Thursday, 25 August 2011

This and That

  Do you ever feel like you are wearing out? Boy, I do! I think I felt like I was 18 until I
hit 45, then it all starting going down hill from there!
Credit\; Storybook log cabin
I am starting on a trip down to Iowa today for a family reunion and my oldest son
is on his way to NY. He is a "trouble-shooter" lineman and has been called to be
on hand for Hurricane Irene. Would you  join me to pray for
all those folks in its path there on the east coast? It would be a blessing if it would
just go back out to sea where it belongs.But these storms have a mind of their own,
 it seems.

Amanda Brooks Adirondak-Vogue
You've probably noticed that my photos do not relate in any way to what I'm posting, but
I can't imagine a post without pictures and these are samples of log homes ideas I like.
I think this would look nice in a log home. I have several totes of wool I've
collected with rug hooking in mind, but I could spare some of it for a beautiful
quilt like this. I have some pieces already started from a Sue Spargo pattern
two years ago. I haven't run across them yet in my de-cluttering. But when I
do, I'll show you what I've done so far.
This is a nice stone pathway. It does look like an awful lot of work though!
And what about these stones? This would look nice on the little slope down to the beach.
On second thought, who could possibly lift those humongous rocks?

What Do You Collect?

I am not really one to collect any particular items. I just buy what I like. But several years
ago I fell in love with these little lambies. Then when an occasion for a gift would present
itself, my DH or MIL would buy one for me. I've kept a few out, but some had been stuck
away in a box that never got unpack from the last move. They are sweet, so now I need to
find a space for them again.
 Isn't this little lambie shepherd sweet? And his twin all dressed for snow?
These are soft and cuddly sheep. The one on the right plays "Mary had a little lamb".
This sits on the kitchen counter right now.
This is an antique cake mold. He sits on top of the cabinet like a king reigning over the kitchen!
Now this has nothing to do with sheep, but a kitchen deco idea I thought I would share.
When we moved into our cabin, part of the cabinet arrangement was a wine rack. I don't
drink wine so I needed to come up with some other idea for filling these cubbies. I tried
trinkets, but just I didn't like the way that looked. Then I remembered all those bulk spice
containers that were taking up so much space on the shelves. It seemed I'd have to drag
everyone of them down before I would find the spice I was needing for my recipe.
I always have canning jars and lids on hand. So I dumped the spices into my jars.
Then made labels for each one and tied it around the bottom rim of the glass jar.
They fit perfect inside each cubby and are much more to my liking than a wine
bottle. So there you have it-my decorating tip for the day!
Now back to my original question-do you have a collection? If so, what is it?

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Wee Bit of Fall

For weeks now I have been reading how so many of my blogging friends can't wait for
fall to arrive. And I can understand. It's been horribly hot for so many of you, I'm sure
you would more than welcome some cooler weather. But here, the weather has been
pretty close to perfect. It's been sunny and in the 70's-until two days ago, when it
dropped down to the 60's. 
But until we drove to church on Sunday, I hadn't seen any evidence that fall  was even
thinking about coming for a visit. But like a sneaky little snake it's slithered its way
           into my neck of the woods.

Isn't this pretty? I like the mix of the speckled maple with the yellow and red against the green.

This is a red maple, maybe? I'm not real sure. But you can see it's just starting to turn.

This is a birch. Surprisingly, the ones in our yard are not turning yet.

This is a comforter that I found  while de-cluttering in the loft cubby. I ordered it out
of a mail order magazine and when I received it it was too poofy and too slick for my
bed. So I am hand quilting the paisleys on it to help squash it. Now, am I crazy or what?
Please don't answer that . Because I really don't want to know!
Have a Blessed Tuesday friends!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Wind and Whitecaps

  It has been really windy here today. But sunny and beautiful!

I could sit for hours just looking at the lake as it shimmers and sparkles.              

A windy day is a perfect day for hanging sheets on the line. I love there fresh smell!
You can see the mess of the MIL "camp" in progress in the background. Sorry!
It was the perfect day for drying this lambswool coat I'd forgot that I had bought.
It  stank of strong cigarette smoke. After washing it twice in baking soda and white
vinegar, then regular laundry soap and lots of softener, it came out smelling like a
The only flowers I have blooming now are the ones in my baskets and pots.
I can't even imagine thinking about fall yet, it is still so green here. But I think
the reason I feel this way is because I have all four seasons. If you lived where it
was green year round, then you wouldn't necessarily judge fall by the coloring of
the leaves or the frosting nights. You might consider it fall when your children
return to school or your garden is finished bearing. So, tell me, how do you
determine when it's fall? Do you go by the date on the calender? I'm really
interested in knowing! Please tell.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Short Drive North

  Please scroll down and read August 17th post for today. And don't even ask how I managed to do this!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

While I was Working

  I started my whole de-cluttering process two days ago. And yes, it's been agony! You
know how it is-"Oh, I can't get rid of that, Shannon (a young girl that worked for
us many moons ago) made this mug for me in her pottery class. Or my sister made
that pillow for me 15 years ago, but it hasn't matched anything in my house for
the last 10 years. Well anyway, while I was working look what was going on right
out my front window. The nerve of this fella. Like he has nothing more important
to do with his life, but waste the day sailing on his boat on the Gitche Gumee.
See him sitting there? Like he doesn't have a care in the world. While less than a
mile from him, in that log house is a woman whose world is falling to pieces because
of this:
See that Liptons tea sign? I've had that since my daughter was born. She's 30 now.
That old sifter-I still love those little apples on it. But I have another one I use all
the time. Remember, this is about getting rid of what I'm not using and don't really
need. The old brown Colvert milk jug was used to decorate our restaurant years ago.
That wooden raven box was from my Yukon years. I think my son in-law will like
it, along with the westerns.
Now this is just the house stuff. DH reminded me about all the boxes he moved out
of the garage into the shed!.

Just more proof that I am truly taking this seriously. This is a set of corelleware I've
used for years. My  MIL bought a large set of dishes at the Salvation Army for her
"camp" and had extra to share with me, so one set has to go as the other comes in.

Is this little fellow going? Not on your life! He faithfully holds my reading glasses when there
not on my face. Which isn't too often anymore.

This fellas a flirt if I ever saw one. He holds my Baileys  scouring pad for the pots.
He not going anywhere either now that I've found him again!

This is what Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams call "schtuffkies" The definition she said is:
stuff, fodder, cuteness, whimsical junk. What ever it is-it's just too sweet to get rid of.
Nothing to say about this pair-I just like 'em.
My kitchen at my last home was done in "retro" with lots of red.
No, these aren't going anywhere either.
OK, what do you think? Did I do good? So far I've done the kitchen cabinet, the china
cabinet, and the hallway pantry. Tomorrow I'm heading up to the loft. Believe me
that is going to be more than a one day project.

Just another couple enjoying their day on the lake. Sadly, in another month the sailing
and the canoeing will all be over. The fall winds will begin and the waves will be too
strong to be caught in the waters. But that is next month not now. But it's a reminder
to me that I'd better get out there while I can and enjoy it.
You have a lovely day friends!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A Short Drive North

  Last Sunday, after church we decided to treat ourselves at one of our favorite restaurants.
In all honesty I don't enjoy it because of it's great food. It's pretty standard fare. But I
love the atmosphere of the place. I'm sorry to say I didn't think to photograph the place.
It has a voyageur theme. Definition: A person employed by a fur company to transport
goods to and from remote locations esp. Canada's Northwest. I have to make a correction
here on Webster, because it was all of Canada's North, not just the Northwest.
This  is one of the amazing paintings in the restaurants. The dining chairs and tables are all
made from log poles. They do have some yummy homemade deserts and also serve bannock,
which I love. Everything is served on camp enamelware-fun. And they have a nice little
gift shop upstairs. Oh, I almost forgot, they also have motel units. I've never been inside
since I live near by, but if they're anything like the other buildings I'm sure there nice.

This is Chippewa Falls. We usually hike the trail at least a couple of times
each year.  It is short, but steep at places. There isn't much water flowing right now.
But in the spring when the snows are melting above it roars and gushes with water.

This is the trail-full of roots along the path, all kinds of rocks and washouts and steep!
This is last years photo when Emily and the grandchildren were here. My DH is looking
a little like Einstein here. I don't know why God gave him all that beautiful hair and
made mine baby fine. Some things are just not fair!
I love this! It is painted at the top of one of the many cliffs we have along Hwy 17 North.
It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Now, what are your plans for this weekend?

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Inuit-Dene Artist

  As some of you know last Febrary I left my job as manager of the Northern Images Art Gallery.
It was a fabulous job, with a wonderful employer, and amazing artist. The Inuit and Dene
peoples of the arctic and sub-arctic regions are the most talented artist I've had the priviledge to work
with. These people were forced to live the "make-do" lifestyle long before it became a popular
fad. They made all their tools, their childrens toys, and later  carvings to sell from stones and
whalebones, caribou bones. Their clothing and footwear was made from the sealskins, polar
bear hides, and caribou hides. Well, I could go on and on, but then this would end up sound-
ing like a history lesson and what I really want to do is showcase some of their amazing art.

This was a very popular artist. I sold many of his pieces to the younger generation. They loved
the vibrant colors he was well known for, as well as the imagery.

These are smoked moose hide kamiks (mukluks) for a child. These were decorated with
needlework, but most have beadwork tops. It looks like beaver fur. Without feeling
the fur, I can't say for sure. Beaver is a very coarse feeling fur.

Aren't these amazing with their diamond design? These are sealskin. Can you imagine
all the work that went into sewing each one of these diamonds in place? They were
made from a young mother from the Arctic region that walked into the gallery to
personally sell these to me. This was a very common means of acquiring goods for
the gallery. The artist would often wait until she/he had several pieces to offer, then
line it up with a Dr.s appointment or shopping trip to the city. Remember they were
flying down from the very far north!

This is not the best picture of this carving-the lighting was bad. The two most popular stones
used for carving are soapstone and terpentine. They come in many different colors. This one
was done by an Inuit artist. This is just a little sample of the art of these talented peoples.
I will show you more in the future. If you are interested in anything you see, I will be glad
to refer you to the Northern Images gallery were there is a vast selection of  Inuit and Dene' art.
I hope you all have a great Monday. I am off to start the "hard" process of de-cluttering.
Say a prayer for me. Seriously, I am horrible about getting rid of anything! I always seem
to think I just might need whatever it is in the future. Nutty, I know!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Friday Surprise


You can only imagine my surprise when Brenda at
e-mailed me to tell me I had been chosen for her Friday Welcome Wagon. I was thrilled!
I know many of you are already familar with Brenda's blog. But for those of you who are
not, you'll want to drop by and visit to follow along as she begins a new chapter in her
life with a new cozy house to decorate too. And let me tell you, this gal has a real flair
for decorating. As you can see from the two photos I've posted from her blog!

on Welcome Wagon Friday. I've visited them both and really enjoyed them too.