Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Embroidery Machine Repair Lady-Me

I started this week thinking I would finally complete the bag order I have for the Yukon. I had the machine embroidery patterns selected, the new thread arrived last week, and I had already cut out all of the bags.
But what happens? The thread keeps breaking on my machine. A simple pattern that shouldn't have taken me even an hour, takes several hours to complete because I am constantly having to rethread my machine. Grrr

Since I'm no dummy, I decide to look to my machine manual for help.
It suggest five different reasons my machine is breaking the thread. I try all of the remedies-no luck! I finally come to realise that this is a job that's bigger than me.
I go on line, find the nearest embroidery machine repair shop (which isn't near at all) and call. No one answers. I leave a message. No one calls me back.
This morning I call again and a very pleasant man answers the phone. I explain the situation to him and tell him I want to ship my machine to him for repair.
He knows and I know that it is going to cost me $50. to ship my machine one way to him. So he says to me, "Let's see if we can fix this over the phone".
I have to tell you this was not something that encouraged me. I had already tried everything the manual had suggested. It seemed like a waste of time to me, but I didn't want to be rude to the fellow. He was being so nice......

When it was all said and done we realised that I had some abrasion on my metal bobbin holder. I removed the protective plate coverings, stripped the  fine, back side of my emery board and set to gently filing the inner metal bobbin surface.
I have to admit I wasn't putting much faith in this causing my thread to break, but I was under the tutelage of the expert so I did what I was told! I filed until I thought it looked smooth, put all of the parts back in place, then tried the machine.
It worked!!
I am so grateful and relieved. I was telling Tim that I wish that there were some way I could pay this patient and kind man back for all of his help.
He came up with the perfect gift, I think.

A Timmy's card, of course!
I think he'll like it.



Tuesday, 10 May 2016

My Yellow Dresser Project is Finished


Do you remember the yellow dresser that I showed you last week? I told you how much I would like to transform my old nondescript dresser into something beautiful. This is what I ended up with.

The colour is not exact. Mine look like a lemony yellow. I haven't waxed my dresser yet, which I think might help to tone down the colour a bit.

What do you think? Is it better yellow than brown?
Well, I'm happy with it.
My husband couldn't understand why I would paint the dresser than turn around and scrap paint off of the dresser. I told him he's obviously not kept up on the latest décor styles. He admitted he has not. This dresser is my version of shabby chic, I told him. It was clearly obvious by his expression he had never heard of shabby chic. Can you believe that?
At that point I just gave up!

Sunday, 8 May 2016

A Mother's Day Dedication


This Mother's Day marks the third Mother's Day that I have been without my dear mother. Like so many of you who have lost your mothers it has become a day of reflection on all the wonderful times spent together, a day of fresh sorrow for our loss, and a day of  gratefulness for having been gifted with a kind and loving mother. 

My mother started her life as most of us born in the 50's did, in a family unit, with both a Father and a Mother. But at the age of nine her mother left. I never quite understood the reason why....There were these hazy words about my grandfather being a womaniser, but never any solid truths about why she left.
At the age of nine my mother became the 'woman of the house'. She had to watch over her little brother who was four years her junior, clean the house and do the cooking. This is something that is unfathomable to me still.

Mom married at the age of fifteen. Hard to imagine. However, if you had been keeping house and bearing the responsibilities she had since you were age nine  it puts this event in a better perspective.

My Mom was such a hard worker. She had her first child at the age of seventeen and her last, me, at the age of thirty two. There were seven of us altogether!
We lived in a small three bedroom home. And let me tell you that house was spotless. Mom was a sterling example of a homemaker to me. She was an excellent cook, spotless housekeeper, and laundress. The one skill she never did embrace was sewing. She would hand repair our clothing, but admitted she had no desire to ever learn how to use a sewing machine.
I remember as a teenager when she went to a knitting class with her sister to take up knitting. Everyone told her it was such a relaxing pastime. She told me it made her a nervous wreck! She never again attempted any other hand crafts in her lifetime.

When I was thirteen my parents built a new home. This is a photo of Mom at the open house celebration. At this time there was only myself and my brother living at home. Mom was working a full time job by then. As a family we had our routine; work, school, weekends together, and church on Sundays. With five older siblings, who now had children of their own, our weekend were always full
 with nieces and nephew running about or staying overnight. Exactly opposite to what my life is like with all of my children living so far away now.
Mom was a strict mother with very high morals. Yet she was also warm and affectionate, a real hugger. She was fair. Although as a teenager I didn't think so, I realise now that she was.
Mom wasn't perfect. She had very firm opinions about how life should be and was more than ready to tell you so. As she aged, though, she became less outspoken.
I could go on and on about how wonderful I think my mom was. I know that I was very blessed and I thank God on this day for giving me such a special Mother.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

My Dream Home-An Authentic Farmhouse

Now that Tim and I have our home on the market every few days one of us is surfing MLS to look for a farmhouse. Tim happened across this one. It is not in my budget but I love it!
This is a true and authentic farmhouse. My goodness it even has a wringer washer in the corner of the kitchen. Imagine that.
 I thought it may be an Amish home. The electric stove in the kitchen and the ceiling fan tell me otherwise.
Look at this kitchen, will you?
My, oh my. Be still my heart......
Take in that gorgeous wood burning cook stove, the old kitchen table and chairs, the waincoating cabinets and the cabinets with the chicken wire fronts.
I am only sharing four photos with you. If  you would like to see every photo of this home please click on 'source' under any of the pictures and it will take you to the realtor's site.
I once had a claw foot tub and I am very partial to them. I can attest that they are quite comfy! Notice the drainage pipe covered in wallpaper? I've had these in my home and never knew quite what to do with them.

This is one of four bedrooms. My favourite features here are the wainscoting ceiling and the wrought iron bed. Although my taste in decor would be different, I think that the room is still lovely.

Something not so lovely to show you......
We had a light snow this morning.

I do have two sweet crocus that have bloomed and a few tulips throughout the yard that are showing promise. Spring is here (I'm tapping my red slippers together).
Now I will let you run along to check out my dream house. I'm not coveting it, just appreciating the home. Really!



Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A Free Gift

Hi! I received a free gift last week.
Pop over to my other blog here to see what I received!