Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas With the Grands


I truly feel rotten that I haven't been around much lately, but as you can see I have a very good excuse!
The grandchildren arrived over a week ago and our little house has been turned topsy turvy, upside down. My counters are cluttered with snacks, there is artwork in every window seal, on my bedroom dresser, in the office, on the frig, under the coffee table, practically every nock and cranny...What can I say, except we're having fun!

One day this last week the children decided they wanted Papa to show them how to make bread.
I thought when it came down to kneading the dough that the grands would leave that part of the bread making process to Papa, but they really got into it and worked it right through to the end.
The grandchildren love creating everyday. I have to tell you I'm pretty impressed with the little sculpties they've designed.

Conner's sculpty.

Every day Camden, Lexy, and Conner go to my MIL's apartment to visit where she spends time filling their tummies with cookies and helping them create even more artwork!
Yes, they are getting spoiled,  but not in a bad way.
In closing I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Having my grandchildren this Christmas has been such a gift and a great reminder to me of the most precious gift of the baby Jesus. He is truly the greatest gift I have ever excepted!
For more photos of the grand's visit please view here!

Monday, 7 December 2015

Let the Christmas Decorating Begin

Hi all!
As you can see, I am finally beginning my Christmas decorating. I put it off, thinking I had plenty of time. But I received a call from my oldest son this morning letting me know that they will be arriving next week. EEK! This is a week earlier than we had originally planned. So now I have a fire lit under me and I'm move'in fast ladies.
No doubt you are wondering why, considering all that I have to get done, that I am wasting time decorating a light with salt shakers.....
It was just a fresh idea I had (believe me I haven't had any of these in a long while) so I had to go with it.
I have also made up a hot chocolate bar for the grandchildren. If you'd like to see it you will find it on my other blog here. It was a quick and easy project and cute  if I may say so myself.


Sunday, 6 December 2015

Four More Cute Mug Rugs


This will be my final post on the Christmas mug rug swap. I will start with the sweet mug rugs that Tiffaney at Folded Gingham gifted to her swap partner Jean.

Next we have Jean from All Points of the Compass gift to Tiffaney. I love the rainbow of colours that Jean chose!

This cute Moose rug was made by Diane for Dolores. She does not blog, but wanted to participate and I'm so glad she did!

 Dolores went with a Christmas tree theme. Boy did she ever! Lucky Diane was her partner.
All of the ladies included gifts with there packages. I have only shown the mug rugs, but this was the only photo I had from Dolores so you can see all that she sent.
Again, thank you to all of the ladies who participated. We will have to plan for another Christmas swap next year!

Thursday, 3 December 2015

A Gift From A Friend


Last week on the same day that I received my Christmas mug rug gift I also received a package from my blogging friend from Maine, Vee.
Vee blogs at A Haven for Vee. Many of you know Vee already, but if you don't, check out her blog!

Not only did Vee make that cute Christmas mug rug in the photo above, she also sent me three vintage hankerchiefs and doilies, which I collect. I've never run across a completely blue doily yet in all of my hunts-I already have a plan for this one.

The calico star, I decided, will make a nice centerpiece for my kitchen table when I want to display a country vignette. The yellow and the blue calico's look so pretty together I think.

And now I have to ask the lady who says she's not much of a sewer how she did this lovely stitch, because I want to learn how to do it too!
Thanks a million, Vee.
 I feel like Christmas is starting early for me this year.

If you would like to view more post of the Christmas mug rug exchange, Tiffaney is showing off her mug rug from Jean here. And Stephanie's from Jann here.