Monday, 11 February 2013

Are You a Re-Gifter?

Now I want you to be honest ladies. Tell me the truth! Have you ever received a gift that you knew you would never use and turned around and re-gifted it to someone else?
Well, I have. It's not that I'm cheap, I swear. It's just that if I don't have any need for a gift and I think someone else would love it why not give it to the person who would appreciate it more.
However, I would never give away a gift that was given to me by family or a friend whose feelings might be hurt by my re-gifting!
Don't ask me why I'm asking all these intrusive questions. I can only guess it's because I just get to wondering if I'm the only person on earth who does things the way I do.
Which leads me to my next question....
Have you ever gifted a person from a item you have purchased at a re-sale or second hand shop?
I stand guilty again. And why not I ask you? I have honestly found some of the most unique gifts in these shops!
Or, like the mixing bowl above, I've found new or like new items, that would make nice gifts for a shower or a friend who just happens to love red.
Okay, please tell me I'm not a freak or the chintziest
person in the world. Or worse, a person that operates in very poor taste.
If you have time, give an example of  your re-gifting. We'll all have a laugh together.
If you've ever done it, that is!
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  1. I have but it has to be for the right person, i know some people would probably not appreciate it! For people that collect old things, it's about the only way to add to their collections!! By the way, that's a nice find!!!

  2. My favorite gifts come from resale or flea markets. Of course, I do like vintage.

  3. Morning Kimberly, guilty as charged on both accounts.........but my family love the old used collectables, so always on the hunt at the Thrift stores......As for regifting, only something I recieved that could not use to another not family.......shhhhh, Hugs Francine.

  4. Oh, I believe all have done this at one time or the other. Just don't forget who gave it to you and gift it back.

    I love second-hand finds and gifts. I believe much more thought is given to these gifts than running out and buying something new.

  5. I see nothing wrong with regifting, I think its quite common now, I usually give my children things I don't need, I can't think of anything I have regifted off hand but I'm sure I have, you are certainly not alone.Thats a beautiful red mixing jog! Great find!

  6. One of my favorite gifts is a thrift-shop find delicate cup and saucer, filled with an assortment of cookies, teabag and a candle. I wrap it up pretty and add a little note that it's a gift of time. Take a few minutes out of your busy life and relax with this gift. It's particularly appropriate during stressful times for someone, doesn't cost a lot and is always appreciated.

  7. I have, though it's been a "here you go" thing and not a wrapped gift for a birthday or Christmas. I could be persuaded however. And my favorite gifts are the ones from flea markets and second hand stores and my family knows it!

    Your treasures are very nice. I wouldn't give those away.

  8. I have regifted new items, but never anything used or second-hand. My latest example was a bookbag that I received free with purchase a year or more ago, and for Christmas I wrapped it up with a gift card to that book shop. So it was an "extra bonus" more than the actual gift. Lately I've just taken a few gifts from hubby's business associates over the years to a local consignment shop.

  9. I have thought about it from thrift shop buying to give presents and give away but if it is from a thrift shop and you know that person is a thrift gal herself. I see why not.
    If she isnt. I tell you why. My mum had money and she would go to the thrift shop and buy cracked dolls. Get dad to glue them together. At christmas she would wrap them up for my daughter. Then my daughter would say to me she was 5 then. How Grandma gives me broken toys and my brother gets new ones. Not that youwould do that but how cruel is that. I told my Mum and she said it was only 10 cents. Why not. I said Mum you are not poor. You can afford a new toy even if you buy it back then at the Woolworth store back then. Was like Walmart to those who knew that store.

    I have bought nice note paper from a gift shop and had no mold smell effects. I used it in my scraping. She loved it. You have to be careful from thrift stores when buyong paper or books from thrift shops they do have a molding effect if you dont smell them. Before buying them.

    To give presents from others that I got.

    I would feel too quilty as they picked it for me.

    I have learned it is not the present that counts it is the thought behind it.

    Now that is me.

  10. I love red and the bowl full of goodies would make a delightful gift! I can't remember ever regifting, but I might hand something over to someone that I didn't want or need. I'd much rather see someone get some good out of it rather than it being put away and never used.

  11. Everyone to whom I give gifts to knows that I primarily shop from thrift stores and I often make things too. I have found the most perfect and wonderful items this way and on a limited budget you can really stretch a dollar. Just because it is second hand doesn't mean it's junk. I choose carefully. I will also re-gift if I cannot use the item and only if the next person will truly enjoy that item.
    I have also made it clear to whomever I give gifts that they were chosen with love and them in mind but once the gift is given, they are free to do with it as they wish- no strings or expectations attached. I don't want to burden them with holding onto something that they no longer want to keep at some point.
    I also make my purchases through the year for those special birthdays and Christmas so there is no rushing out just to "buy something."

  12. My sister and I buy one another gifts from a household consignment store all the time. Where else to get that special glass, that piece of transferware, that glittery bit of 50's costume jewelry? Go for it!

  13. Who's to know how LONG a item has been on a shelf or at a warehouse - So even if you bought an item new today maybe it's not really that NEW..hehe - wink! So in my mind if the item looks new and works - why not give it as a gift -- and Yes, I've re-given gifts...
    Here's to having a re-gifted day!!

    Ps.. How are you dear friend?..

  14. I don't see an problem with re gifting if it is something you will never long as the person that gave it has zero chance of every knowing....I mean if I don't need "it" means that someone else does. I try not to keep things I don't use...unless sentimental value is part of the picture.... I would love to have received that red mixing bowl and I wouldn't have cared where it came from.
    Love it!!


  15. I have done this and one of my favorite gifts came from a thrift store...I was so very pleased. I don't care where it came's the thought behind the gift...the fact that it was selected with my joy in mind. That makes me happy.

  16. I've regifted something from an acquantance only to be visiting the house when the person who gave it first and said....oh I gave Joan one just like that!! I don't see anything wrong in doing it. Why not if the other person would enjoy it and you aren''s only taking up precious space! Joan

  17. I think the only thing I have regifted has been gift cards. Just because I will get a lot of Starbucks gift cards and I don't go there anymore. I would though love that red one you have in the picture. I never thought about it until you asked that question. Now my Mother-in-law sells every thing I give her at yard sales. How is that?

  18. I have occasionally re-gifted but it is always sooo stressful. I'm always scared they will ask me about the gift. Did you like it? Do you use it? Where is it??

  19. I buy things for my family at vintage shops/second hand shops all the time. I can do this because I know what they love and collect. I don't think I would feel comfortable doing that for someone I didn't know well.

  20. Everyone does I think.....I agree with your rules though...Heidi

  21. I can't say that I've ever done it, but if I had picked up something from a thrift store that was worth gifting someone with I certainly would. You are normal, in my opinion, and that would not be in poor taste, so far as I'm concerned .
    Have a good week!

  22. I think it depends on the person you are gifting. If you were sending me something I'd say yes to it all because I admire frugality. I don't want junk but that red bowl you showed is a winner! And all the stuff you put in it! Everything in that picture I would love! So, it depends on who you're giving to. I made beautiful (and I mean beautiful), time consuming decoupage pictures for gifts one year. That was back in the day where you varnished, and sanded ad nauseum and it took months. Anyway, my Mother-in-law had no appreciation for it and by Spring it was seen at my brother-in-laws house! LOL! But I realized she thought home made gifts were beneath her and showed a lack of taste. I, on the other hand, think it shows that someone cared enough to take the time but then I am not fond of "junky crafts" like things made out of old bleach bottles etc. but any gift with the true care and thought of who you are gifting usually turns out great unless it's my ex-MIL! LOL!

  23. One Christmas our family decided to only get each other second hand gifts. We tried to come up with fun, useful and creative gifts. It was so much fun!

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Re-gifting and second stores are fine and really fun, when done in good taste.
    You gift is more then great! It is a perfect gift and anyone getting would be delighted to receive it.

  24. I have done it at times, but mainly just with candy and things that I knew we'd never eat, haha. And I don't re-wrap or give for something specific, just give it, you know. And some of my best gifts have been found at flea markets. I bought my daughter a complete set of farm dishes I found at one. She LOVED them. This was interesting...enjoy your day!

  25. One of the best gifts I got this Christmas was obviously regifted! I didn't mind, it was comprised of things that my friend couldn't use, and I was the lucky recipient. She is on a tight budget and I was happy she thought of me!

    I have regifted things with no guilt. I also like picking things up in thrift shops - I get things for my kids this way all the time - they love it!

  26. Hello, my Dear! (And yes, I have...if I know they recipient will appreciate it! )I've come to you from The "Grow Your Blog" was over before I knew about it, but it was so nice of Vicki to leave the list up! Anyway, I always welcome new blogs to enjoy, and yours is delightful! I am now following you ~ please come and visit me if you get a chance!
    So nice to "meet" you!

  27. Yes on both counts, and I don't feel the least bit guilty over it! It's a form of recycling, LOL.

  28. Your bowl full of red kitchen items is such a cute idea for a gift. I love it! Yes, I do regift occasionally or purchase things from the thrift store in the right circumstances and for the right person. I see nothing wrong with either.


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