Friday, 28 August 2015

Oak Meadow Homeschooling

Hello everyone!
Today I'm posting over at my other blog here if you'd like to visit me there.
But I have a favour to ask.....
Does anyone know where I can purchase used Oak Meadow homeschooling curriculum?
I am in need of Grades 3 & Grade 6.
My daughter is homeschooling this year and we are finding that Amazon is sold out of the needed books and buying direct is quite expensive.
I have searched the internet already so this is why I am asking you!
Please leave a comment if you know of any sources for these materials.
Many thanks. I appreciate it!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A Pinterest Copycat On How To Clean A Stainless Steel sink


My friends today's Pinterest Copycat project can be found right here. 
I have been looking on pinterest for a recipe to make a stainless steel sink cleaner from products that I always keep on hand in my home.
 And I've found one that works.
The ingredients you will need to get started are:
baking soda
white vinegar
olive oil or baby oil
Here's what you do...
Begin by spraying your stainless steel sink surface with the white vinegar.
Step two you want to shake baking soda into the sinks.
Leave this to sit for 15 minutes. I went a little over board with the baking soda. You do not need this much at all! Also a step that I added was to scrub the sink. The recipe did not suggest scrubbing, but I did it anyway.
The next step is to rinse with boiling water.
Spray again with white vinegar.
 Wipe to dry, then shine with the olive oil or baby oil. 
It works. I will use this recipe again, for sure.
             My tea stained before photo is evidence that
this recipe really works.

Now I promised you two Pinterst Copycat projects and this pot scrubber that is made from your own onion or orange mesh produce bags is the second.

You can see where I found it here. This scrubber takes about ten minutes to make. I'm not kidding.
Follow the instructions from this original post though because she does such a good tutorial on how to make it.
I only had 3 mesh bags and the original calls for 6.
My scrubber worked just fine in cleaning the sink, so I can imagine that by doubling the thickness it would work even better.
Now tell me, have you ever tried either of my copycat projects before? Do you think you'll give them a try?


Sunday, 23 August 2015

It's A Family Affair

It's A Family Affair
Tim and I were lucky enough to have a visit from our son, DIL, and their boys this weekend.
It was surprising to see how much the boys had grown!
Papa had fun giving the grandsons rides in the wheelbarrow.
Here's Reece colouring....
Brigam colouring.....
                   Fun at the beach with Great Nana.

There was a whole lot of sliding...

and a fair amount of swinging.
It was a short visit, but we sure enjoyed our time together. Tim and I even watched our favourite kids movie, Toy Story 3, with the boys!
As you know we are long distance Grandparents so we relish even the short visits we can have with our children and their families. I know many of you are in the same boat, so you understand.
I'll be back tomorrow with my latest Pinterest Copycat post. This time around I'm rating two  pinterest projects. Lucky you!
Hope you pop over.


Monday, 17 August 2015

My Pinterest Copycat Bag Holder


My Pinterest copycat bag holder is a royal sort of bag. Notice the crown atop the birdies head?
 I guess this means it's fit for a Queen!
I've been needing a new bag holder for some time.
When one of my tea towels had a defect on it that didn't allow use of it for resale I knew it would work perfectly for this project.
I also had a red plaid tea towel on hand I could use as an accent.
Here is the Pinterest bag holder that I used for inspiration for my own bag.
It's really so nicely done.
 I love all of the patchwork and the combinations of stripes and checks the sewer has used for her bag.
Have you made any projects from a Pinterest inspiration lately. If so I'd love to hear about it!
Time now to get my bag holder stuffed and hung for duty.
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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

How to Hang Scarves

How To Hang Your Scarves
Kim's Vintage Sheet Scarf Hanger

          Would you like to know the best way to hang your scarves?
Well my friends, I have found a solution for you.

And this is not it!
I told you that I would share with you my pinterest successes and my pinterest failures, that I will be a sort of guiniea pig on pinterest ideas for you.
 So I'm here to tell you in all honesty that his way of hanging my scarves turned out to be a big, fat failure for me.

This is what happened in reality with my scarf hanger. The shower hooks all slid to one side when knocked or touched at all. This wasn't a major catastrophe, but not quite what I wanted for a scarf hanger.

While researching pinterest one day I ran across this version of a scarf hanger. Voila! This is just what I was looking for. This scarf hanger is both pretty and functional.

 I know this because I made my own version of it. Mine is not an exact copy.
 This is how I like to use pinterest, as a springboard.


I personalized my scarf hanger by using a favorite vintage sheet, adding a couple of crochet accents, and then labeling it (just for fun).
I  recommend this project. It was fast and easy, and best of all a no cost project. I had all that I needed on hand.
The experts (me) here at Camp and Cottage Living give this pinterest scarf hanger a 10 rating. Ha!

Monday, 10 August 2015

True Confessions of a Pinterest Copycat

True Confessions of a Pinterest Copycat?
I'm sure you're wondering what this is all about...
And I'm going to tell you, of course!
I, like many of you if you will admit it, spend a good deal of time surfing pinterest.
Maybe you consider it a waste of time.....
I don't!
 I have learnt so much from the many other pinners.
And this is what I'm going to share with you.
I want to let you know which pins that I've tried that I considered a success and those pins which I found to be flops.
I want to show you the many different projects I've tried (I did say I was a copycat, after all).
On occasion I'll share the recipes that I've tried, sewing/craft projects I've copied, household tips that work, and so much more.
You get the picture I'm sure, so I won't rattle on.
Tomorrow I will be back with my first copycat post.
 I hope to see then!

Friday, 7 August 2015

Etsy Shop Open


Hello Friends!
You have heard me talk about a new Etsy shop that I've been wanting to open.
Well it is done!
If you would like to take a look at it
you can access my shop here or here.
I'd love to hear your feedback...

My other big news is that Kris at Junk Chic Cottage has invited me to be her Saturday Spotlight tomorrow.
 I hope you will pop over to her here and read all about me. Ha, ha!
 If you don't know Kris yet you will be so happy that I'm directing you to her blog! She has the cutest shabby chic home that I have seen yet in blogdom. It is full of unique junk chic decorating ideas.
Kris does a feature on a blogger every Saturday. I have been introduced to many new blogger through this feature.
 So be sure you check it out!