Saturday, 27 July 2013

Inching Towards the Finish Line

  Yes, I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel on this little kitchen project I started!
I am hoping this will be the final week and we can be done. You know how it is, you start a project thinking it will take a week or two.
Here are a few shots of what we've gotten accomplished  so far.

Surprisingly, this home had an old wall phone left behind. Lucky for me Tim had bought me this beauty for Valentine's Day many moons ago.
I had an old shutter I've been carrying around for many years. And also tin leftover from an old back splash.
This might look like an easy project but it took me hours to get this hung. I had to get the phone matched perfectly with the innards of the phone box.
This was the old one. I bet you haven't seen one of these in a while.
For twenty dollars Tim installed this for my counter back splash.
Here it is with just the primer coat on it.
To be honest I am liking this sort of pickled look and I'm thinking of leaving it this way.
After all I can always come back and give it another coat of paint if I decide I don't like it after all.
This is by far my most favourite piece in the kitchen.
It is one of the many item my Dad gifted me with.
After he retired he spent many hours in his woodworking  shop building all of his children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren handmade gifts.
I can't even begin to list all of the items he had made over all of the year!
I love it that I can walk into any room of our house and find something that was made from Dad's own hands.
I've really missed visiting all of you!
Hopefully after this week I can make time for blogging again.
BTW, are you getting that cool front where you live?
It was 36F here yesterday morning and 48F yesterday afternoon.
Unbelievable for almost the end of July!
And nothing but rain, rain ,rain.
I'm afraid I'm losing hope for reaping much from my little garden. 
How are your gardens doing?
I bet you're already eating tomatoes while mine are only an inch in diameter as of yet!
Tomorrow is a day of rest so I'm going to pop over and see how you're all doing.
I hope you're getting sunshine....


Monday, 15 July 2013

Sneak Preview

I wanted to show you a few sneak preview photos of the kitchen.
The cabinets are finished!
How do you like the hole design I had  hubby add?
Here is what I'm working on today.
This will take two primer coats and
then two or three top coats.
Back to work for me....


Saturday, 13 July 2013

A Busy Week or Two

This last week Tim and I were fortunate enough to have two of our g'children here visiting with us.
Javan is our oldest g'son, belonging to our oldest son Jefferson.
And Starlet is our only daughter Emily's daughter.
We spent most of our time fishing!
These kids are pretty serious fishermen (fisher people).
Lake Manitouwadge is where we did most of our fishing.
Pretty, huh?
We had moved to a site under a bridge where the water was flowing from the big lake to a smaller one.
It wasn't good fishing, but I thought it was a good place for a photo shoot.
I got this photo of Javan and had Starlet on her way to sitting beside him when the wind picked up two of our lawn chairs and blew them into the lake!
Forget the picture!
 I jumped into the lake to get one of the chairs that was in the shallow water.
Then I ran over to a tree and tried to tear a limb off of  it so I could use it as a hook for the chair that was caught on some rocks in deeper water.
I would've swam to get it, but it was where the water was rushing from the larger lake into the smaller lake.
I wanted the chair, but I didn't want it that badly!
Anyway, my hero showed up just in time to rip (wink) that limb right off of the tree and waded into the water far enough to drag the chair back in.
Oh, I forgot to tell you where he was all this time.
He had been packing the first of our other things up the hill back to the car.
Well, after all of that hub-bub I didn't get a photo of Starlet
sitting on the rocks with Javan.
But here's one of my wind blown Princess.
She really is a sweetheart of a girl.
They left this morning with Tim's sister, Kym, who was kind enough to bring them up with her when she came to get his mother.
Now we are both so exhausted we are going to just 'chill'.
This is a word we picked up from Javan for our R&R time.
It works for me!

Monday, 1 July 2013

I Have To Do It....

I will drop by when I can, but probably won't be posting for a while.
Hopefully I'll get some of my projects done and will have something to share when I return.
One can only hope.....
Take Care and Be Blessed