Thursday, 26 January 2012

For the Birds

I believe it was quite a while ago that I painted and hung this old cabinet that
once belonged to my father in-law.
I really like these sweet little bird planters?
Really are they planters? I don't know. If they
are they must hold some really teeny weeny plants.
This birdie looks like a giant on his perch!
But for two bucks, I couldn't resist him.
This one is my favorite-I love the faded aqua.
My sis bought this sweet mirrored frame for me
and I printed a bird graphic from Cathe Holden's
freebies. So easy!

Here I bought two milk glass plates, printed more bird graphics,
and then glued the pics and rick rack to each one.
After adding a little glitter and some  sweet ribbon, they are ready
to go. Now where do you think I should I hang them?
 The bedroom or bathroom?
My latest project is crocheting an edging for an old white rug
that I have. Now this is laughable, considering my crocheting
knowledge consist of  a pot scrubber pattern that I ended up
converting to my limited ability! But I'm determined. So stay
Hope you have a great weekend-Kimberly

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Graphics from Cathe Holden

While blog surfing I came across Just Something I Made  .
This blog belongs to Cathe Holden and it is a 'must visit' site
for anyone with a creative spirit.  The amazing thing about
her site, besides all the wonderful ideas, is that she generously
shares many of her graphics.
This lovely is just one example of many creative graphics Cathe shares.
This box could be made into a sweet Valentine candy holder. It also
looks like a small piece of jewelry would fit nicely inside it.. Well, I'm
sure you can come up with your own ideas.
 Please drop by and visit her blog. You'll be blessed by it!
Three other blogs I found that are offering free graphics are:

News Update:
I just received a call from Elijah. The surgeon in Anchorage said that
there is no need for surgery. Praise the Lord!  Special thanks to all
of you who offered your prayers. I know it made a difference. I don't
have to tell you that everyone here is doing the 'happy' dance tonight!
Blessings my friends, Kimberly

Monday, 23 January 2012

Bathroom Organizing

           With so many of us concentrating our efforts on getting our home better organized, I
           decided to review the tips I used in organizing my own bathroom.
Begin with a silver-plated condiment holder and five clear glasses.

I filled mine with cotton balls, Q-Tips, lipsticks, tweezers,
clippers, etc.
This sits, with a mouthwash filled brandy decanter, on the
corner of the bathroom counter handy for a quick grab.
On a decorative silver-plated tray, I've filled one French canning jar with bath salts, another
with Epsom salts, and a sugar decanter with my body powder. This sits on one of the shelves
in my white glassed front bathroom cabinet. The cabinet also houses our bathroom papers,
towels, shampoo, etc.
And there you have it-a quick re-run and maybe some food for thought in re purposing some
of your old kitchen glass wares.
I am partying today with:
Don't forget tomorrow I'm starting a new weekly feature.
Hope to see you then!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Thanks Paula & Charles


This is my blogger friend Paula and her husband Charles
with our son Elijah. They met Eli when he was in Juneau
where he was sent for testing. It meant so much to me that
they wanted to meet him and also offered to do whatever
they could to assist him while he was in Juneau. Isn't that
just amazing? Who would think that you would meet someone
through blogging that lives half way across North America, that
just happens to be in the same area where your son is sent for
medical help? I totally believe it was the hand of God that
orchestrated it all. I thank you Lord and many thanks to Paula
and Charles who obeyed his promptings.
For an update on Elijah: The CT scan supported the findings
from the ultra-sound. Now we wait to hear what the surgeon
advises. We hope to know something by next week. So I
would appreciate your continued prayers for Eli. It's such a
comfort to know so many of you are praying. And again, thank
you for your comments of concern. I will keep you posted  when
we know anything new.
Here is a view of Lake Superior from the deck. You can see the build-up of ice
where the rocky beach used to be. By the time the lake freeze over, the ice build
up can be as high as 6 feet. We have had a pack of wolves come over from the
island before.
You can see the hot tub in the forefront of this photo. It's battened down
for the winter. Although if you were a 'polar bear' you might think this was
the perfect time to be soaking in it's hot water. Not me!
Have a wonderful weekend, my friends. And remember, if you haven't
received any comment from me lately, it's not because I haven't tried.
It is the new interfacing you may have changed over to. For info on
how to change back, please read Vee's  post for today. If you want to
change back, that is.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Etta James - At Last - Lyrics

Farewell Etta
This is one of my 'old time' favorites. One of the songs I heard on the
radio station my mom would listen to when I was a kid. Funny how
a sound brings back such nostalgic thought.
My mom is pretty much chair-ridden these days and her world has
become very small. She's the very best of mothers and I happy for
any memories from those days when she was so full of life, though
bittersweet. I have to say I've come to the conclusion getting old can
be a heavy cross for some to bear. Please enjoy the video.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Money Saving Tips


What has MaryJane's stitching book got to do with saving money?
On page 87 there is a pattern for 'Rosebud Dish Scrubbies'. I made these to throw in with
gifts and use them myself. And I just love them. They are easy to whip up while watching
TV or just sitting on your duff. I have to tell you in honesty, though, I didn't use the pattern.
 I'm not that learned in the art
of crocheting, so I just took what I knew and went with it.
I made a top and a bottom circle
and sewed them together. They are flatter, but I prefer this to the puffy ones with the pattern.
They work perfect on Teflon pans too. They are made by cutting 10 yd. of nylon netting (tulle)
into 3" strips. You then fold/roll this into an 1" strip as you are crocheting it, using a size J hook.
I got my tulle for .35 a yd. X 10 yd=$3.50. The pattern says it will make 12. I think my way of
making it grossed more. At any rate, they are cheap and nearly indestructible. I just put them
in hot bleach water and keep using them. They don't even lose their color. Also, you can match
them to your kitchen colors since the nylon comes in such a wide variety of choices.
Another tip; I always use cloth napkins. These are my everyday napkins. I bought the
gold ones for .25  at Value Village and my MIL made the black ones for me. When I
first was married my MIL always used cloth, and I just picked up this habit.
I buy plastic bowl covers instead of using disposable plastic. They ate $1. for a dozen, with
various sizes at our Dollar Store. They wash easy and last for about a year for me.
I buy the large, commercial size foil. It is 'heavy duty' which allows me to wash it and
re-use it. Now I know that sounds extreme. Believe me, if it's messy ribs, it goes in the
trash. But usually it's very easy to wipe the wee bit off the top and reuse. We all have
our limits to what we will be bothered with. But I don't find any of these tips bothersome.
Now, what money saving kitchen tip do you use on a regular basis? I'd love to hear
something new I haven't tried yet.
Have a wonderful Tuesday-Kimberly

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Photo taken from wikipedia
He was back and I got the best photo I could of his/her prints.
I hope you can see the print. The reason I now think it's a bobcat and not a lynx or cougar
as I had originally thought , is because the prints are so much smaller. According to the
information I've read this is descriptive of a bobcat's print.
Here is a comparable print. See how small it is. Now I want you
to know I have no neighbors with domestic cats, so that is out
of the question.
My photo again. You can see the hare track too. Let me tell
you we usually have many 'snow bunnies' around here. My
husband and I haven't seen one yet this year!

This sunset was from three or four nights ago. I forgot I had taken it. You can see how the ice
is beginning to form on the lake. It comes and goes, until it finally freezes all the way to the
island eight miles away.
Beginning next Tuesday I want to begin a regular weekly feature. I thought of this while
being carried away by Calgon. I'm excited about it and think it will be fun. I will give
you more details once I have it all cemented in my mind.
Our son, Elijah's Dr. appointment is this Thursday. I so appreciate all the prayers
and concern you've expressed. Thank you again!
I will let you know as soon as I know anything.

Monday, 16 January 2012

A Hodgepodge of Thoughts

      Evidence that winter has arrived-finally!   
Evidence of the cold-smoke flowing out of the flue.

This is me, sad, because Google is messed up and I can't leave comments on many of my favorite
blogger friends post anymore! So, if you've noticed you haven't heard from me-that is why!
But who can stay sad long when the Lord throws a 'snow-bow'
in your path? It can't be a rainbow, since it hasn't rained after
all. So I have coined it a snowbow!
I hope you all have a lovely and blessed  Monday.

Friday, 13 January 2012

The Country Garden of an Edwardian Lady

Isn't this beautiful? I found this book at the discount rack at the library yesterday.
The inside cover reads Edith Holden's words , all carefully written by hand, include
her favourite poems, personal thoughts and observations on the wildlife she saw
surrounding her home in Warwickshire, and on her travels through England and
The exquisitely beautiful paintings on every page of birds, butterflies, bees, and
flowers, reflect her deep love of nature; they have been executed with a naturalist's
eye for detail, and the sensitivity of an artist.
For seventy years, this enchanting & unique book has lain undiscovered; it is now being
published for the 1st time in a full-color facsimile edition that captures all the freshness,
charm and beauty of the original. This was published in 1977 from Edith's 1907 dairy.
I can't tell you what a treasure this is for me! And only .50 cents. And to think I almost didn't go inside the library yesterday!  Now if I can just find a bare wall to copy and hang some of these
 lovely drawings I'll be even happier.
For a whopping .25 cents I found this needlecraft book. Believe me, if you
have any questions about how to execute a stitch you've never heard of,
please e-mail me; It's in this book! I'm convinced there are stitches in
here that even the most advanced needlecrafter has never heard of.

Tell the truth. How many of you have ever done a plaited braid stitch?
Or a rosette chain stitch? Well, I never have! But this has really inspired me to pick up
my needle again and do some fancywork on those wool quilt pieces I put together
years ago. I don't know about you, but I've got plenty of old projects I should finish,
but then I see something new I'd rather work on. So I'm going to try to finish one
unfinished project in between each new one. This will really take discipline I know!

Speaking of discipline; This was another library find. I almost didn't buy it, for obvious
reasons. As much as I know I need to lose 10 lbs., I don't necessarily want to make the
effort to do what it will take to lose the weight! All I can say concerning this subject is:
time will tell.
I again want to say 'thank you' for your continued concern and prayers for our son, Elijah.
I will know this weekend when his appointment in Juneau is set for. The ferry only runs two
days a week now and he has to align his days off not only with the ferry schedule, but with
the days the planes from Juneau can fly back to Skagway, weather permitting. I will definitely
keep you posted. It will be good just to know what's going on.

As you can see we did finally get some snow. DH and I are getting ready to go out for our
walk. So hopefully, I will have cat prints for you tomorrow. And I can determine whether
it is a cougar or a lynx that's hanging around here.
May you all have a blessed Friday the 13th!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cougar or Lynx?

  Three nights ago-No, it was actually 4 or 5 in the morning, my husband heard
an animal on the roof. When I was in the loft later in the day I noticed cat prints
in the snow on the roof of the lower level of our cabin. We went out to look for tracks
around the house and found that it had jumped from the back porch railing up on to
our tin roof.
Later, while taking our walk, we ran into a neighbor that lives a couple of miles
down the road. He mentioned he had seen a mother cougar with three kits in the
driveway next to ours where no one lives, of course. Because we have no close
However, I'm not convinced it's a cougar. I think it may be a lynx. Since then the
snow has melted so I am now anxiously waiting for tomorrows predicted dump.
Then I will take photos, if it's still around, of the prints and you can help me figure
out which it is-cougar or lynx. I had found prints on line to compare, but by that
time the snow had melted them or the sun had dis-figured them.
On another note: I want to introduce a new blogger. Beverly's blog is DanNy Boy Quilts.
She left a comment and offered to pray for Elijah, as so many of you dear ladies have.
But Beverly has a very touching story to share. So if you can spare a minute, please
drop by and welcome her to blog land.

I leave you with tonight's completely untouched sunset.
Blessings, Kimberly

Monday, 9 January 2012

Thank You!                                                                             
  A huge 'thank you' to all of you who responded to my
prayer request for our son, Elijah. I was just awestruck
by how quickly you commented to say you would be praying
for him and us. It means so much to me to know that there
are so many of you lifting Elijah before the Lord. I wasn't,
however, surprised that you would. After six months of
blogging, I have witnessed your heartfelt concern one for
another and your desire to 'bear one anothers burdens', so
to speak.  My husband was dumbfounded and Elijah; well,
he was very blessed. So I humbly say thank you. I will, of course,
keep you posted of his test results asa we know anything.
Fall 2008: 100 Decorating Ideas Under $100

I did tell you last week that I was organizing my loft into a workspace for
myself. This photo was my inspiration. Ha! I should say, my 'dream'.
It is not only beautiful, but appears fully functional too.
Something I failed to take into consideration is the fact that I am sharing
this space with my husband! So for the time being, it's bye bye to all this
feminine eye candy and back to the drawing board. I'm now thinking more
along the lines of tartan plaids and maybe some cabbage roses in fabric on
my side. Do you have any better suggestions you could throw my way?
Believe me, they would be greatly appreciated!
Well, back to work for me. Have a great Monday-Kimberly

Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Prayer Request


This is a photo taken of my our youngest son, Elijah, with his father.
He has had some health issues in December, which we thought were
resolved. But the Dr.s have now set up other testing due to their findings
on an ultra-sound. He will be going this next week to Juneau. I would so
appreciate your prayers that he will get a good report  and nothing serious
has developed.
Thank you my friends,

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

These Boots Are Made for Walking


These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do.
Well, not really. These are 3" kamik ornaments.
But I am on my way into town today. We haven't been shopping
for two weeks, so it will be an all day er, for sure.
I'll be back to say, 'hey' tomorrow!