Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A Full Heart

Our daughter and her two children were over for this last weekend.
Even though it was barely 50 degrees out we couldn't keep the kids out of the lake!  This was taken before 10 AM in the morning.
If you're wondering what Starlet and Lambert are
looking at, it's this bottle. I had this crazy idea to
put a message in a bottle with our phone number, in the hopes that someone far, far away would call us and let us know were they found. The only problem was the waves kept bringing it right back to us!
We had a lot of fun throwing it out and watching it come back to us.
We had campfires and marshmallow roast.
This photo I got of Emily was her busy photographing us.
We were rewarded with a beautiful sunset.
Then lastly we all cozied in with a heaping bowl of ice cream and a good movie. I don't know if the g'kids liked it, but it sure had Tim and I  laughing
up a storm.
We hated to see them go, but we both had to admit we were zonked after they left! We both hit the recliner chairs with a hot cup of tea for most of the remainder of the day. We must be getting old.
Do you think?


Friday, 19 October 2012

Leaves for Leontien

I am joining the many friends of Leontien at A Rural Journal with  Leaves for Leontien. I know many of
you are supporting Leontien with your prayers
as I am. But for those of you who do not know her,
please visit her latest post for an update.
Leontien is bravely fighting a raging battle against
melanoma cancer and I want to let her know that
there are many of us who care.
Many thanks to Nancy for allowing us to use her blog as a means of gathering together to let her
 know we haven't forgotten her.
Here are the last two fall embroidery patterns, as promised.

Please let me know if you are going to use any of the patterns. I'd love to see your finished product!
Our daughter and her family will be visiting this
weekend. I am hoping the weather man will please
be kind and give us a couple of days without rain!
We had only one last week! I shouldn't complain,
I bet many of you are experiencing the same weather. Am I right?

Monday, 15 October 2012

Simpler Days

My sister dug up this photo of the two of us with
my brother the last time I was down visiting my folks. It made me thinks of simpler days when....
Then I ran across this and it brought back so many
more memories from the days when life was safer
and simpler.
If you grew up in this era too, please leave a comment of a memory you have from your childhood that brings to mind those wonderful
days of innocence for you.
Pattern #4
Happy Monday Friends!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

A Louder Thump!

  Last night around 11:30 I heard a very loud thump.
I could have sworn something had hit the house. I turned on all the outside lights, but saw nothing to worry about.
When I went over to visit with my MIL this morning, she said she had heard it at the same time, and she felt certain it had hit her cottage. I went outside and looked all around her place, but found no trees down.
My husband, smart man that he is, went up on the roof to look. And sure enough a large branch from the top of this tree had fallen smack dab on the center of my MIL's roof.
Now this is a tree that my husband wanted to cut down when we had gotten home this summer. But I thought it was just too beautiful and wanted him to  cut out the dead limps only. I guess I thought he was a monkey, or something. That he could just
scurry up this tree with a chainsaw in his pocket and take out the dead limbs at the very tip top. 
 Well, I hope I've learned my lesson now. 
Not likely, but one can always hope!
This is Leopaul. He is a retired logger and the fellow who keeps us in wood every year. So when Tim decided that tree was coming down-he was the man to call.
Can you see the blue rope attached to the front of
the truck? After Leopaul was done sawing, Tim was to back up the truck pulling the tree down. But that
wasn't at all necessary. It fell on its own!

Remember those wood tiles I showed you a while back? I thought they wood look so much better in
our entry way than our white tiles. Well, I mentioned that
to my husband while he was cutting this tree into
 pieces. I'm not sure, but I could've sworn I saw his eyes rolling as he turned back to finish his sawing.
I took that to mean a definite 'no'!
Here is pattern #3 from Aunt Martha. Three more to go.
Have a great weekend!


Friday, 12 October 2012

A Thump in the Night!

  On Wednesday night my husband came hurrying down from the loft. He had heard what sounded like a tree falling outside. It was dark by this time, and
after checking both houses he found nothing.

However, he wasn't wrong. This morning, looking
out the spare bedroom window I saw this....
Of course this was almost as exciting to my husband as waking up to a huge snow fall.
Plow truck, chain saw-they both fall into the
he-man category! I don't think he finds anything
more fun. Well, within 30 minutes Tim had the
wood cut and hauled into the wood shed.
Speaking of the wood shed, this photo was to show
you the snow we were receiving. But it ended up
looking like rain. Oh well, you win a few. You lose
 a few.
Here is another fall pattern, as promised. I'm still
debating which one I'm going to embroider yet.



Thursday, 11 October 2012

Today has been an interesting mix of rain..........
High winds causing high waves. So what's a girl to do on a day like this?
 Well, I found myself spending way too much time gazing into the flames, cuddled by my blanket,
 allowing my idle little hands to become the devils
workshop. Ha!
You know how it is-You think of all the projects you could and should be working on. But nothing really appeals to you. Nothing ignites those creative juices
of your mind into action. So after spending way too much time flipping through the  TV channels, I remembered my dear Aunt Martha.
Yes, she's not just my Aunt Martha, she's your Aunt
Martha too. She's always there when we need her, waiting patiently until we remember once again that Aunt Martha's around to rescue us from our
duldrums and put us back on our creative track.

Knowing her the way that I do:) I believe that
she would want me to share with you this very
special Thanksgiving pattern. Although Canadian
Thanksgiving is over, we still have over a month
until the U.S. celebrates hers.
If you like one of the nice fall patterns pictured above, I will be sharing them with you
in the next few days. So before you whip out the
thread and begin on this one, you might want to
wait and see them all first before you decide on one.
I'm hoping your week isn't as rainy as mine, but I guess it has caused me to dig deep to find something to do.


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Being Funky Today

 You probably noticed that on my Thanksgiving post I did a little playing with my table setting photo.
I'm so in love with 'being funky's' watercolor artsy option that I had to explore it more.
I've gone through many of my favorite photos and turned them into watercolors. This one is a summer scene taken from our rocky beach.
If you've been a long time follower you will probably remember this bouquet of flowers I photographed summer before last.
And my moose picture was taken just this last summer while we were working in the Yukon Territory.
And now my most favorite of all-my husband!
 I sure hope he doesn't find out I posted a photo of him or I may just be some in deep trouble.
You won't tell him will you?
Good, I knew I could trust you!
It's raining 'again'. My DH says rain is in the forecast for the next week. It's causing the autumn leaves to  fall  fast. But we haven't had our Indian summer yet, so I'm hopeful we'll have some nice weather yet!
Hope your enjoying your fall -Kimberly


Sunday, 7 October 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian Friends!
I hate to admit this, but Canadian Thanksgiving always catches me by surprise, even after having lived here for the past eleven years!
However, once reminded it's upon me, I'm all over it. As you can see the table is now set and it's just a few hours until we sit down together to partake of that plump, juicey, golden turkey. Of course it must be accompanied with our traditional oyster dressing. Because my mother always used this recipe, this is how we've always prepared it
 and we still love it this way.
Because it is only my MIL, my husband and myself this year, we aren't going wild with the extras.
Tim will prepare the turkey, the squash, and the potatos. I mix the dressing, prepare the cranberry
sauce, and the pumpkin pie. My MIL is bringing
Annabelle salad and lemon bars. Quite a feast for
just the three of us, don't you think?
I have so very much to be thankful for. And believe
me I'm not at all bashful about sharing it with my
Lord. He is the ever welcome guest at my table.
Monday Parties I'm Joining:
Tuesday Parties:



Friday, 5 October 2012

Welcome Inside My Store

Well, I can just hear you saying that you didn't know that Kimberly had a store. Well, I don't, of course. But I thought that might be a way to get your attention, my friends!

  However, I do have several items
that I've discovered in my cabinets, closets, and
any other nock and crannie I could hide stuff.
And. I am now finally going to get rid of them.
Are you, by chance, a fan of this ol' crooner? This
is a pint sized ice cream container I bought eons
ago in  an Oklahoma antique store.
Or how about Shirley Temple? She was just so
adorable-I still love her movies. This is a pocket
mirror from the height of her career-1937.
I  have several unique milk jugs like this one
from Des Moines Iowa.
This one is from a Kalamazoo Michigan dairy.
Do you know anyone who's name is Colvert? This
would be the perfect gift for their farm kitchen.
Don't you think?
How about a Dutchman milk jug? This looks lop-
sided-I guess I had my head cocked side ways
while taking this shot!
I have a little something for everyone. Are you a
 shabby chic fan? Marie Antoinette might look nice
on your bedroom dresser.
I have seen these bank bags used as plant holders,
pillows, and even repurposed for other craft uses.
I have this U.S. one and a Canadian one.
I have several other items-some kitchen retro and
some that might be classified as primitive. If you are interested in any of these items or know a friend
who might be, just send an e-mail to me and I'll send more photos and let you know the pricing.
Right now it's time for supper! I'll be back soon with more to show you.
Happy Fall-Kimberly