Friday, 3 July 2015

How To Make a Hoop Thread Holder


I debated about whether to title my post today "how to make a hoop thread holder" or "how not to make a hoop thread holder'.

I had debated about checking pinterest for a tutorial, but honestly how hard can it be to put something so simple looking together? I figure you buy a hoop (I get all mine for peanuts at resale shops), buy two one eighth inch dowels ($1.09 each for me), cut the dowels to determined bobbin length, and then just stick the cut dowels in between the inside and outside of your hoop.

It didn't work that way.....
It was all good for the first five dowel inserts, but after that the space between the inside and outside hoop became too wide and the dowels started falling over.

This is when I brought out my hot glue gun and began to glue each dowel to the inside of the hoop.
Now be sure at this point that you have your threads handy to measure distance between your dowels. My machine embroidery thread has a very wide bottom and won't fit on a regular thread holder, which is why I decided to make my own holder.

Now look at what happened!
The distance between the two sides of the top hoop made it impossible to use the screw that is attached for tension so I decided I would just wire the too top sides together.
As you can see the tension ripped the bracket right out of the wood.
At this point I was tempted to trash the whole project. But I needed this thread holder! 

In the end I decided to wire the inside and outside hoop together with thin wire at intervals and cover it with pretty tied fabric strips
All in all it turned out okay. I estimate I put three hours into the project. Now that I know what to anticipate it may only take me one hour to complete the next one. I need three!
I did check pinterest to see how someone else recommended putting this together and there is a tutorial here.  I guess I should have read it first.
It's a lesson learned...


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Happy Dominion Day!

                                                                                                                  Lyrics in French, then English
                            Have a wonderful Canada Day!

The lyrics for O Canada
An adorable representative!
For more Canadiana visit here.


Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Hunting for Canning Jars

 Do you remember my post on canning here? 
Then I showed you all my beautiful canned goods on the new farmhouse counter Tim built for me here.      
Well, guess what? I've run out of canning jars again and I am having quite a time finding any. A few weeks ago when I was canning I paid $15.00 here at our local Home Hardware for a dozen regular mouth jars. Ouch!
This really hurts a woman like myself who always had ten dozen or more jars piled high in boxes in my garage most of my married life.
What happened to them? They were left behind in the last move two years ago.
 I'm sure you're thinking it's no big deal I can just buy a few jars at a rummage sale or at one of the resale shops.
No, not anymore ladies!
You see that photo above with the beautiful recycled canning jar chandelier?
This is one of the reasons I can no longer find cheap canning jars!
Some smarty pants had to go and dream up another use for my gems.
People just can't be happy with putting food in their Ball jars any longer.
Now we have to paint them up pretty like and add flowers to  them.
Did you know that you can line canning jars with fabric?
This looks kind of hard to me....
But cute never the less.
Oh I'm not really as aggravated as I sound, if I had any extras I'd be using them for something pretty too!
I thought I had it made today when I went to WalMart  Canada's on line store and found a dozen one liter jars for $8.97. I had to have a minimum of over $50. for the free shipping. No problem, I could just order six dozen jars and meet the requirement.
I did this and this is what my final charge was with shipping:

Your Shopping Cart

$53.22 **


Standard shipping to (my address)

Pick up


Order Total:
$173.14 **

** Prices are based on your shipping location, and are subject to change in different shipping locations.
Do the math on this. It appears I'm getting taxed for the shipping.
Is that even legal?

 Now I thought this was crazy, so I called and the young  customer service guy thought it couldn't be right either so he was going to report it to his supervisor. He told me to try again in an hour. I tried again, same price. I tried several hours later, same price.
I want these jars badly enough, ladies, that I am going to call again tomorrow and find out just what in the world is going on over there at Wally World.
Stayed tuned and I'll let you know what happens!
Enjoy your Tuesday-Kim

Monday, 29 June 2015

Happiness Is Homemade

Kim's Embroidery Project
Is Happiness really Homemade?
Well it's true that much of my happiness is found in my home. In truth, there just isn't much that I don't enjoy about being a Susie homemaker!
But in reality I think true Happiness is more
 It's a decision we have to make each day to believe and trust that our Heavenly Father sees and knows every single happening in our life.
 All of the good, the bad, and the ugly.
 My mission is to try to be a light in an ever darkening world and like Paul to find contentment for this moment that I find myself in right now, knowing that nothing passes The Lord's attention.
I must allow my heart to be guided by his Holy Spirit and my mind to be renewed by His Word.
This is my prayer for this hour!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Where Is Everyone?

                                             Where has everyone gone?
I checked my sidebar and many of you haven't posted in almost a week! No doubt you are all out and about enjoying summer.
I can't say I blame anyone. After that long winter we need to soak up all the sunshine we can.
As usual my brain has been working overtime, coming up with all kinds of new ideas. Scary, right?
I have decided not to leave blogger completely.
I have always wanted a blog dedicated totally to sewing, so that is next in the works.
My blogger friend, Dawn, at Creative Cain Cabin
has been helping me to get all of the kinks worked out over at Word Press. And hopefully soon it will be easier for you to access me there!
If you are reading this and would like to pop over to my latest post, click here to go to my new blog site.
I've missed visiting with all of you.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Camp and Cottage Living Has Moved

Hello Friends!
Camp and Cottage Living has moved here.
I thank you for being such a faithful follower these past four years and I hope you'll enjoy my new site!
Once you visit the new site you will find several options for following me there.
Take your pick!
Blessing to all-Kimberly

Monday, 8 June 2015

A Day of Disorder


I awoke this morning with my day all nicely planned.
I didn't get very far into it before it became apparent that my plans were going to have to take a detour....
I was going to devote the day to putting the finishing touches on my new WP blog so I can finally begin blogging from there.
When I went to log on it didn't accept my passwords.
Three times it didn't accept my password!
So a quick note to the designer and now I wait until she has the time to get back to me.

I had a choice to make, I could either let this ruin my day or put on my Doris Day face (Que Sera Sera) and get on with it. I do have a kazillion other projects around the house I could (should) be working on, after all.

 I did make it to Home Hardware and the local grocery to purchase my herbs and flowers to plant this last weekend. I've decided to concentrate on developing a perennial garden this year.
I don't mind buying annuals for the hanging flower pots, but I would like to have the front flower beds filled with something that returns on it's own every year.
Less expense and less work!

See this mess?
While I'm busy twiddling my thumbs trying to decide which task to do next.....

this fellow is hard at work on the latest unnecessary (his words, not mine) project I've come up with for our kitchen.
I quickly snapped this photo, then fled left, least I hear any muttering coming out of his mouth!
My default project for today is ironing.
My youtube audio book for today is 'The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax'.
And then, of course, listening to Doris for a little inspiration and uplifting.
Hope you're having an amazing Monday!