Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Cross Stitching Projects

Hi Friends
I just wanted to drop by to let you all know that I haven't intentionally abandoned blogging!
I have been so busy with work...
And then there is the fact that since I'm not in my own home I really don't have much to blog about.
I have no home improvements or big painting projects to share from here.
It's, frankly, pretty boring right now!

I have, however, finished two cross stitch projects recently.
So I will share that...
You may notice that the burlap looks discoloured on the deer project. It isn't. I'm not sure what happened when I took the photo, maybe shadows.

This last handy work is one I just bought at Salvation Army in Whitehorse for a dollar.
I just couldn't pass it by.
I remember this saying from so long ago.
I believe I  will be taking a good, long blogging break soon. I may pop in every now and then, but I expect it will be Spring before I am back in full blogging force.
Until then, blessing to you all!



  1. Your cross stitching projects are very nice, Kimberly. I remember that saying on the last one too.

    I hope you enjoy your blogging break. Spring still seems a long way off, but it will be here before we know it.

  2. Hoping your time away is blessed with God's peace and love.


  3. I really love the First embroidery work you showed and the one you got for a dollar is a great deal and so sweet. I have you on my feed so whenever you pop in I'll see you. I remember when I was working full time, it makes it very hard to find the time to blog.

  4. Always nice to see you pop up on my reader! Beautiful cross stitches! The one picked you up at the store is great too!

  5. I always loved to do cross stitch but haven't in a long time. Love the quote about friends. What a fun find. Stay in touch sweet friend! Hugs!

  6. Lovely to see you pop up, Kimberly! I love to do cross stitch too - so many pretty patterns.

  7. LOVE the cross stitching...Yes, I too remember that saying. In fact, there was a whole song to it as I recall, lol. I am considering a small break away from blogging as well. I have already cut back to once a week or so. Just soo busy and my posts are all the same, lol. What did I sew this week? lol. Hope all is well with you...see ya in the spring!

  8. Morning, beautiful cross stitching, love them all. Blessings Francine.

  9. Kimberly,

    Hey there sweetie, good to hear from you. I know you've been pretty busy working, and cross stitching. Don't work to hard, remember to do something for yourself every now and then.


  10. Beautiful cross stitch, love the friends saying too.

  11. Say it ain't so! Right. The pot calling the kettle black. Well, keep your hands and mind busy and you'll arrive in spring with a lot to share. I particularly love the deer. Amazing how that can be achieved with cross stitching.

  12. I am missing you but understand..
    I have not done very much lately so posting has been slow around my end too.. but thinking of you.. You do such a great needle work..

  13. I always look for old samplers at shops. I rarely find them. The one you found is pretty. See you in the spring!

  14. Great handiwork find! I would have snatched that up too. I remember that old saying, as well.
    Great job on your stitching projects too!!

    I can relate with the blogging thing. Life gets pretty busy.

    Take care, my friend, and be safe.


  15. Great to see you're back (sorta, kinda) lol. I know what you mean about not having projects because you're not home, we are in Florida for two months and while it's great to be away from the cold, it leaves the 'project' category on my blog lonely.

    Hope you have a wonderful 2015!


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