Saturday, 31 December 2011

A Quick Review


I nervously pushed the publish button for the first time in May, wondering whether anyone
would give a hoot about reading about my not so exciting life here in the woods on Lake Superior
Surprisingly, someone did. And let me tell you I had no idea what a blessing being a part of this
blogging world turn out to be. 

 I so enjoyed sharing my visiting bear photos and videos with you.
You were patient with me while I cried about the videos I couldn't get!

Then in August we drove to Wawa for our blueberry picking. We harvested
much more than blueberries-the photos were priceless. 

Fall brought with it such lovely colors!

Then the MIL camp was finally finished and Nanna settled in comfortably.

And I was forever bragging about my sunsets here. Sorry.
Now as the sun goes down on 2011, I don't look back with regrets.
For 2012 I'm looking forward with anticipation and hope, knowing
that God has me in the palm of his hand, believing that as I strive to
hear his voice, he'll direct my paths.
And this is my prayer for you too, My friends.
Thank you for coming to visit my home and also for allowing
me to pop in on yours.
Happy 2012!

Friday, 30 December 2011

One Year Ago Today

           One Year Ago in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Last year my husband and I were living and working in the NWT. This is an area where
photographers go to get shots of the Aurora Borealis. It is also the jumping off point for
people traveling to the Arctic regions. So DH and I decided to celebrate our anniversary
by taking a dog sled ride way out to a remote cabin to get our own shots of the Northern
Lights. See all the dog houses behind us? It was after 10 PM before we even started and
somewhere between minus 25-30C. Notice there are no dogs outside their homes?
Even they weren't dump enough to be outside on a night like this one!!

I'm not real sure when it was that I lost the feelings in my toes, but I just kept thinking-'not
to worry, we will be at the cabin soon and there will be a blazing fire there where I can thaw
my little piggies. But as we approached the cabin I did not see any smoke rising out of any
smoke stack! And that was because we were the 1st party to arrive, and therefore we would
get the fire going for the following parties. Well, as you can see, it didn't take long for our
guide to get the fire blazing and my toes did thaw out-a bit.
My husband Tim, who relishes the cold and adverse temperatures, realizes he has a wimp
for a wife. So he got right to it with the hot chocolate making. A very good man I have there!
Our guide cooked and served us steak, potatoes, and vegetables. Yum! We made many trips out
for shots of the Northern Lights, but to no avail, they weren't out. At midnight several folks
from Japan showed up to spend the night and it was time for us to head back.

We did see the Aurora Borealis as we were heading back once again on the dog sled, but
it wasn't possible to get any shots then. The dogs were in full run and we were bundled and
wrapped up, making it impossible to dig out a camera. This is a photo I borrowed from the
web to give you an idea of what we saw. It was a wonderful experience & I can highly
recommend to all.
If I don't post again before the new year, I wish all of my dear blogging friends a blessed
end to 2011 and may 2012 bring you contentment, good health, and may God bless you
with what you need to live a fulfilling life.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

A Beautiful Gift from Alaska

  This is the lovely gift I received from my blogger friend, Paula.
Her husband, Charles, paints icons and liturgical art in Douglas,
Alaska. I sent Paula a pair of my mittens, and in turn, she blessed
me with a little icon prayer shrine and the beautiful card of Mary
with the baby Jesus. Thanks, Paula!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Red Velvet

When you think of red velvet, what comes to your mind?
If you're a pipe smokin' lady you'd think of this!
If you're a woman who appreciates the feel  of this lustrious fabric,
this is the first thing that comes to mind.

If you're me, you think of these! My beautiful red velvet shoes,
a gift to me on Christmas day 38 years ago, from my boyfriend.
Or, I should say, my soon to be husband!
That's right, thirty eight years ago, on December 28th, 1973,
my fiance became my husband. My father in-law was a pastor,
so he officiated our wedding. He has since passed and we miss
his gentle spirit. I'm sure he must have been wondering how it
would all work out with two eighteen year old 'kids'  who had
only dated for a year getting married. With the Lords help, we've
made it this far!
Many thanks to you, God, for being there for us. Amen.
And to my blogging friends-I hope you're continuing to enjoy
this holiday season!

Monday, 26 December 2011

A Merry Christmas Day


From the time my g'children arrived all they talked about was a fire on the beach.
So after the gifts were open, the skies opened up with snow, right on cue. And out
they went with their Papa for a fire.

Starlet has always loved the outdoors. Even when she was wee, she wanted to be outside finding
bugs, chasing butterflies, communing with nature. This year she really struck gold
with all kinds of camping gear. Naturally, she was on cloud nine!

Anything dinosaur was a winner with Lambert. He already has more dinosaurs in his
collection than I can count. And definitely more than I can pronounce, but there's
always room for one more.
This is my lazy, dazy Christmas tree. Just whip out those special cards, attach with
clothespins, and then if your lucky enough, you'll have a Starlet who will make you a
special angel to hang in the center!

I have noticed in some of the other Christmas post just how tidy their houses are. Could
it be we are just a impatient lot here, all unwrapping and tossing paper about at once?
Or maybe I should have insisted we all get dressed, hair combed, and cleaned up the
paper after each present opening so it wouldn't look so darn messy for my photo ops!
But I have a tendency just to go with the flow, so it is what it is.
I hope all of you have had the merriest of Christmases and are looking forward
to this new year as much as I am! It's a wonderful time for new beginnings, new
projects, and wonderful anticipation of what the Lord has for us in the up-coming

Thursday, 22 December 2011

I'm Still Puttering

I don't know about you, but I find myself still puttering around decorating when I should be cleaning instead! But I do have the excuse that I don't want the second batch of TV mix to burn like my husband said the first batch did. I didn't think it tasted burnt. And I did notive that DH was able to help me eat the botched batch. But he's a real trooper like that!
This is really the last thing I'm decorating today. Well, other than the tree. I guess I didn't tell you
it's been in the house since Sunday, but I've been waiting on DH to help hang the lights. Tonight,
he says. I'm good with that.
I have a roast cooking on the wood stove for vegetable soup. I'm cooking as much as I can ahead
today. I'm trying cranberry/orange muffins for the first time. Has anyone ever made these? Have you got a favorite recipe to share?
                        Remember this handsome fellow? Well, if he comes knocking at your door,
                        don't slam it in his face! He works for UPS and is only delivering goodies
                        to your home.
                                                      Pitter Patter-I'd better get at er'!
                                                         Have a great day-Kimberly

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Eating My Words

  I bet you all remember back in November when I laughed and laughed when they put the channel on TV with the 24 hour fireplace. I just couldn't imagine sitting and looking at this never changing fire. I heard back from many of you that your channel had music along with the fire.
Well you'll never guess what I found today while looking for a Christmas DVD to watch. Yes,
I found a Celine Dion Christmas DVD that my DH had bought last year. I popped it in and lo
and behold up comes a crackling fire. I wasn't able to sit and watch it, since I was sewing in the other room. But I'm kind of coming around to thinking it's not so bad (with the music) after all!

Today I hope to get my baking done. I am baking:
                                                                                  1) tarts
                                                                                   2) Russian snowballs
                                                                                   3)  dream bars
                                                                                   4) peppermint bark
                                                                                   5) TV mix
Thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes for our daughter. I just found out today that they are
going to get to stay over for Christmas too. We thought they would have to leave the day before.
This is the first time in two and a half years she and her brother, along with his family, have seen
each other. We are so excited.
How are you coming along with your Christmas preparations? Is anyone actually done already?
If you are, I envy you if you are.
Seasons Greetings Friends,

Monday, 19 December 2011

Happy Birthday Daughter!

            Thirty one years ago the Lord blessed your Dad and I with you, our beautiful daughter.

You, Emily, were always so full of vim and full of life. After all you weren't going to let those two older brother think you couldn't keep up with them! Remember when I took this picture? You had just
gotten your cast off and had to have crutches. All at the ripe age of four years old!
Oh my, I even loved terriers back then. I think this might have been the last year I was able to chose your wardrobe for the Christmas program. For some reason you developed a dislike of my choice of cutesy sweaters!
Then came your first school dance. I know I hated that you wanted to cut your lovely long hair and straighten it. But you looked just beautiful with it your way. I was beginning to learn.
Then before I knew it seven years had passed and you had become the mother of a precious     daughter of your own.

I know this photo is two years old, but it's the last family picture I have.
Hint, hint.
Now your Dad and I join you in praying that you can return to your roots.
That your children can learn to drive on the roads you drove on.
That your children can play on the beaches you played on.
That you and your family can visit the falls where you and your friends had so much fun playing.
And hike the trails with them that we all hiked together.
Oh my, I think I'm going to get teary here....
Well, Em we love you and your sweet family
and we too praying that you will see the
realization of your dreams.
Happy 31st Birthday!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Decorating the Tree

    Before I share a short video of us decorating the tree, I thought I'd show one more little space
    I added a wee bit of Christmas cheer to. You remember my wine rack-turned spice rack, right?
       And these are the cute and simple reindeer cookies I'm going to make asa our g'daughter
       arrives. We went shopping today for what I hope is the last trip to town before Christmas.
       I "think" that I have all the ingredient, all the gifts, and all the materials I need to prepare
       for the holidays. If not, I think I'll just make do!

       Please take a minute to watch the video we did of decorating the tree. We tried to show you
       right from the beginning, where we dragged the tree in. And then the decorating of the tree.
       You will really be so surprised at what great shape my MIL is in at the age of 78. She is just
       amazing! I've always said she can keep up with the best of us. And I don't think I've ever
       mentioned that we are all can play instruments. I'm just not one to brag. Anyway, we are all a
       little rusty, but I think you'll enjoy it anyway. It was all in good fun. So please here's the link:
                                                       Our Christmas Tree Trimming

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

More Boring Christmas Photos

Now in all honesty I really loved creating this outdoor arrangement. I will admit some of the elements were the same as Itsy Bits and Pieces Nov. 17th porch vignette. I had everything laying around and Tim was sweet enough to go out and dig up a little evergreen tree for me to use.

The snow....Well, there was a wee bit left in a shaded place in the yard. So I shoveled it and then
tried to simulate falling snow so it would catch on the limbs of the tree and look natural. It didn't turn out too bad. We are, supposedly, getting snow in the next two days. I'll believe that when I see it!

                         A door arrangement. This is actually my bathroom door.

    And the most important display of all-The Nativity. I've had this for over 25 years. It was given
    to me by a friend who has since passed away. I think of her every time I look at it. She was a
    great prayer partner of mine when my children were young. She loved to pray and worship God.
    She died a very unusual accidental death, which always makes me pause to consider that none
    of us are infallible. We need the assurance and the peace that  when we  leave this world
    we too will meet our Saviour. Campus Crusades  has a wonderfully simple explanation of how
    we can do this. Please visit the site if your heart is telling you to. It is such a simple step, but
    what a huge impact it has made on my life. Well, I hadn't  meant to preach when I began this
    story. I guess one thing just leads to another and another, and then here I am just talking from
    That's all I have for today my friends. Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Surprise in the Mail

             My Christmas apron swap partner was Gail at Faithfulness Farm. She not only sent
             an apron for me, but one for my g'daughter too. Isn't that sweet? Starlet will be coming
             over before Christmas so this will give us a chance to both wear our aprons while we
             make Christmas goodies together. As you can see, Gail included a Gingerbread man
             cookie cutter, gingerbread house cupcake holders with matching little pics, and sweet
             recipe cards too. This was my first swap and I have to tell you it was fun. I enjoyed
             making up Gail's gifts as much as receiving mine.
This is the apron I made for Gail. Then when my MIL saw it we decided that my sis in-laws would like one too. So I made two more.
Then my MIL hinted that she would like a new apron too. So apron
number four was made. Now you understand why I wasn't posting
much last week! All I can say about it is, "No more aprons please!"
                                    I did manage to get the dining room light decorated.
                                And I experimented with decorating my wooden dough bowl.
                                 On to more decorating today and then boring you with
                                 more photos tomorrow!
                                 I have to tell you I am getting some really good ideas from
                                 many of you for quick and easy cookies/candies this year.
                                 I'll try to do a post showing what I've found soon so you
                                 can try them also. If you haven't already.
                                Hope you have a great day,

Monday, 12 December 2011

One Day At A Time

    This seems to be how my CHRISTmas decorating is getting done-one day at a time! My MIL and
    SIL left this morning so I now have this week to get on with some serious decorating. I'm work-
    ing on handmade ornaments and my only sewing project left to do is pj's for DH. I have to do
    this in secret, of course!
    Aren't these polar bears adorable? They look like their noses are in the air sniffing for a seal or
    a walrus to eat. Sorry if that leaves you with a too realistic image. OK imagine they are sniffing 
    for a Coca Cola. That's much better to picture in ones mind.

McDugal is waiting for me to make some 'Good Things to Eat'.
I did make up two boxes of cookies to be sent to our oldest and
youngest sons, who can't make it here for the holidays. Now I
need to start baking for my daughter and son's families who are
This is the  tea cozy my MIL made for me from the patterns I bought for her. Isn't she  sweet? I really have to learn how to knit better. I can master a scarf, but that's the extent of my knowledge.
I am waiting excitedly for my DH to return from the post. I have a notice that we have two pkgs. waiting for
pick up. I believe one of them contains an apron from the Christmas swap that I am participating in. My partner in the swap is Gail at Faithfulness Farm. I'll share some pics with you tomorrow.

    This is last nights sunset. It was a ball of orange/red fire which you can not even see from this
    photo. I had to use my husbands camera since I broke mine (long story), and I don't know how
   to adjust the setting on it yet. Anyway, it's still pretty even with the coloring being all wrong.
   Now I'm off to visit all of you, my friends, and see what's been happening with you lately.