Monday, 26 May 2014

Yukon Canada Travels 3

Carcross  Yukon

This is my third instalment for my Yukon Canada Travels series.
From here Tim and I will travel on to Skagway Alaska to visit our son and daughter in-law.
The picture above is a photo of  two historical buildings located in downtown Carcross.
The Pink building is Matthew Watson's General Store, which is a gift shop and ice cream parlour.
The Blue building is being renovated. It will be a restaurant and motel.
Carcross is truly a picturesque Yukon village. It is  surrounded by mountains and two lakes; Lake Bennett and Nares Lake.
This is an abandoned building I photographed on the dock on the village side of Lake Bennett.
As I said before, the Yukon has no shortage of abandoned buildings! 
Since the White Pass Railway began again to bring passengers from Skagway to visit the Carcross village, the Carcross/Tagish First Nations has invested in the development of  the downtown community.
The buildings consist of gift shops, a coffee shop, and a fish restaurant so far.
The beautiful buildings are representative of the craftsmanship and artistic talent of Carcross local residents.
The Tagish Clan heavily intermarried with the Tlingit Clan, adopting the Tlingit language.
There are very few remaining First Nations people who speak Tagish any longer. 
And I just recently learned that the Klondike Gold rush began after a member of the Tagish Clan first discovered gold those many years ago!
I can certainly see the influence of the Northern Pacific Tlingit in their art work and carvings. 
I hope you've enjoyed my short series of my Yukon Travels. This is just a small taste of what the Yukon has to offer. If you have the opportunity to visit the Territory you must!!
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  1. I am thrilled to have my own personal tour guide. I would love to visit that area and it is on my bucket list. Where did the bucket list start?? All I know is my list keeps getting longer a d longer!! Enjoy your time with family.

  2. Hello There, We just got home from a great week--which was a terrific 'healing' experience for me --as I recover from gallbladder surgery followed by that wicked infection... You'll have to check out my blog post today (if you haven't done so yet).

    Awesome photos, Kimberly. I did 'catch up' --and enjoyed every single picture... Wow--what a beautiful place.


  3. oh my gosh that art work is amazing, and the carvings, sculpture, wow, I just know you are having a wonderful time, have a great visit with family,

  4. Another great post Kimberly! I enjoy seeing and learning more about the Yukon. Have a wonderful week.

  5. As always, I have enjoyed traveling with you and your husband. Great photos and information.
    Enjoy your visit with the kids!


  6. I have thoroughly enjoyed your Yukon posts. It is such a wonderful part of our country to visit.

  7. Thank you for letting me tag along, love the Yukon, Francine.

  8. Kimberly,

    I always enjoy traveling with you through your blog posts. Thank you!

  9. I am enjoying them very much. What a fun place. I love how clear every thing is, not to mention the no people. How nice that would be to go somewhere that there wasn't tons and tons of people.

  10. You have been busy! I just read thru each of those postings. The country is beautiful and majestic. That's so nice that you got to visit your son and family. I like the colorful painted buildings in the village. You are so brave and adventurous! XO Liz

  11. If my History classes were as enjoyable as your posts, my grades would of been better.
    Great pictures, too!

  12. I always enjoy reading your posts of your travels. Great photos!

  13. I love seeing your different than around here...

  14. I've been to Skagway! Took the train trip, of course. What a neat little town. Trying to remember when I visited. I think it was 1996.

  15. I have certainly enjoyed seeing the Yukon through your eyes Kimberly! It is a place I may never see in person, which makes the opportunity to share your travels that much more significant to me. Thank you for sharing some really special views and the beauty that you are seeing!

  16. I love the view of the mountains all around. So pretty!

  17. It is good to be back and I enjoyed catching up with you! How beautiful it all is sounds soo pat, but it just is! Looks like post cards. How you must enjoy seeing all of this! Glad you share it with us! Hope the rest of your week is a good one!

  18. I have enjoyed the tour! It is always fun to see places I have never been and am unlikely to see without your help.

  19. What gorgeous pictures and a cute village! So much history...To bad it is so darn cold in the winter!!!


  20. Thank you for the tour. It has been a lot of fun.
    I love to see new places and learn about them too.
    Our prayers ~ Carla

  21. Beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I'm more than likely not going to see those places for myself, so I appreciate you sharing your pictures, and histories with us!!

    Have a happy day.


  22. I'm enjoying sitting here and looking at your photos. How much to see and take photos. I wouldn't be able to get down the road very far because of all the photo ops! Thanks for sharing them my friend! How it makes me want to travel! Hugs, Diane


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