Thursday, 4 February 2016

My Downtown Abbey Predictions


After watching Downtown Abbey last week my mind was full of so many what ifs. I found myself wondering if  Edith would find the love of her life and finally marry. I found myself wondering if Anna would make it to full term with her baby or not. Would Mrs. Hughes brush up on her cooking skills enough to satisfy Mr. Carson's taste? Well, I'm not really losing any sleep over this one. But I am honestly waiting in great anticipation for every episode now, just to discover what will happen next.
 Aren't you?
I've been imagining the possibilities of what will happen in the lives of the characters as Downtown Abbey comes to a close and I thought it would be fun to make a few predictions of my own and see how close I might come to being right in the end.
Would you like to join in my fun?

Prediction #1-I believe that Mary will discover that Marigold is Edith's true daughter and that she will soften her heart towards her sister.
Prediction #2-I believe that Edith and Mr. Pelham will marry.
Prediction #3- I believe that Cora and Isobel Crawley will win out in their quest to consolidate the local hospital, much to  The Dowager Crawley's objection.
Prediction #4- I believe that Mr. & Mrs. Carson will live happily ever after, even if  the Mrs. never does learn to cook like his dear mother once did.
Now that is all of my predictions for today. I have many more, but I want to hear what you believe might happen.
Do you think I've missed the mark on any of my predictions? Don't be afraid to tell me-It is all in good fun after all!
Now it's your turn. Tell me your predictions for this final season.
It will be very interesting to see just how close we all come to being correct!



  1. I guess we would all like to see the young Downton group happily married! I sure will miss the shows and I predict there won't be anything as good to take their place. Hugs!

  2. Since I have not watched a single episode of it this year, I am sure all of your predictions could happen. In fact they all sound fun and possible.
    I have too much drama going on in my own life right now, to watch any more.
    Soon though, I hope to get to this season. Have a lovely Thursday.

  3. #1 - I totally agree as she pretty much hinted she knew last week. #2 - I agree although will they have time for all of this...what? 2 more episodes? #3 - I'm thinking the hospital thing will "kill" the dowager...but her son will recover OR because of what happened to her son because of the all the stress of the arguing she will soften and back off and give in? Is that even possible? LOL! They did say that this last season (only 6 episodes...2 left?) will bring closure and peace so they better start wrapping it up soon! TTYL! Only time will tell.

  4. We are enjoying the series. Looks like things are wrapping up for the characters, Edith and her new beau, Tom is back with Sibby, The Carsons are happily married, I think Daisy will move to the farm along with the young lad and her father in law, the Bates will have their baby,. We'll miss it all but it will be a wonderful series to re-watch on DVD or Netflix or similar.

  5. I've already watched the whole season and it all turns out good!

  6. oh how I cried when Robert told Cora that he has always loved her. I have already seen in some of the ads of the show that has Anna with a baby. Mary already has heard that Marigold is Edith's which will make things worse I think. Edith will be happy I predict in the end. I want Mary and Tom to fall in love. He knows her very well. The Dowager will lose for the first time ever I predict and it will come about because she will need some health care that only London can provide. That is my predications.

    1. It will be interesting to see how it all works out Cathy!

  7. Well, this was fun! I think you're right about the first four predictions, but I think that Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes will get an annulment. (just kidding, but I did recognize that behavior of Mr. Carson in many men of my mother's generation - not my dad, but certainly some of my uncles!) I think that Mary is being her snooty self while Edith, always in the midst of a crisis, is actually going to find love and a satisfying life. I don't know if Mary is capable of recognizing Edith as anyone other than a sister to despise. I was horrified at the thought of losing Lord Grantham (my favorite!!!), and thought that was a marvelous scene, played well by everyone. I agree with Cathy, in that I always wanted Mary and Tom to marry, but I doubt it will happen. The hospital issue isn't that interesting to me, but the characters are. I think Anna will have the baby, but I can't imagine the Bateses living happily ever after. Surely there's another crisis just around the corner! :-)

  8. Mrs Patmore will marry Daisy's father-in-law!....that's my prediction!

  9. Since I have not watched a single episode of it this year, I am sure all of your predictions could happen. In fact they all sound fun and possible.

  10. I missed this when it ran but hope all your predictions come true, and as Pondside said above that Mrs. Patmore and D's f-in-law will marry as she is a darling woman and I bet he would appreciate her.

    I predict that I will always miss Sunday nights at Downton Abbey!

  11. I'll be really sorry to see this series go. I hope that they wrap it up with a 'happy ever after' for everyone :-)

  12. I think sister Mary will marry Mr. Pelham......

  13. I love this show and I am so sad to see it end. The shot of them is perfect!

  14. Peeking in...missing you in Blogdom.

  15. Morning, oh the wee one is so adorable!!!!!! Wow!!! You still have a lot of the white stuff,here almost gone, thank goodness. Blessings Francine.

  16. I miss that show already! And your predictions were spot on Kim!


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