Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Embroidery Machine Repair Lady-Me

I started this week thinking I would finally complete the bag order I have for the Yukon. I had the machine embroidery patterns selected, the new thread arrived last week, and I had already cut out all of the bags.
But what happens? The thread keeps breaking on my machine. A simple pattern that shouldn't have taken me even an hour, takes several hours to complete because I am constantly having to rethread my machine. Grrr

Since I'm no dummy, I decide to look to my machine manual for help.
It suggest five different reasons my machine is breaking the thread. I try all of the remedies-no luck! I finally come to realise that this is a job that's bigger than me.
I go on line, find the nearest embroidery machine repair shop (which isn't near at all) and call. No one answers. I leave a message. No one calls me back.
This morning I call again and a very pleasant man answers the phone. I explain the situation to him and tell him I want to ship my machine to him for repair.
He knows and I know that it is going to cost me $50. to ship my machine one way to him. So he says to me, "Let's see if we can fix this over the phone".
I have to tell you this was not something that encouraged me. I had already tried everything the manual had suggested. It seemed like a waste of time to me, but I didn't want to be rude to the fellow. He was being so nice......

When it was all said and done we realised that I had some abrasion on my metal bobbin holder. I removed the protective plate coverings, stripped the  fine, back side of my emery board and set to gently filing the inner metal bobbin surface.
I have to admit I wasn't putting much faith in this causing my thread to break, but I was under the tutelage of the expert so I did what I was told! I filed until I thought it looked smooth, put all of the parts back in place, then tried the machine.
It worked!!
I am so grateful and relieved. I was telling Tim that I wish that there were some way I could pay this patient and kind man back for all of his help.
He came up with the perfect gift, I think.

A Timmy's card, of course!
I think he'll like it.




  1. thank goodness you fixed it,, nothing worse than having something like this happen and you were so kind to give him the gift card,, he will love that you thought of him,

  2. Soo glad to hear you got that fixed without having to ship it off....soo frustrating when something like this happens..YAY... happy sewing!

  3. I'm so happy for you! As I understand what it is like to live hours and miles away from civilization! LOL! So glad he was able to help you and so nice to reward him as he could have had you ship it and made more money for himself. There are good and generous people in this world....sometimes we all need a reminder.

  4. Morning, so happy for you, you can do it!!!!!!! Oh ya, a Tim card will do just fine.Blessings Francine.

  5. Wow, that's great that you were able to fix it by having him talk you through it. Very kind of him too to take the time to do it with you over the phone.

  6. A phone fix-it person is so valuable, and what a reward, lovely thinking from you both. Now those bags will get done.

  7. Hoping this will fly because the Publish button is faded...

    1. I think it helps if I type slowly.

      Okay, where was I? Oh, yes! The nice, nice man who helped you over the phone. Wow. They don't usually do things like that. John is a definite believer in this, though, as he files nearly everything he works on or with. He is always finding burrs on tools and stuff. So glad that your machine is working like a champ again.

  8. What a kind gentleman! I'm sure he will love the Timmy's card. People like that man really brighten up a day.

  9. Wow- you really lucked out finding someone who actually took the time to help just to be kind. Rare! My last phfltttt encounter with my machine was last week when I tried to sew two patio door curtain panels together. Somehow one side came out longer than the other. I could not see where it had happened. Finally gave up and hung the dumb things up, uneven hem and all.

  10. Oh gosh, I had the same problem with my thread breaking, too!
    Only to find out there was a small piece of thread floating around in the bobbin case.
    It is really frustrating, I know!
    I love the way you blessed this phone, man. He'll be so surprised because people just don't thank others with gifts of love, like you did.
    By the way, love your chest of drawers!

  11. What a lovely story - there's someone who will be a success in business because of his great attitude. I think a Tim's card is a great idea.

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