Friday, 30 March 2012

Farewell To the Penny

Yes, it's official. As of this fall the Canadian government will
no longer be minting pennies. I can't say that I blame them-
it cost more to make than it's worth in value.  And they estimate
it will save the government 11 million dollars a year. So, I
commend them for being smart!
We should've known it was inevetiable when we could no
longer buy penny candy! But a whole chip in my brain is
now going to have to be erased. If I comply, that is!
I can no longer be penny pinching, something
 I've  taken great pride in. I used to think
'a penny earned was a penny saved'. No more. And do I
now say to my DH, "A nickel for your thoughts"? No,
being the rebel that I am, I will continue to pass these
quotes on to down to my g'children. And when they ask what a
penny is we will climb up the ladder to the loft, open the
old cedar chest lid and as they gaze in awe, I will pour into
their cupped hand-pennies!! How magical will that be?
In all seriousness, I will do that. But I would love
too, to do a floor like this one. In memory of
the late and great  Canadian penny.
 I'm thinking it would look good on our gazebo floor.
What do you thing? 
But it sure looks like a lot of pennies I'll have to start saving!
I'm waiting to see if these monkies are coming over on their
spring break next week.  I sure hope they can.
Notice the summer clothing? This
was taken two weeks ago. Now they have snow and cold
again! Well, that's spring for you in the north!
Also, if you'd like to see what gift Sam received from my
drawing, she did a post on it. Visit Sam Am I and scroll
down to the March 27th post.
Have a good weekend, my friends-Kimberly

Thursday, 29 March 2012


Because I've had so many questions about our move to the Yukon,
I thought I would write a post with a few of the details.
Here are just a few:
1) When are we leaving? In two weeks.
2) Are we selling our home? No, our youngest son and his new
bride will live here.
3) Is my MIL moving with us? No, she has an apartment
near her girls, as well as her camp here to visit. She will
be flying out this summer to spend some time with us.
4) Is this a seasonal job? No.
5) What type of work is it? We will be managing a camp ground,
restaurant, convience store, gas station, and small laundromat.
6) Will you still be blogging? Definitely!
I hope that answers a few of your questions. Now..........
Here is a new book I bought in Traverse City.
I just couldn't believe how cheap it was-$5.95!
I know I won't be implementing most of the techniques
written here, but I'm  still a sucker for anything titled,
Back To Basics. Are you?
Since blogger's playing nice, I thought I would share my two
other apron fabrics with you. I love the old-fashioned pattern
of this one. It reminds me of wallpaper I had in a past kitchen.
And paisley I love, even in black and white.
Today I'm joining Lisa at Two Bears Farm and Three Cubs  for Rural Thursday. And Debbie at Debbeidoo's Newbie Graduation Party. Many of you, like myself, have received a lot of advice from Debbie and help getting started in blogdom land. A big 'Thank You' from me!!


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Never Sleep Three in a Bed

Did you ever sleep three in a bed? Back in the 1950's it wasn't
all that unusual to have children sleeping together in one bed. In my family
there were four girls and three boys, with only three bedrooms.
So my three brothers slept in one bed, my three sisters in
another bed, and I in my baby bed in Mom and Dad's bedroom.
This is a photo I copied from our family album of  two of my
sisters when they let my brother climb in bed with them one
morning. So sweet!
This is a photo of that same little guy and my sister a few years
later with me. You can only imagine how spoiled I was with
three older brothers and sisters! It was truly a wonderful childhood.

We covered so...much territory and did so much visiting in such a short time. But it was great to see everyone before we take off for the Yukon. The weather was warm up until we started north through Michigan. Now it is back to freezing here again. We stopped at the border to do a little shopping and I was able to find some fabric for either new blouses or  aprons. What do you think of the cherry fabric? Definitely summery, I thought.
I had more photos to share, but blogger won't upload anymore
right now!  So, I'll try again tomorrow.
It's good to be back home and back to blogdom land again!
Take care-Kimberly


Saturday, 17 March 2012

My Announcement & Drawing Winner

Not a single person guessed what my announcement was! We are going to have a wedding in
the family again. Our youngest, Elijah, is getting married this summer. Our oldest and middle
sons, who are pictured here, are already married. We are so happy for him!
Since 'no one' guessed correctly, I put everyones name in the pot for the drawing. And the
winner was Sam at Sam Am I . As for what she won, I am traveling to the states and I want
to pick up a couple of additional things to add. So I'll show you ASA I have it together.
I'm off for over a week to visit my folks and our children's families. I'll drop by when I
can to say 'hi' to all of you.
Happy St Patricks Day and Blessings to You Too!

Friday, 16 March 2012

1950's Berwick Snack Set

If you are my age, you will remember going to a wedding shower or an anniversary party
and being served on a lovely Berwick Snack  Set or one similar to it. Well, I have this
exact set! Eight plates in all. When my in-laws had bought an old farm many years ago
this set, along with a lot of other goodies were stashed in their barn. She didn't want them,
so I very quickly inherited them. Thank you very much! One thing I didn't know , but
I learned from the article, was that there is a notched corner for a person's cigarette.
Who knew?
Here's my set. 
I got all this valuable information from 'Country Living'. I hardly ever purchase magazines
anymore. Since we have Pin interest who needs them? But I do occasionally 'need 'one to
browse through while I enjoy a hot cup of tea in my comphy chair!
She bought the house for the sink? Yeah, I could easily see myself doing the
same thing! I had one just like this in a home we owned in Missouri when
our kids were little. Only mine didn't have the deep side this one has. Sorry
I don't have any photos of mine. I guess back in the early 80's  it didn't seem
so novel to me as it is today.
The French milk jug is nice, but what I really wanted you to see was the envelope
made out of re purposed paper. Aren't they gorgeous? I'd love to receive a letter in
an envelope like this and just think you can make them for free.
And lastly, this is the little General Store I'm going to own someday.
But not in Austin, Texas!
What do you think? Would you stop in here for a sandwich and a look around?
I sure would. this is my kind of place!
I'll be back later tonight with my surprise drawing results!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


As you can see, today MIL and I made another visit to Value Village! I'm sure, by now, you
must think I'm a VV addict of sorts. But the truth is I was pretty well along in my recovery
until we decided we were heading north again. I believe this is just like when I decide to go on
a diet on Monday, I eat all the goodies on the weekend that  I know I'm going to deny myself
the rest of the week. You see, there is no VV in the Yukon. There is a very small  Salvation Army
located in Whitehorse. Thus I'm filling up on VV because I will soon be denyed the privilege
of visiting there for years!
I want to tell you right now that none of the pictures I'm going to be posting
are going to have a darn thing to do with what I'm chitty-chatting about. I
just feel bare without them!
I wanted to ask what was that whole warning about us losing our google
friends all about? I heard that on March 1st we would lose our friends that
were not on blog spot so I set up a Linky acct., then I warned my friends! It was
like Y2K all over again. I woke up on March 1st and nothing had happened.
I felt like 'chicken little' that said the sky was falling. So if you signed on to
my Linky account, would you please switch to my google friends so I can
drop it now? I really don't want two separate friends accounts.
Chitty-Chat #2 is  letting my blogger friends who invited me to be
Face book friends know that although I would enjoy having another
avenue for getting to know all of you better, I don't want to join face-
book. I admire all of you who are able to multi-task and dabble in more
than one social media, but frankly I'm lucky to just keep up with regular
blogger posting! But I do thank you for inviting me! Really.
Also, do you like showing off your favorite photos as much as I do?
Because my friend, Vee, at A Haven for Vee is having a party
were you can do just that. Pop over and visit her for more details
if you think you'd like to participate.
And lastly, I have some more big new to share with you! I'm sure by
now you must think this is a ploy to keep you coming back. It's not,
I promise. I would tell you right now what it is, but I'm waiting for
a special photo to go with my latest 'annoucement'. Hey, it
 just occurred to me that this would be a great opportunity for a
gift drawing! If you can guess what my 'big' announcement is,
I will enter your name in a surprise drawing. Surprise because I
don't know yet what I'll be sending the winner. Oh boy, this is by
the seat of my pants, for sure. I will draw the winner at 6PM, this
Friday, March 16th. And I'm warning you, NannaDiana, that it
is not an ultra-sound photo that I'm waiting for!! So don't even
go there, my friend.
I can't wait to hear what you guess. Hurry and let me know now.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Looking Back

  Well, I'm sure your asking yourself what the heck I'm doing showing you a photo of the
kitchen from my last house, when I'm supposed
to be telling all about our Yukon move.
Please bear with me and I'll explain. My laptop
is in for repairs, so I now have to use hubbies photos (which are all old) for my post. And I
thought a cute kitchen is a little more eye
catching than a map of the Yukon. I'm sure
that doesn't make a bit of sense to anyone
but me! Remember I have the flu. So it's
probably effecting my reasoning.
Now, concerning our move. DH & I are moving
to the Yukon for a work opportunity. This will
be our fourth trip out. Our home is provided
with the job, so we only need to take ourselves
and whatever personal items we need.
You ask if I am excited. I am. But I won't lie,
it is always hard to move so far away from our
children and g'children. I plan this time to
take advantage of Skye so we can see each
other when we talk, at least.
Someone ask if I would still be blogging.
You bet your bottom dollar I'll still be blogging!
I'm going to need your company now, more than I have ever before. Although my work is with
the public, I'll be located far from any neighbors,
just as I am now.
I treasure the friendships that I have found
with my blogging friends and have no intention
of giving you up! No you're not getting rid of
me so easily! So although my post may vary a bit,
I'm still the same girl with all the same interest.
So I hope you'll travel right along with me all
the way to the Yukon.
I'm counting on you, my friends!

Flu Bug Attack

I just wanted to let you know that I'll be MIA until I get past
this flu bug attack!
I will be back ASA possible. I did want to clarify that all of my
photos were taken while we were in the Yukon, Canada. I know it's
confusing since our son lives in Alaska. The Yukon and Alaska are
border neighbors too.
Thanks to Labbie 1 and Ann at Sutton's Place  for correcting me
about the song line I refered to. It is from the song, "He Ain't
Heavy, He's My Brother". I even had the Hollies album!
Ann say the Osmonds performed it too.
I'll be back soon-that's positive thinking!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

A Long, Long Road

"It's a long, long road with many of winding curves that leads us to who
knows where, who knows where"? This is a line out of a song from
my teenage years. I can't remember who sang it. Maybe Simon &
Garfunkel? It seems so appropriate for my life these last few years.
    I've come to realize that many times when we think we have our 
    future planned out, the man steering the ship has other plans for us.       

Just when I'm feeling comfortable and settled he opens a window I
hadn't even been looking to open.

It's not unfamiliar, I've traveled these waters before.
I've said "hello" to my friends along this road a time or two, or three!
I won't be relying on the 'sign forest' to direct my way! I have passed
this way many times and know how to navigate from here.

I feel certain you've already guessed it! DH and I are returning to the Yukon!
   We will be leaving in four weeks.
 I don't want to overwhelm you (bore you?) with all the details right now.
But I did want to share my 'big news' with you, as I'd promised I would.
I will be back on Monday, if you're interested, to tell more.
Until then, I hope you have a great weekend, my friends.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Flower Power

All week long I have been thrilled to see the lovely spring flowers popping up on many of
by southern friends post. And, truthfully, a little envious too! There have been crocus, tulips,
daffodils, cherry and apple trees in blossoms, and really too many for me to remember. I
just know it will be June before they will be breaking ground here!
But look what I woke up to this morning-my very own crochetas have bloomed.
This is probably a new flower to many of you. I know I have just discovered it.
They can bloom anytime of the year, you just have to know how to 'work' them. 
It has the leaf of a geranium, but blooms with varying colors and shapes. If you'd
like to know where you can 'find' one, let me know and I will set you up with one.
I didn't quite make it to 'Michaels' yesterday. It was one of those shopping days where you
have a dozen different places you have to go. However, my MIL and I spent a good deal of
our time in 'Value Village'. She is getting an apt. down south soon, so she is excited about
finding pretty dishes and such to set up a second household. We did find the perfect set for her.
And then I wanted to find some new tops for spring. I knew exactly what I wanted and I found three.
The only problem was they were all smalls  instead of mediums. Never mind that, I bought them
anyway. My daughter will love them and I'll enjoy seeing them on her, at least, if I can't wear
them myself!
The sunset last evening was gorgeous again. I saw on the calender that we change to daylight
savings time this weekend. Doesn't this sound like this is happening a little earlier than usual?
 This means that my sunsets will now be an hour later. I think I can live with that!
As I sat basking in the beauty of this sunset, I discovered that my son, Clayton and his
family have been without power since the wee hours of the morning last Saturday.
My oldest son, Jefferson, is part of the crew working to restore their power as we speak.
However, it could be this Saturday before they get to Traverse City where Clayton lives
as there were so many other counties without power also.
But, in light of the real tragedies of the recent tornadoes, I know Clayton isn't complaining.
He's just happy to still have a place to go home to.
I also have some very big news to give you soon. And no, NannaDiana, it's not that I'm
pregnant! Would you believe my own daughter actually called me and ask me if I was after
 she read my salt and pepper post? I'm thinking I really must be more careful how I word
these post in the future!
That's all the excitement here in my world today. What's happening with you?

Monday, 5 March 2012

What Would You Pay?

Would you pay $14.99 for these? I have been wanting these
sweet shakers and spotted a pair last week while in Value Village.
But $14.99 seemed a little steep to me! What do you think?
When I went to Etsy to do some comparable pricing I ended
up finding so....many reasonably priced shakers that were
just as cute that I decided they definitely are not worth $14.99
to me.!
If you are looking for something to bring a little spring into the
house, I think this cute couple would sure do the trick.
Why are there eyes shut? Maybe getting ready for Eskimo kisses?
I bet you're wondering if I'm becoming obsessed with salt &
pepper shakers now. Well, not really. There were just so many
cute ones I'd never seen before. And since I'd saved these pictures
I thought I might as well share them with you. But this is it-no more.
I promise!
I saw this on someones pinterest. It looks like a unique mix of
shakers and other sweet porcelain objects. It's kind of neat, I think.

We had another beautiful day here today. I believe I'll title this photo,
'Sunshine & Shadows'.
We had a new 'Michaels' open in town this last weekend, so I feel
obliged (ha!) to drop in and check it out sometime this next week.
How about you?
Anything new happening in your neck of the woods?