Tuesday, 30 April 2013

It's Good To Be Home

Hello Friends!
I looked at the date of my last post and couldn't believe that it has been over 10 days since I had last posted.
I do have a legitimate excuse, however.
Our house has been sold!
I know you're shocked-I was too.
Tim and I had listed our home thinking someone might come to look at it in the middle of summer when it's warm and beautiful.
 But no, someone came just after we had started helping Kevin at the lodge, while we still had snow, and decided to buy it.
Which is why we are home again.
We are looking for a new place.
 We have two very opposite homes/businesses in mind right now and we'll be making our decision within the next few days. I won't bother telling you about either until we decide on something for certain.

I have to tell you it has been wonderful to be home again, sitting in my recliner, watching the sunsets again.
We've had company-Mr. & Mrs. Fox are now coming to the patio door every night to visit as soon as it gets dark.
There are birds back in the yard again.
And a couple of ducks back out on the lake.
Yes, I'd say Spring has sprung!
It's not totally here yet, but off to a good start.
We are expecting three days of rain which I hope will get rid of all the remaining snow piles left in our yard.
Now I'm looking forward to popping over and catching up on all that's been happening in your neck of the woods!
Be Blessed-Kimberly

Friday, 19 April 2013

Quilt Top Progress

Here is a preview of my lap quilt top.
It's amazing how quickly this has all
come together for me.
But it is a very simple pattern after all.
If you are a seasoned quilter hide your eyes!
Yes, I can now see a wee bit of crookedness
in my squares here.
Since this is being made for my own
personal use, I can live with a little bit of wonky.
There was so much snow here last night that
the road out was closed today. Unless the
owner comes to plow we won't be going
anywhere today either.
Tim and I are planning to travel back home
tomorrow or Sunday so I sure hope they
get the roads open soon.
Have a great weekend friends!


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Thanksgiving in April?


Last night Tim and I had to cater a dinner  for a local organization at the lodge.
I found myself running around the rooms snatching
a few flowers from one, a vase from another, scouring cabinets for the proper table setting.
In the end I think the hodge podge of this and
that made a pretty decent table setting after all.
The party requested a Thanksgiving meal.
They wanted turkey with all the trimmings!
This meant I had to call this cook out of
retirement, throw an apron on him,
and request his help in the kitchen.
He rose to the occasion, just as
he always does for me.
Tim only allowed me to take his picture
if I would agreed to let him take mine.
I think he just wanted you to see what
I was 'busy' doing while he was 'slaving'
over a hot stove.
In all honesty, he was profuse with his compliments on my dessert and all the work it had taken
 me to  pull a pretty table together.
All in all, I guess we both had our roles
to play. Right?


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Joining Vee's Notecard Party


I'm joining my friend Vee's  Notecard Party today.
I'm titling my cards, "Relics of Kluane Lake'.
All of the boats are located on the shore right
in front of the cabin we called home last summer.
There were five or six  boats altogether.

Notice how this ol' lady has weeds growing
 in her  belly?
I can't imagine how many years she been
laying on this shoreline.
I couldn't find my full photo of this blue beauty.
But I wanted to share it's rustic chippyness with you.
If I could revive the blue beauty this is how
I would dress her for her next voyage
out on the lake!


Monday, 15 April 2013

Another Project

This is the inspiration for my latest project.
Isn't it pretty?
This is what I have done so far.
I'm at the Lodge and didn't bring all of my fabrics,
so I am limited in my choices.
Since I am only making it to serve as a couch
blanket, so I think I have enough for that.
This is the view out the front window at the Lodge.
It is another dreary day here again. 
We have already had snow and more is on the way.

Now maybe you can understand why I am doing so much sewing.
It's my therapy!!
I'll keep you posted on the progress of the quilt.
Happy Monday

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday Scripture

I saw this on Pinterest and think it is beautiful.
I couldn't trace it back to the artist though.
If anyone knows where this originated, please
let me know.
Have a Blessed Sunday!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sharing A Good Book

Yesterday Tim and I checked out the local
library. I was happy to see that for a small town it has a nice selection of books.
I was drawn to the bright colors on the cover
of this Quilting In No Time book.
Can you guess why?
It was because it is green!
 Green like the trees I've been dreaming about.
It was great to see this table runner made from
happy Spring flower fabrics.
Sad, but with more snow on the way, I have to
take my Spring from wherever I can find it.
Here is another version of those oh so famous
pillow cases we all love.
I like the patchwork strip that was added.

For anyone looking for a Kindle holder pattern
I found one and saved it on my Sew Sweet
Pinterest board.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I Feel So Sorry For These Poor Girls

Because bathing suit season will soon be upon us and I'm not sure they can find a store
or pharmacy anywhere that will carry 'ironized yeast' pills any longer.
I wondering how they will ever get those
much needed natural sex-appealing curves
without them....
I know I could share with them how I've gained
my natural 'curves'!
However, I'm not the sort of girl that's willing
to share her personal 'beauty' secrets.
 Let them find out
for themselves, is my motto!
Maybe one of you sweet ladies are more kind than me and would be willing to share
how you GAINED your curves.
But not me, no!
Let them suffer being so skinny....


Monday, 8 April 2013

Dreaming Today.....

I know many of my blogging friends are enjoying Spring where they live.
Here, in Northern Ontario, there is no Spring. Lake Superior is still frozen and we are expecting more snow today!
So today I'm taking a trip down memory lane.
Since I can't look out my window and see my beautiful Spring flowers,
or even remember what the flowers I had in my yard, I decided to check
out my photo album just to refresh my memory of what to expect.
I love this photo. My Dad made this birdhouse. I, and my children have so many birdhouses and yard ornament that my father had built for us.
I love the sweet simplicity of this one.

I love this photo because everyone of the flowers in this bouquet came from our own flower beds. That is wild Sweet Pea vining among the rocks.
I have to admit they are Summer flowers, not Spring flowers. No flowers
bloom where we live here on Lake Superior until June and those are the early flowers like crocus, daffodils, tulips, etc.
Well, I've had my flower fix now!
What Spring flowers are showing there face where you live?

Friday, 5 April 2013

Three Choices So Far...

Here are my crochet samples that I have attempted so far.
I just had time to experiment last night. Then my Internet quit working, so I had no more patterns!
Let me know which one you think would look best
as an edging for pillowcases.
I got a call last night from Victim's Services to inquire if I would have any rooms for a family whose home just burnt down.
I did, and they arrived around 11PM.
Please pray for them. They are a family of four.
Two teenagers and the parents.
They lost everything.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Have You Ever Heard Of A........

I had never heard of a Vet Mobile before, have you?
 But I think it is just such a smart idea for all of
those small Northern communities that can't
support a full time Veterinarian.
Dr. Carl and June, his Assistant park their Vet Clinic on
wheels here at the lodge every two weeks.
Dr. Carl's clinic is complete with a surgery, an ex-ray,
basically everything that's needed to treat  a persons
There are cages for any sleeping animals waiting to wake
from surgery.
This Vet Clinic travels all  over to the communities along the
North Shores of Lake Superior, also Chapleau, Wawa, Sudbury,
and probably some I've forgotten!
Of course Tim didn't want to miss out on the tour.
He was just as impressed as I was.
I said I would keep you posted of anything interesting.
I hope you find this so.
When the winter weather breaks here I will take you
along to the falls (there are several) and whatever
other interesting places I can discover.
Now I'm off to dig out my crocheting yarn. I bought
hot pink, lime green, and periwinkle blue to
get started with.
Wish me luck!


Monday, 1 April 2013

I'm In The Mood For.........

I'm In the Mood For........
Oh, I bet you thought I was going to say that
I was in the mood for love or in the mood for Spring.
Well, I'll take either or both of them too, but what I
am really just itching to do is to get started on a new sewing project.
I would really love to make some of these beautiful crochet edged pillowcases. The lovelies shown above are made by Bee In My Bonnet.  She lives in the UK.
And besides the pillowcases being so beautiful, believe it or not, scalloping is the only crocheting pattern I've ever mastered.
This is no lie.
So I feel fairly confident I can do the edging on these.
Yahoo images
Then there are these vintage tablecloths, turned
t-towels. I have several old tablecloths tucked away
in my china cabinet drawers.
Notice there is crocheted  scalloped edging again?
 Since I still have so many vintage sheets left
over from my curtain project I think I should make a quilt with them. Don't you?
But it is hard to decide which quilt to make, there are so many cute patterns out there to choose from.
Only time will tell how many of these dream projects I actually get done, but I've decided to start with  the scalloping.
  I just hope I remember how now that I've boasted  to you about it. 
I'll keep you posted!