Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Trip To Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek is a small community in the Western Yukon  that borders with Alaska. For a drive on our day off we sometimes go to visit a friend who has a restaurant there called,'Buckshot Betty's'. She is always very busy and always short of help. It is just a given here in the Yukon that most service
 businesses are run short-handed!
Carmen, who is the owner, finished most of the inside of this restaurant all by herself. She is a very talented lady I would say.
This bar top is just one of the unique touches she has in her restaurant. It has a heavy acrylics coating on it which makes it easy to wipe and great for display too.
See that foot hanging out of the wood stove? Carmen told me a father of two whining boys told them that is were they place children that are misbehaving. Oh my, I guess it made him start crying! Poor fellow.
Anyway, if you ever pass through Beaver Creek my friends, you have to stop in 'Buckshot Betty's' for a bite to eat. You will not regret it.  She sent me home with a just out of the oven cinnamon roll which I thought would last for two days. Ha! Once I started I just couldn't quit.  Of course I have no willpower when it comes to homemade cinnamon rolls. Does anyone? I'd seriously like to know.
On our way home we spotted a dancing bear. I can't believe I got this shot of him, because there were already 3 cars parked snapping pictures. I was surprised he stuck around so long with all of that attention.

The roadsides are lined with these delicate pink roses and blue flowers right now too.
It was very cloudy and rained most of the day. But it was a day off of work for us and a day away from the lodge, so it was a very good day after all!


  1. oh my gosh what wonderful photos, I can just smell those roses, and the bear, wow, imagine! That is a great place to eat as well, such character,

  2. Thanks for sharing such great shots. The bear and the bar are awsome!

  3. What a great place!!! I love that darling restaurant and would love to be able to pop in there.

    Maybe that dancing bear was hoping that one of you were the owners or a circus and would hire him...xo Diana

  4. Buckshot Betty's sounds like our kind of restaurant. Down home cookin'. We don't like fancy places so much. Must be getting old. ha! That is a great photo of the bear! Wow. Amazing to see it so close to the road. The flowers and scenery are beautiful. I'm glad you enjoyed your day off. Blessings, Pamela

  5. Buckshot Betty's is too cute, looks like a fun place to eat

  6. Looks like a marvelous day off. That bear is something. I think from visiting Cottage Days and Journeys that bears do love attention. The roses and blue wildflowers are very decorative for the highways, too. Lovely country!

  7. What a great name for a restaurant!
    Very clever :)

    How lucky you were to get a picture of that bear.... so cool!!

    Glad you enjoyed your day off, and that you were able to get away from work and enjoy your day.

    Smiles :)

    p.s. send us some of that rain...

  8. Thank you for taking us along on your day off. What a nice restaurant and I especially liked the cards on the table...I thought you were going to tell us that you got that Royal Flush, it looked so much like the cards were right on the table, hahaha!

    Those pink roses look like the wild ones around here but our bushes are much, much larger.

    So nice hearing from you again! xo

  9. What a great little place, an the foot out of the stove cracks me up. The wild roses are beautiful. We have those here also, but there not blooming yet. Glad to hear you got a day off:)

  10. Hello, wow, love the picture of the bear, so nice to see the animals alive by the road not the other. Buckshot Betty`s is really great, she did a wonderful job decorating. I`m like you when it comes to cinnamon rolls, gobble gobble,mmmmm. Happy July 4th, Blessings Francine.

  11. That would be a cool photo to capture - a bear standing up -- totally aweeeeeeeeeeeeeesome..
    Beautiful county..

  12. So glad you all are getting out some to see the area... Buckshot Betty's sounds like a great place.. That cinnamon roll wouldn't last long with me either!!!!! ha

    Love the bear photo. AWESOME.


  13. Buckshot Betty's looks like a great place..those cinnamon rolls sound pretty yummy ( I don't think they would last long at my house either!). My favourite is cinnamon rolls with cream cheese in the middle..those are really really good :)
    Have a lovely day today
    Magie x

  14. Kimberly,

    It's nice to have friends up there and great restaurant to visit on your day off. Buckshot Betty did a beautiful job fixing the restaurant/bar up herself. I so love the pictures you provide of the natural beauty up there.
    Great catch on the dancing bear. Most bear don't like to be watched by car traffic.
    Enjoy your 4th of July.

  15. Don't know that I will ever go that way but I would indeed like to stop at Buckshot Betty's...that bear looked a little skinny. What a great day.

  16. I have to say in just a few minutes of blogging I have traveled all over the country. These are places I will never get to we live in the northen new england area and husband feels that if we get away it has to have a palm tree involved.
    have a great fourth

  17. I guess we have had a brown bear in the yard also.....I love cinnamon rolls too although I wish I didn't!

  18. Sounds like a lovely day out, and what a capture of that bear photo. Well done.

  19. Ha ha, the foot in the woodstove is kind of funny!

  20. What wonderful adventures you have!! Love the photos. I have a friend who has an arm hanging out of her car! Crazy!

  21. How interesting. I love the shot of the bear. I have got to see so many things since you have been there. I really do enjoy getting to look around. It really is very beautiful in a rugged way.

  22. I really enjoyed all your pictures today, Kimberly. It does sound like you had a good day. I love the bear photo and also the one of the flowers growing there.

  23. Wonderful photos, that restaurant looks fun! and that bear, awesome!

  24. I wish I could viait Buckshot Betty! I know I'd love it! I love your Alaska photos, Kimberly, as it is a place I often dream about visiting.

    The bear photos was wonderful! I wonder what was he looking for?

  25. Now that is a great place...I am sharing all these pictures with my son...he so wants to see a bear in nature. Your part of the country is just beautiful

  26. I want to be there! It's got to be cooler too! It's only in the 90's now which feels cool because it's been in the 100's for weeks! LOL!
    I'd rather have cool, rain , snow....anything but heat and sun all the time....it's not my thing.
    Reading a great book right now called Wild by Cheryl Strayer...you'd like it I think! True story of a gal who hiked the Pacific Crest Trail from CA to WA by herself.
    I love the restaurant too. I think there are many talented, strong, independent women in Alaska and the Yukon and I truly admire that.
    I love the bears but I wouldn't want to meet one on a trail. Beautiful Summer in the Yukon!


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