Friday, 13 July 2012

You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

  Dear Friends I am going to do something I said I would never do on my blog- gripe! Yes, I've got my gripe on! Today was just one of those days that you wanted to cry about when it was happening, but, 'thank God' I can laugh about it now. Because as I said you just can't make this stuff up!
For the last several weeks I have been getting up at 5 AM to be at work by 6AM to make sure the the eighteen men and three women that are all involved in mining exploration have their
breakfast ready before they begin their long day.
 Well to begin my morning I arrived to a drain that was clogged and so we couldn't run any water. My husband went quickly to work on this and had us back in business within an hour. This really put us off schedule with having our dish supply replenished, but no big deal, I'm just going with the flow ladies.
Next we ran out of wheat toast, which is what everyone wants these days, of course. And you might be surprised to find out how badly this can
 mess up a persons morning.
I think I failed to mention to you that we have been operating with only one half of a 4 slice toaster for days. Well today the toaster gave up entirely so my husband went to the toaster bone yard and tried to find one that would work. The first one blew a fuse and left us in the dark for a short while (commercial toasters are connnected to 220 after all). The next one he tried caught fire and left me screaming for help-I was afraid I'd get electrocuted touching it.  The cook who knows more about these things then me simply popped the toast  up and the fire went out. It was only the toast burning I guess.

Meanwhile, since we cannot serve toast with our breakfast the cook decided we would substitute with a pancake. And I, of course, am the person who gets to paste a smile on her face and march her little fanny out there and tell all the guest this. You should have seen some of their expressions-so funny.  I really can't begin to tell you what a great appreciation I have developed for servers this summer. Let me tell you ladies-it is not an easy job. No matter what kind of  unsavory looking food the cook puts out or the many times that he messses up the orders, it's the server that has to face the customers. Believe me there are times I would've loved to have had a rock to crawl under.

My dear husband finally did finds a 4 slice toaster that had 2 slices working again so we were back in business before the morning was over-yeh!
Oh, did  Imention that we ran out of bacon too?
Well even I am getting turned off by all this negativity and griping so I think it's time to end it all now. I mean my posting, not my life. It was a bad day, but not that bad.
The good news is that I have tomorrow off and I'm
not going anywhere near the lodge or the restaurant.
I'm going to read and sew and eat cookies all day.
Because this is what one does to replenish and rebuild ones constitution, you know.
Praying-I'm doing plenty of that too.
I hope you all have a great weekend.
Take care friends-Kimberly

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Trip To Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek is a small community in the Western Yukon  that borders with Alaska. For a drive on our day off we sometimes go to visit a friend who has a restaurant there called,'Buckshot Betty's'. She is always very busy and always short of help. It is just a given here in the Yukon that most service
 businesses are run short-handed!
Carmen, who is the owner, finished most of the inside of this restaurant all by herself. She is a very talented lady I would say.
This bar top is just one of the unique touches she has in her restaurant. It has a heavy acrylics coating on it which makes it easy to wipe and great for display too.
See that foot hanging out of the wood stove? Carmen told me a father of two whining boys told them that is were they place children that are misbehaving. Oh my, I guess it made him start crying! Poor fellow.
Anyway, if you ever pass through Beaver Creek my friends, you have to stop in 'Buckshot Betty's' for a bite to eat. You will not regret it.  She sent me home with a just out of the oven cinnamon roll which I thought would last for two days. Ha! Once I started I just couldn't quit.  Of course I have no willpower when it comes to homemade cinnamon rolls. Does anyone? I'd seriously like to know.
On our way home we spotted a dancing bear. I can't believe I got this shot of him, because there were already 3 cars parked snapping pictures. I was surprised he stuck around so long with all of that attention.

The roadsides are lined with these delicate pink roses and blue flowers right now too.
It was very cloudy and rained most of the day. But it was a day off of work for us and a day away from the lodge, so it was a very good day after all!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Winner Is.......

The winner of my 1st year anniversary give-away is Betty at Southern Grace . Congratulations to Betty!
She is the winner of a one year subscription to 'Spring-Summer-Fall-Winter' Cottage Magazine.
I hope she'll enjoy it as much as I have!
And thank you to all of the 54 ladies who left their anniversary congrat comments to me this last week. I appreciated hearing from all of you. I'm
naturally looking for ward to sharing and visiting with you this next year.