are very busy readying yourselves for Thanksgiving.
I am really looking forward to reading your post featuring your celebrations!
It's such a wonderful time to spend with your family that I think it is well worth all of the work it is in the end for all of you.
Easy for me to say...
It won't be requiring much work here at our home this year.
 We have Turkey leftovers frozen from our Canadian Thanksgiving celebration.
I'll will be throwing a pumpkin pie together however because all of it had gotten eaten, of course!
Mainly by me.. 
I did a little dilly dallying with the Christmas decorating today.
I haven't brought out any totes yet.
 I did have a few decorations in the utility room cabinet that were easy to access so I did display a few Christmas items in our kitchen.
I must say that it is looking quite cheery in there now!
I still have not heard one Christmas Carol yet though!
No, I'm not lying.
I always wait until the first of December, otherwise I tire of hearing them by the time Christmas day rolls around.
What about you?
Are you listening to carols already?
Do you have a favourite one?
Mine favourite one just happens to be,
 'Carol of the Bells'
Have a good Wednesday my friends.
 And don't work too hard!

Monday, 25 November 2013


Do you ever have those days when you finally just say, "I give up."
Well, today was mine.

I haven't mentioned it, but for the last month while my laptop has been in for repairs, I have had to go through the most ridiculous process of posting on my blog.

I have been using my old laptop, which will not upload any of my photos to my post. So the process is to mail any photos I want to post to our e-mail address. Then save them on my husbands computer photo gallery. Next I upload them to my post from his computer.

No big deal, right?
I'm not finished yet.

 I haven't gotten to the good part....
My husbands computer lets me upload the photos, but it will not let me write anything on the post.
The cursor won't move.
So then I run back to the old laptop to attempt to write the post for publishing from what has been saved.
Of course the photos are not in proper sequence, so when I try to move them to where I want them I often end up losing them.
Which is what happened today!

Finally, after hours of attempting to share my bedroom re-do, I just said
enough is enough.
It was going to look shoddy and disorderly and I wasn't going to have any of that.

I did receive a call from Staples today about my laptop.
Which is another whole long drawn out story of ridiculousness.
But I will spare you that one because I know a person can only take small doses of negativity at one sitting.

They called to say my computer is being mailed to me today.
Hopefully, I will receive it before the end of the week!
And hopefully in tip top shape.
If you're wondering why I put a Christmas card on my post so early...
All I can say is that it was cute and the laptop let me upload it.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Bedroom Re-Do Sneak Pre-View

Hello Friends!
Do any of you remember that Master Bedroom Re-Do that I began some time ago?
Probably not!
It has been a while....
But today I do have a sneak preview for you....
This lovely lady is gracing our bedroom dresser now.
As are these pretty nesting birdies I picked up somewhere in Northern Missouri while traveling.


This photo is a collection of vintage jewelry from our night stand.
I've started collecting keys also in the hope of making vintage key pendants as gifts.
Oh yes I know, just what I need, another project!
We received a couple of inches of snow last night and the high today was 18F, so I think I can say that Winter is definitely here in Northern Ontario.
If you are interested please check back Monday for my complete bedroom reveal.
Now I can finally move on to my Christmas decorating.
Have any of you started your holiday decorating yet?
I will be visiting here today:


Monday, 18 November 2013

Cabin Christmas Decor


I should probably have titled this post The
Ghost of Christmas Past.
As my thoughts turn towards Christmas decorating this year I'm looking back at years gone by to gather a few ideas.
(And really to help me remember what's buried in those totes marked Christmas down in my basement!)
I am sharing my previous two years deck photos with you also because nearly everyday someone is repinning them.
I guess they were kinda cute!
Here is another Christmas vignette from our log home kitchen.
And lastly, a hot cocoa Christmas tray.
Dear Friends, if you would like to use any of my Christmas ideas please feel free to pin any of them!
Also check out my Pinterest 'Christmas Joy' board for many other bloggers creative holiday ideas too.
Just click on the Pinterest button on my left side bar.


  I will be partying here also:

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Shabby Chic Bed Shams

I finished sewing my version of the Shabby Chic
Pillow Shams yesterday.
Now I know these to be authentically shabby because I (Kimberly) personally ripped every ruffle with my own two hands and then hand gathered each one!
I'm not sure if I told you what  fabric I used for my Shabby Chic Shams? 
It was cheap, white gauzy tea-towels!

Now on to the bedroom.
I spent a good deal of the day digging around in the basement in my totes looking for this particular lavender Scottish Shaw.
I love the colours in it and want to incorporate the deep lavender colour into our bedroom.
I also have a very pretty matching wool blanket which I will show you later.
Today the high here was 32F and the snow remains....
Thank you all for stopping by and visiting here at 
Camp and Cottage Living!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Thinking of the Holidays Here..

With snow falling for the last several days here, is it any wonder my thoughts are turning towards Christmas?
It is only four inches so far, but still enough to remind me that I need to start planning and thinking of the holidays.

Of course it's easy to get excited about the snow coming when I'm inside drinking hot tea and you know who has to do all of the shoveling.....

This is what I'm currently working on-new pillow shams for our bedroom.
Hopefully I'll get them finished this week....
And, hopefully, the whole bedroom...

These are my inspiration pillow shams!

And what are you up to on this Tuesday?

Monday, 11 November 2013

Veteran's Day and Rememberance Day


Like so many of you, I would like to say Thank You to all of the men and women who have served and are now serving to keep our countries free.
I realise that our freedom doesn't come without a cost.
I appreciate all of your scarifies.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Happy Birthday to Billy Graham

In case you missed it, this last Thursday Reverend Billy Graham celebrated his 95th birthday.
Reverend Graham had what he said was his last word to share with the public.
I watched  and I listened.
And I was touched.
I would like to say that Billy still has the gift, but the truth is that Rev Graham is still just willing to be used as the Holy Spirit leads him.
The most repeated word I heard from all the interviews of those who where close to him was how humble he was.
This is a man who has travelled the world over winning souls to the Lord, been in the company of many world leaders, and with the help of his friends and supporters has established a world-wide ministry that is still touching the lives of so many of us still.
And he still remains humble.
I personally want to say 'Thank You' to Rev Graham for his continued faithfulness and the wonderful example that he has set for all of us.
I can just imagine the Lord saying to him, "Well done my good and faithful servant."
Watch here if you missed it!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

How To Get Funky Photos With BeFunky!

Friends, have you ever used the photo editing program BeFunky?
Well, if you haven't you don't know what you are missing!
But I must warn you right now it might become addictive to you.
Yes, it is that much fun.
                                                                Rusty  Truck by Printscapes
To use as an example I chose a favourite photo of an rusty and deserted truck.
This is the original photo.

Now this is when the fun begins.
On the BeFunky site you will be instructed to upload a picture.
I chose the one from 'my computer.'
Next I chose the 3rd option on the left side-bar that looks like a paint brush.
Then I scrolled down to the Impressionist option.
I clicked on this and watched as my photograph turned into what looks like an impressionist painting.
This was produced by using the second option on the side-bar and then choosing the 'Viewfinder' option.

Again I clicked on the second option on the left side-bar.
Then chose 'Old Photo.'
This does definitely look aged doesn't it?
I can just imagine this old photo being found in a old wallet were it received many years of wear and tear.

This was also the second option on the sidebar, then 'Vintage Colours.'
I love how this photo editing turned out!
Now tell me which photo you like best?
Maybe you just prefer the original one.
My favourite is the 'Impressionist' version.
I do want to say that I am in no way receiving any sort of compensation from BeFunky for promoting this site.
In all fairness I use PicMonkey more for my photo editing than I do BeFunky.
If you would really like more detailed instructions in photo editing, my friend Dawn at Creative Cain Cabin has launched a new web site with wonderful step by step tutorials.
I know I've learned a lot from them already.
Hope you all have a blessed weekend



Thursday, 7 November 2013

Tartan Plaid Fashions

I want you to know that one of the reasons I love it when Fall rolls around and the days grow cooler, it is then that I can go dig in my storage totes and drag out all of my favourite plaid shirts and skirts to wear.
So tell me, which of the above pieces would you purchase if you had the opportunity?

It would be a hard choice, but I'm voting for the hat and scarf. 
Although I have to say I think the boot spats are pretty darn cool!

Okay, I guess I'm not the only one who is ready to put on my plaid coat!
How about you, my friends?
Are you a plaid lover too?
Found Sources:
Hat: fashionising
Plaid Spats by Monjo Creations
Cape: jenniferannsullinsmodel
Plaid Sheep: Bathgate, Scotland
Plaid Blankets: No Found Source



Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Our Upper Pennisula Sculpture Tour

While visiting at our daughter Emily's home in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, our g'children decided to take us to a metal sculpture
park that Starlet's school had visited for a class outing earlier.
Lakenenland is located outside of Harvey, just before arriving at Marquette, Michigan.
I have to tell you I drove past this park many times when we lived in the U.P., not even knowing what it was.
If you happen to visit this area, you must stop!
It is well worth it and it's free.

Here's our dear Starlet with the whole world on her

I think the g'children climbed on every single piece of sculpture.
It sure gave me opportunity for a lot of good photo

Our Star reaching for the stars!

At first Lambert wouldn't let me get a photo of him, but by the time we were half way through our tour he was wanting his picture taken on every sculpture.

I can't begin to share all the sculpture photos with you.
And I'm sure you're thinking, "Thank goodness."

I can't leave you though without showing you this awesome picnic shelter at the park.
I could slap up a few walls and live here!
Oh, I forgot to mention that it is right across the road from Lake Superior, so I would definitely feel right at home here.
We did get a skiff of snow here last night.
But that's okay because I don't plan to go outside today anyway.
Something that I did bring home with me that I wish I hadn't was a rotten cold!
I've been pumping myself full of Echinacee and drinking my sore throat tea, so I'm sure it will pass quickly...
I hope this finds all of you well!
Take care-Kimberly


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Home Again

Hello Friends!
I'm back at the home place again.
Tim and I  wanted to make one more round to visit the g'children before the snow decides to take permanent residence here.

Our first stop was at Clayton and Lauren's home to go Trick or Treating with Reece and Brigam.
As you can see Buzz was pretty worn out after making his rounds from door to door.

He was quickly restored from the brownies I made for our after supper snack.
Reece is so funny. We went to about five houses and then he wanted to start eating his candy.
Lauren told him he could have a piece of candy when we were back to her Mother's house and done Trick or Treating.
So he decided he was done!
After only five houses...
No joke he didn't want to go to anymore doors after that.

II didn't get a photo of Brig in his costume, but here he is getting his bath.
He sure loves the water!
This guy is really one of the best baby I've ever been around. He hardly ever cries....
He fusses when he's hungry or tired.
That's about it. He was a dream to babysit.
Now, I'm waiting until tomorrow or the next day to show you photos from our time with our other g'children.
I don't want to overdose you!
I did have a wonderful surprise when Tim came back from Canada Post today....
My Lola Nova book has arrived.
Yeah, my gift from Sherri at Little House in Paradise .
I won this a couple of weeks ago in her gift give-away.

It is full of so many unique gift ideas or items for your own home.
You can see by the photo just how well the tutorials are laid out step by step.
Remember how your kids used to build tents over the furniture?
Here is a cute idea for the kiddies.
Okay, I am using my old laptop and it is getting ready to black out on me, so I'll sign off for now and get back to you as soon as I can!