Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Review

  January-February 2012
snow hole

bobcat visit
March-April 2012
So bored I learned to crochet flowers!
A snow bow!
Our trip out to the Yukon.
Elijah and Laura's wedding!
Dancing bear on the road to Beaver Creek.
Bove Island, on the road to Skagway.

Lake view on our first day home from the Yukon.
Thanksgiving table scape.
November-December 2012

I did a little re-decorating in November.
The only Christmas decorating that was done at my house this year! This is the honest truth.

Over all 2012 was a good year. Like most years it has had it ups and downs. Losing Dad recently certainly ended the year on a sad note. I already know that 2013 will be bringing more sorrow with my Mom joining Dad. Don't get me wrong, I'm so blessed to know they will be together in heaven, but
I can't imagine life without picking up the phone and hearing their voices at the other end.
I pray that 2013 will be a blessed one for you. One with health, faith, and provision. I know as long as we're walking hand in hand with the Saviour, he will guide us all through whatever challenges await us.





Saturday, 29 December 2012

Johnny Mathis - Wonderful Wonderful

Did any of you ladies watch the Johnny Mathis special on PBS tonight?
Tim & I so enjoyed his performance. I wanted to share my most favorite of all of his songs with you. It's especially appropriate since Tim & I just celebrated our anniversary.
I hope you enjoy it too!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

So...ap Happy!

I just had to show you this fabulous cake my husband gifted me with for our anniversary.
It really look like a plum pudding mold was used or maybe even a jello mold to make this creation.
As you can see, I have cut a special slice just for you!
But please don't eat it because it's soap!!
Now isn't that sweet and imaginative?
Tim actually ordered this amazing soap collection from a lady in Yellowknife, NWT.
I wanted to show you what a unique job she did with all of the soaps.
The soaps were not only beautifully displayed,
the maker also took such great care in naming her soaps, listing the yummy ingredients, and writing a little rhyme with each and every bar.
Tim said she wanted to know a little about me before she decided on the ingredients for my soap cake and the accompanying special made card.
Anyway, it was such a sweet surprise from a dear and considerate husband. Many thanks honey!





What Should I Wear?

Tomorrow is Tim's and my 39th wedding anniversary. You might remember the red velvet shoes he bought for me to wear on our wedding day.....
Well now I must decide what dress to wear to go out for our anniversary celebration! This is were I need your help.
Now this is my favorite. I love the old fashioned look of the 40's-50's.
This one is sweet too. But, my waist line not being what it was when I got married, takes this out of the realm of possibilities.
This one is adorable with all those red roses and the white fu-fu branches. It reminds me of something that could have been worn in 'White Christmas'.  But again, it's  just a tad too young looking for a lady who just turned 57 years old on Christmas day!
This dress is the probably the closest to what I believe would work the best for me. The color is a spot on match with my heels. The design appears to wrap ones body in a way that might be slimming, and the fabric is flowing, not clinging. What do you think, is this the one you would chose if you were me?
Alright, I'll be honest with you. My anniversary request was to go to 'The Hobbit' movie and my husbands plan is to surprise me with somewhere special for dinner. However, I don't think either place will require red velvet shoes with a fancy, matching dress. I did get a new red wool coat for Christmas with a black fur trimmed hood-I think that will work just fine! Don't you?




Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

A Blessing on Your Home
When Jesus is the carpenter a home is safe & strong
It's built with care & happiness, it's filled with love
and song.
His joy is found in every room,
peace whispers through the halls-
and He gently blesses everyone who loves
within it's walls.
May Jesus the carpenter bless your home, and Jesus the Saviour love you and keep you safe.
A thank you to my friend, Dawn, for featuring my Christmas porch today on her Christmas Decorating on a Budget post!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Little Under the Weather

  I have to tell you friends one of the disadvantages of being a person with good health is that when one does get sick,  it is a big deal. And a big enough deal that one wants the sympathy of 'everyone '! Well you can only imagine my surprise when I heard my husband tell his mother, via phone, that I was a little under the weather. Under the weather! Hand me that phone Mister. I'll let her know how 'under the weather' I am! I can't speak, my throat is raw, and I can't seem to suppress these coughing fits.
See what I mean? I'm a big fat baby! It's not good enough for me that my husband is waiting on me hand and foot. I want the world to know that I'm ill and feel sorry for me. Pathetic, I say. I know I am!
However, since the couch and I have been married to each other, I've had time to catch up on several of my favorite Christmas movies. (Notice how quickly I can change from a wretch to one who can see the silver lining in my illness)? Here's what I've seen so far......

Love this one too.
Sweet little Natalie.
 This one was new to me this year, but I enjoyed it. Now I must see my most favorite of all time Christmas movies-'Holiday Inn'. Then I'll be  satisfied. Do you have a favorite Christmas movie
you like to see every year? Maybe it's one I've already mentioned.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Winter is for Fun!

I'm joining Vee's Notecard Party. My theme for
my cards is 'Winter Fun'. This is our Starlet in her 'Mother Hubbard' coat  playing.

This is Lambert enjoying the frozen falls.
I'm so glad that all of the g'children enjoy playing in the snow. This is Reece doing his dog impression.

And this is our pianist, Javan. Sorry no snow photos of him handy.

And lastly, Happy 32nd  Birthday to our dear Emily!


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Porch Decor

One week ago last Sunday we got our 1st decent snowfall. Tim and I  took the opportunity to go out to gather the greens. Don't ask me why, but I just
can't get in the mood for holiday decorating until
there is snow on the ground.
Here I am attempting to cut the wee tree for the deck.
However, in the end, it was my husband who ended up doing all of the cutting!

It was such a gorgeous day all around. The beautiful snow, the bright sunshine, and our lovely Lake Superior!
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Monday, 17 December 2012

Thank You

Many thanks to all of you dear ladies who have offered your sympathies for the loss of my Dad
and prayers for my Mom.
It has meant a great deal to me to know that my family is being lifted up before the Lord in your prayers.
My prayers are being added to all of yours for the families of the dear little children and teachers who were so brutally shoot this last week. They will be needing our prayers for a good, long time.
I am home and will be back just as soon as I recover from a cold virus that manged to attach itself to my body. So many of my family were ill, I'm not at all surprised I got it too.
Thank you again-Kimberly

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

In The Arms of Jesus

  Dear Friends:
      I just received word tonight that my Father passed this evening. He didn't go as I have been praying he would-in his sleep, but it was a heart attack and very quick. So I'm most thankful he didn't suffer long. I can't begin to tell you in just a few words about my Dad. Other than to say he was the best Father a girl could ever wish for and right now I can't imagine life without him.
Please pray for my Mother. She is not well and can not be consoled. They've been married 74 years last Oct.1st. Dad was 95.
We are on our way to Iowa in the morning.
I so appreciate your prayers.

Monday, 10 December 2012

In Celebration of Snow!

  How does one celebrate when it finally snows?
 Treat yourself to a steaming cup of hot chocolate, of course.
Or if a friend drops by unexpectantly, it's such a sweet but simple treat to prepare. Just pour the steaming brew into a holiday mug, top with whipped cream and crushed candy cane. Then add a Pirouline rolled wafer for stirring and  your all set to go!
I have to tell you waking up to snow this morning was a thrill. It's late coming for our area this year.

 This is a shot taken from the cabin toward the driveway. It's just after day break.
I haven't done any Christmas decorating yet. But
I've gotten a lot of great ideas from Pinterest. Here are just a few that I might try.
Pretty Handy Girl gives a tutorial on how to make this lovely runner. I wonder where I can get this stencil....
So simple, but beautiful.

And what Christmas is really all about!
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