Monday, 31 March 2014

Miss Marple and Sunshine


It was a lazy weekend around here, but then most are!
Tim and I enjoyed watching our favourite Miss Marple, Joan Hickman, in 'A Murder is Announced' this weekend. She is such a class act.
 I have seen Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple and enjoyed it. But it came across almost as a comedy to me more than a serious murder mystery.
Now I didn't mind Julia McKenzie's version, but I sure couldn't accept Geraldine McEwan as Jane Marple. But then that's just me.
 When Tim and I started spending our summers working in the Yukon we began investing in DVDs  since the programing reception was so bad at the lodge.
 We do have a pretty decent collection, thank heavens. Especially since there isn't much good programing on TV even at our home now these days.
We've had two beautiful days of sunshine, even making it as high as the low 40s.
See how it is starting to melt this drift of snow in the back of our yard?
My prediction is that it will all be gone sometime in May!
Tim and I enjoyed sitting out on the deck of our sun porch just soaking in the sunshine.
This photo was taken from there.
Can you see how deep the snow is around this tree?
The animal prints are from the lynx that's been visiting here all Winter. Of course the prints are large now from the exposure to the sun.
I'm afraid to check the forecast for fear this beautiful weather was just a teaser.
But I'm happy for even that.
Any break from the cold and snow is welcome here.
Be sure to drop by tomorrow.
Tim is going to pick up our Spring chicks!
I can't wait!


Saturday, 29 March 2014

Apron Inspirations

  Oh my goodness, I went to pinterest for apron inspirations and I was quickly overdosed!
There are so... many pretty and creative apron styles and patterns that I didn't know which one to choose.
Just for fun I numbered each one so you can tell me which one is your favorite.

Now, if one of the aprons that are listed with pinterest as the source happen to be yours, please let me know.
 I will be happy to link it back to you.
You can't imagine the time I've spent trying to find the original source for each one of these aprons!
Sadly, every road led back to pinterest.
 I almost forgot to show you the fabrics that I bought to make my own new aprons.
The kitschy one at the top is my favourite!
Let me know which apron you like best.
This is a big decision for me, you know.


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Bird Patterns

Hello friends!
I mentioned last week that I have a suitcase full of 1940-1950's patterns that I had purchased in an antiques shop many years ago.
I want to share them with you!
When I ask what patterns you would like for me to offer, the largest response was anything to do with Spring.
This I can relate to completely.....
Geninne on Flickr
Before I give you the patterns I did want to show you the variety of ways you can use them today.
They are not just for embroidery anymore!
Carole Edrich, 2008
Greater minds than mine have used their imaginations and came up with so many creative uses for these patterns.
Because there are far too many to share on this post I have created a new Pin Board titled Bird Crazy.
Please take a look if you would like to see some of the many other ideas.
Now all you have to do to save this pattern is to place your cursor over the pattern, right click and select 'save picture as'. You can choose where you want to save it. I always save mine in photos. It's just where I find easiest for me.
Even if you don't have the time right now, save it for a rainy day!
That's what I'm doing.
It is still cold here. We had a light dusting of snow this morning.
It could be worse, though.
My friends on the East Coast are getting Winter storms again.
I'm sure they are wondering when Spring will ever arrive!





Wednesday, 26 March 2014

More Family Fun

This is our son's latest family portrait.
I think it turned out so cute!
I am a wee bit bias though...
Since it was too cold to play outside with the boys we opted for a visit to the Children's Museum in Traverse City.
It was a good place for them with all kinds of play areas for children their ages.
Little Brig liked this slide better than anything else there.
The poor little guy did end up falling on his Tony the Tiger quite a bit though!
WE went to Apple Bees for lunch and then home to play and watch the new DVD we had bought for Reece.
Tim and I had so much fun with these little guys.
It's hard to think we won't be seeing them for six months now.
We will be stopping in Alberta, where our oldest son lives with his family, on our way to the Yukon.
So we'll get to spent time with his children soon too.
Time now for the grand finale of Canada's Handy Man Challenge on HGTV.
Do you watch it?
I've been following it right from the beginning,
I guess I'm just a sucker for these competitions!
Have a good Wednesday-Kimberly

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Upper Peninsula Winter Fun

This is a photo of Presque Isle Park in Marquette, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula last Thursday.
I'm not sure if I told you that Tim and I were making a quick trip down to see our daughter, and son, and their families....
As you can see, we started our visit with Emily's family.
Here everyone is playing on the ice on Lake Superior.
It was a beautiful, sunny day so we had to get outside and enjoy it!
Tim and Lambie made a I love U sign that can be read from an air plane.
Can you see it from here?
I can.
 Star and Lamb found an unusual ice formation.
It's kind of hard to see since everything is so white and bright.
But they enjoyed climbing around on it.
We also went sledding!
Tim & Starlet
There were times when the sled went on down the hill without them!
Emily and Lambert didn't seem to have a problem losing there sled as much....
By the time they reached the bottom of the hill Lambert had his toque over his face.
Smart fellow!
We had a short visit, but it was sweet, for sure.
Tomorrow I'll be back with photos from our visit to Traverse City, where our son lives with his family.
 I had to add this to my post.
My friend, Diane, at Lavender Dreams used her Watercolour app on her IPad  to make my lighthouse into a picture.
Pretty cool, right?
Wish I had one...
Thanks Diane!




Monday, 17 March 2014

A Happy Birthday Girl

She liked it!
Someone said something funny, I think...
It's a busy day here.
Nanna is at the beauty shop and then we girls are off to shop and on to the tea shop.
It's a sunny day here, but right at zeroF.
At least it's not snowing!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

An Early Happy Birthday

Nann'a gift
My MIL’s 80th birthday is coming in May.
 But, as you know, Tim and I will be living in the Yukon again by then.
Because of this we have decided to give her her present early this year.
So tomorrow when we have our Sunday dinner together she will get her birthday gift from me and Tim.
I think you can tell already from my photos what she’ll be receiving from us!
Nanna is a big collector of Bone China.
 She mostly collects tea cups now.
You would think she would have a really huge collection, but she is always giving them away to her children or grandchildren!
I think I’ve told you that my FIL was a Pastor.
So Nanna has moved many times in the years that they served together.
 And I know for a fact that she loved every it.
The moving, I mean.
 She has always loved seeing new places!
 She and Gramps flew together to visit Tim and I when we were working in Watson Lake, Yukon.
This is a photo of my father in-law and Nanna in front of Watson Lakes Sign Post Forest.
The photo below is at the Liard Hot Springs in BC.
 We all drove down from Watson Lake in February to warm up in the Springs!

After my FIL had passed, Nanna then moved and lived with us while we worked in the Northwest Territories.
And let me tell you, even when it was below zero, she would bundle up in her gear and walk the four blocks from our apartment to the Gallery that I managed, and then on to the coffee shop for a snack.
pictures from old acer 1097
The last time we were in the Yukon working, she and her daughter (Kym) flew out and rented a car. They toured the Yukon, going over the Top of the Mountain. After spending  several days where we were working they drove all the way down to Skagway Alaska where my son lives and visited that region  also!
Silver City & helicoptor ride 019
Okay, I know this is long so I will wrap this up quickly!
pictures from old acer 1026 (3)
I said she will be 80 in May, right?
Nanna knows that our 10 year old granddaughter wants to come and visit us while we are in the Yukon this summer. She mentioned last week that she thought that maybe she and Starlet might fly out together this summer to spend time with us.
Amazing, right?
So yes, we all think our Nanna is quite a gal!
I only hope that I am even half as adventurous as she is at 80.
So this is our early, “Happy Birthday” to Carol Irene Lowes!
She's Nanna to all of us....

Friday, 14 March 2014

Blue Birds To Embroidery

As many of my faithful followers know I have a large collection of embroidery patterns from the 1940-1950’s.
I had thought I might sell them on Etsy, but instead have decided I would rather share them with my readers.
After all, I feel like I know many of you better than I know my neighbours.
 And I would never consider charging a neighbour for use of one of my patterns!


I have many patterns like these sweet Blue birds to share.
I would love it, friends, if you would let me know what patterns you would like me to share first.
I have t-towels, pot holders, aprons, dresser scarves, pillow case edgings, baby bibs and quilts . I really have more than I can list!
Please give me some feed back so I can start offering patterns that you might like first.
Be sure to drop by tomorrow I have something I bought that I want to show with all of you.
See you then…..
I will be partying here:

Monday, 10 March 2014


It is late, no it’s actually early in the wee hours of the morning. But I wanted to share with you some changes that are coming my way soon.
yukon 3 008

I wanted to share with you that Tim and I were going to be heading to the Yukon once again. I didn’t mention it until now because I wasn’t sure of the time frame of our leaving nor the location where we were going to be living this trip out.
yukon 3 032
We have decided this time we will venture as far West as we can in the Yukon, right along the Alaskan border.
We have visited this area before, so it’s not unfamiliar to us. But now we will really be able to investigate it well!
Beaver Creek trip 026 (2)
It was on one of our trips to the Alaskan border that I was able to capture this photo of what I call the dancing bear.
And no, this was not the bear that was on his way to eat my hubby!
Do you remember how I scared him with the car horn?
Moose 013 (2)
That summer was a wonderful one for wildlife siting.
I hope this one will be too!
I’ll be back soon with more details. We still have a few weeks before we leave…..

Hope you have a great Monday!