Thursday, 31 May 2012

I'm In a Rut

I am in a rut!
  I get up at 6am, work until 2pm, then go for a walk.
I then get my camera and walk around the resort looking for some
inspiration for my blog.
Now this is a fair sized property, but really there is only so much that
one can consider interesting here everyday.  After my stroll  around
the grounds I wander back up to our lodgings to see if there is anything
worth watching on TV-there never is.
 I take the time to do my stretches, maybe read a book for a while. Then when my DH gets off at 4pm we visit and have our devotions together.
At 5:30 it's time for supper. I don't think I told you that all of our meals
are provided for us. We have to eat whatever the special is. But I'm not
complaining there! We have pretty much anything we want for break-
fast. Lunch is homemade soup and a sandwich. Supper is a nice dinner.
Last night it was BBQ Ribs. We've had Salisbury Steak, Veal, Fried Chicken,
Spaghetti, Fish&Chips, Oriental, and Meatloaf. Some of it isn't too tasty, but mostly it's good. And we're not allowed in the kitchen to wash our own dishes.
Darn! That breaks my heart.
After we eat, it's back to our lodgings. We bath, then read e-mails. I do a
little blogging. I put a DVD in to watch. We just finished the whole 'Pie
in the Sky' series. I can highly recommend it. I just hated it when I knew
there were no more to watch. I think I got attached to the charaters!
 We are now starting on  Alfred Hitchcock movies from
the 1930's. The first one was "39 Steps". I had seen a remake of this
last year and really liked it. The original wasn't bad either, just a very
different story line than the newer version.

By 9:30 the wood furnace is stocked, my hubby is sleeping, and I spend
the last hour before I retire usually reading.
And that, my friends, is just how exciting my days have been here in the

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Back from My Break!

I honestly can't believe it's been two weeks since I've posted! My laptop
has been in the shop-it's toast. So I've bought a new one.
I've been spending most of my days off walking around
the resort area snapping photos.
The resort where I'm working is the only original lodge that's still operating
in the Yukon. Therefore we have a lot of old, original log buildings here.
It's certainly not a fancy place, but ever so rich in history.
All of the old cabins are used for storage now. A shame, I think.
This is an old dugout where canned good were stored many eons ago.
This is a Yukon Crocus. It bloomed just last week, so I'm hoping this
is a sign that spring is on the way here!
Look at these sweet mountain sheep that came down to the lake to get
a drink. They will be gone to the other side of the mountain soon. The
ewes come over to have their kids and then about a month later they
return to the other side. I'm so thrilled I was able to get this close.
We also have a boat bone yard here. This is Josephine. I can  only imagine
the fish she's hauled in in her days. Although it is beautiful here, it is
also sad to see what was once an active and striving way of life now
faded into decay. The dear couple we work for are now in their 70's and are just worn out and tired of the daily grind of running a resort. They have
had it for sale for many years now, but there's not many people with 1.2
million dollars to invest in a remote resort that needs a lot of updating
done to it as well.  I'm really grateful for the whole experience because
I can't imagine it can go on a whole lot longer.
I've looking forward to visiting you all soon-I really missed knowing
what's happening!
My one year anniversary is coming up in June! I can't believe how
quickly the time has passed. It's all been good. I'm sure I won't get
many arguments on that point!!
 I'm planning a drawing,
so stay posted for more info.
Blessings to all-Kimberly

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Note Card Party

  I'm joining my friend Vee  for her Note Card Party today.
I've chosen the seasons as my theme. This photo
is from my spring chives-last year.
Summer shot of my beloved Lake Superior.
A Fall scene on the drive to our home.
And winter on the Gitche Gumee.
If you'd like to see what beautiful Note Cards the other
'partiers' have come up with, be sure to hop over to Vee's.
Happy Tuesday!

Wildlife Sightings

Yesterday Tim drove me to the Alaskan border for a Mother's Day dinner
at Buckshot Betty's. We know the owner from our very first trip out here six years ago.
On the way there we saw a moose, an eagle, and a grizzly on our way home.
I didn't have the camera with me, of course!
Today we went to Whitehorse (I hurt my back and had to see a chiropractor).
On the way there we again saw a grizzly and elk also. This time I had the
camera, but was in too much pain to care whether I got a photo, or not!
But as luck would have it, on the way back while driving around Kluane Lake,
we came upon a 'blond' bear. This time I was ready. I had my camera out-
husband jumped out of the car to take a picture and it wouldn't work.  Now
this is the camera I was supposed to have replaced on our way out here.
But I had it set in my mind that I was going to buy only one certain camera,
and since I didn't find that camera, I bought none. Needless to say there was
a little Xo&#@X being said over missing that blond bear, because they
are rather rare you know. Even in the Yukon.Well, I am exaggerating about the words that were expressed. Hubby didn't really say them-but I felt he
 was thinking them. So next trip in town I will be coming home with some
type of a new camera.
There has been so much going on  the last couple of weeks.
But I'll save it for another post-I don't want to get too
lengthy here.
I'm sorry I haven't been able to visit as much as I would like to.
Now that we have clientele at the resort the owner has no choice
but to turn on the wi-fi. Hopefully I can pop by more regularly
again now.
Wishing you  all a good week,

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Thrift Shopping in Whitehorse

  I think I forgot to mention that I went thrift shopping while in
Whitehorse. The only 'good' place to go is the Salvation Army
store. And  using the word 'good' is really relative to the fact
that the three other re-sale shops are mostly clothing! But I'm
not complaining, I came away with several hard back books
 for only$.20 and this retro tablecloth. I love the red and blues in it!
And this pineapple crocheted tablecloth was just $4.50. I can't even imagine
the hours that were spent hooking this one. It is nearly as large as a full-sized
I'm not really sure what use I'll have for this floral
napkin, but for a quarter I'll find some way to repurpose it.
And there was no way I was passing up this retro fabric either.
Don't you think it will look nice with the old sheets I'm collecting to make
patchwork curtains for my g'daughter's bedroom? I left them all
at home, of course. So it's going to have to be a winter project for
me now.
This is my choice for my next crocheting challenge. I haven't
started on it because my boss isn't keeping the wi-fi turned on
everyday. And, of course the pattern was on-line. I've since
uploaded it to documents.

I've had to ask him twice to flip it on so I could call
Eli on his birthday and so I could order Mother's Day gifts.
Besides that, if a computer had a picture tube, I would say mine
is going on my lap-top. After I've used it for a while it starts getting
broad, black lines moving over the screen and then eventually the
whole screen fades out. Has anyone ever experienced this before?
Do you know if it's fixable? It may be cheaper to buy a new one than
to get this one repaired, I'm thinking. If any of you have any advice
I'd so.... appreciate it! You know I'd never survive out here in the
wilderness without a connection to my family and friends!
Still keeping my head above water!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Crocheting Anyone?
Since I've had a couple of days off, I've been trying to think of
some projects I can work on that I can pick up and do at my
 convenience. I'm still elementary at crocheting so I was went
surfing for a pattern that might be easy, yet cute. This definitely
fits the bill for cuteness-I'll have to read through the pattern to
discover just how easy it is.
This one sure looks easy enough! I found this free pattern
at Bit O Whimsy Blog in 04/2011.
This one I just love for my swiffer. I might even enjoy dusting
my wood floors with this beauty. And again, it does look easy.

This site is just full of quick projects that look simple to boot. And the
download is free. You can't beat that, now can you? Try Make-Handmade
for 2011/07/05  for any of these sweet patterns and more.
I have a lot to think about now with so many choices. Which one would
you pick if you were looking for a crocheting project? I'll let you know
which one I'm trying soon!
Today is my youngest son Elijah's 29th birthday. My baby photos are
all at home, so I can't do any then and now pics. Darn! But here's
the handsome boy now:
He's the youngest of our sons on the right.
Happy Birthday Honey!!
Have a Blessed Sunday,

Friday, 4 May 2012

Mountains Galore!

We traveled back from Whitehorse today to our work place. As I've said before,
you are surrounded by mountains everywhere here. I only snapped a couple of
photos of the St. Elias mountain range as I don't want to bore you too much
with non-stop scenery pictures.
This is a view of the mountain as we are approaching Lake Kluane (Kloo-aw-nee).

You see this marshy looking area?
This is what the same area will look like after the June run off from the mountains
takes place. Isn't that just amazing? I just can't believe it, even though I seen it
with my own eyes several times.
We were delighted to see mountain sheep today on Sheep Mountain. But the
zoom on my camera just isn't strong enough to show much more than a dozen
white dots so I passed on even posting them.
I have tomorrow off, so I'm looking forward to catching up once again on all
of your recent post and hopefully figuring out how to set up my pininterest
See you tomorrow-Kimberly