Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Cabin Fever

I don't know about you but when I say I'm suffering from Cabin Fever I don't mean that I'm irritable or bored  as Websters definites it.
I really just mean I sick and tired of the snow and the cold and want Spring  with all of its glory to happen now. Right now!
But until that time I've entertained myself by watching some pretty good DVDs that I want to recommend to you.
This DVD is a re-make of the original Alfred Hitchcock movie. I really enjoyed it.
It has espionage and intrigue with a little romance
(clean) and it's all filmed in the beautiful English countryside to boot.
This English movie was adapted from Elizabeth Gaskell's novel.  The acting was fabulous and the costumes were gorgeous. And although the storyline was serious there was plenty of humor in the personalities of some of the characters.
If you liked Ms. Gaskell's North and South or Cranford, you're going to like this. I, personally, thought it was the best of all of the three.
And lastly, Tim and I have watched Wartime Farm and liked it so much we're going to buy it!
It is a wonderful detailed account of how important the farm was to the WW2 War effort. For those of you who find yourselves yawning right now, forget it! This is an interesting and fun series.
Oh, I almost forgot Mr. Lynx came to visit again and hung around on our deck for over 40 minutes.
So be fair warned, my next post will be more photos of him, just in case you've seen enough.
Have a wonderful day friends-Kimberly



  1. Hi there, i do hope the snow eases up for you soon and spring is on its way! we are just coming into autumn here! Thankyou for visiting my blog (via diana) she really is a beautiful lady! look forward to following you!
    laura x

  2. I love British movies and tv shows and these look wonderful. Where do you find them Kimberly? When we were young we watched a tv show called The Railway Children or something like that. It took place during WW2 years. Ever heard of it? I can't wait to see your post tomorrow of the lynx. Apparently some were found in NB the other day - a family of babies. :)

  3. I'm not a great movie watcher for that means I have to sit still for a long time. Well,long in my book. But the Wartime Farm has caught my attention. I may have to see if I can find it.

    I've been doing the sun dance for a few bloggers so I will add you to my list as I gyrate around! Snow, snow go away is the theme of the dance. Take care and watch out for that putty cat!!!

  4. Morning Kimberly, me too, going crazy always inside, need some warmer weather, I`m so fidgety, can`t even watch a movie.........Can`t wait to see Mr. Lynx, so beautiful.....Spring Blessings Francine.

  5. All of these sound wonderful....and I am always looking for a good movie! Thanks for the head's up....I do hope the snow eases up for you soon...sooo different from me..Have a wonderful Easter!

  6. I have been so off lately, I too can't wait for Spring. I haven't even been blogging...can you believe? That last series...Wartime Farm looks very interesting. I got caught up on your posts...always love them. The lake looks incredible....and very very cold! Loved your pictures of the Lynx.

  7. I'm feeling a bit of the same here, too. Thanks for the movie suggestions. We've also been passing time with movies. I wrote all three down, the War Time Farm sounds interesting. I enjoy your snow pictures...the Lynx is beautiful!

  8. We have watched all of Foyle's War (another great BBC series!), I started watching All Creatures Great And Small again, and next I will start on Call The Midwife. I guess you can figure out that I like BBC series!

  9. Kimberly, You have company with your cabin fever..lots of us are just about nuts form longing for Spring. I mean real Spring. With warm temperatures, flowering trees, digging in dirt and birds singing....not big old last of winter snows. I am so ready to just go to the park and take a walk. Keeping blogging, watching movies and writing, to pass the time. xoxo,Susie

  10. We are always looking for decent videos so thanks for suggesting these. We are also big fans of Foyle's War and plan on purchasing that series. I am with you, although we don't have snow the cold weather just seems to be hanging on....ready for spring

  11. I love Wives and Daughters! Actually anything by Gaskell. (North and South was my favorite!) I've seen 39 steps, too and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. I've never heard of Wartime Farm before, but I'll be trying to find it now. I love all the English period pieces.

  12. I am in withdrawals ever since Downton Abby finished it's season.
    These look like they might just replace my desires. I know for sure Wartime Farm will be showing at our home soon.

  13. Those sound like good movies. I have always loved A Hitchcock and have seen the original of that. I will look up Wives and Daughters, too.
    Hope your cabin fever ends soon..and mine, too.
    Can't wait to see the Lynx pics- xo Diana

  14. Thanks for these movie recommendations! I keep a list and when we re-join netflicks or when I get my library car here and can search through the video section, it is good to have recommendations.

    Our last snow is half melted but I'm sure the snow season is not over yet. Denver has just initiated drought precautions, so this area did not get enough snow this winter ;(

    I enjoyed your lynx photos in the prior post -- he's a handsome fellow!

  15. Thanks for the reviews. I know that I really like Wartime Farm...not sure about W&D and I will have to see about the remake. Love the English countryside no matter what the storyline is. I'll happily look at your friend the lynx.

  16. Thank you for the recommendations. I hope some springtime finds you soon. :)

  17. They all look like great movies, especially the last one. I think many of us have Cabin Fever. Our snow is finally melting, but the ground is so very muddy. Hurry Spring!

  18. I sure hope you get some respite from the snow and cold soon!
    I liked Wives and Daughters very much!

  19. All that snow -- and cold errrr - wishing for spring with you to break through.. Fun Video - I'll be checking them out..

  20. Thanks for the recommendations. They all look good. I especially like the one about the farm!


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