Saturday, 13 July 2013

A Busy Week or Two

This last week Tim and I were fortunate enough to have two of our g'children here visiting with us.
Javan is our oldest g'son, belonging to our oldest son Jefferson.
And Starlet is our only daughter Emily's daughter.
We spent most of our time fishing!
These kids are pretty serious fishermen (fisher people).
Lake Manitouwadge is where we did most of our fishing.
Pretty, huh?
We had moved to a site under a bridge where the water was flowing from the big lake to a smaller one.
It wasn't good fishing, but I thought it was a good place for a photo shoot.
I got this photo of Javan and had Starlet on her way to sitting beside him when the wind picked up two of our lawn chairs and blew them into the lake!
Forget the picture!
 I jumped into the lake to get one of the chairs that was in the shallow water.
Then I ran over to a tree and tried to tear a limb off of  it so I could use it as a hook for the chair that was caught on some rocks in deeper water.
I would've swam to get it, but it was where the water was rushing from the larger lake into the smaller lake.
I wanted the chair, but I didn't want it that badly!
Anyway, my hero showed up just in time to rip (wink) that limb right off of the tree and waded into the water far enough to drag the chair back in.
Oh, I forgot to tell you where he was all this time.
He had been packing the first of our other things up the hill back to the car.
Well, after all of that hub-bub I didn't get a photo of Starlet
sitting on the rocks with Javan.
But here's one of my wind blown Princess.
She really is a sweetheart of a girl.
They left this morning with Tim's sister, Kym, who was kind enough to bring them up with her when she came to get his mother.
Now we are both so exhausted we are going to just 'chill'.
This is a word we picked up from Javan for our R&R time.
It works for me!


  1. What fun for you all to have had this time together. Bet the cousins enjoyed being together, too. Does this mean the cupboards didn't get painted? = D

  2. Sounds like a grand time..except for the wandering chairs, of course!

    The grand kids are adorable and how nice that you had a chance to have them with you.

    Now it is time to 'chill'. xo

  3. Kimberly,

    I find it's great to visit with the Grand Kids but when they go home a well deserved vacation is needed to recuperate.

    Have a great rest!

  4. It maybe a lot of work and tiring but
    I bet you miss them, too!

    I had to laugh about your chairs. That will be a great memory for the grand-kids. "Do you remember when the chairs blew into the water? ha ha ha ha ha".

    How is your new home?

  5. I soo love time like this with my grands, and I am soo happy that you had this little visit with them. They are both quite cute! Chill now for a while, haha.

  6. Cute grandkids! Glad you had a fun time with them. And have fun just chilling, as well! :)

  7. Sounds like a fun time. I'm glad you were able to get your chairs rescued too. Sweet pictures of your grandkids! :-)

  8. What a lovely day and the view is magnificent. I love to fish too, and want to try fly fishing some day. Glad you had time to squeeze in a post:)

  9. What a beautiful place! I'm glad you are still near the water. Your grandkids are cute!

  10. Good times with grandchildren and an unexpected adventure too!

  11. It looks like you had a wonderful time. That lake is beautiful.
    So are your grandkids. So nice to see what you have been up too. Just enjoying life. :)

  12. AH, the lake sure does look inviting and refreshing! It looks like you had a nice time. Blessings

  13. Your grandkids are very cute. Sounds like you and I are exhausted for the same reason. :) I'm glad you got your lawn chair back safely. It was 32 here today and will be 34 tomorrow! This is the 11th day of sunshine and heat here although there was a cool day in the middle to cool things down a bit. I'm loving it. Enjoy your 'chill' time.

  14. g'kids -- wonderful wonderful I just bet your smiley muscles are sore.. wink! Great photos..
    PS happy to know your chair is safe and sound in hand - wink!

  15. Oh-What fun for you and the grandkids. LOVE the red hair- got a special place in my heart for redheads! Blessings to you- xo Diana

  16. Fishing with the grands sound just GRAND!!! And didn't the wind touch just add to her beauty?

  17. Sounds like a lovely day.. except for the very end where you were jumping into the water to retrieve chairs. Glad you didn't attempt to go into the faster moving water.

  18. Those lucky kids getting to fish and have fun in the water. Love that red hair.:) xoxo,Susie

  19. Fishing with the g'kids, one of my favorite things to do. Of course you have to throw in a photo shoot, it's a grandma's job, and we simply can't let that opportunity go by without some great pictures.

    I love the chair -rescue, your husband's your hero, hauling in the stuff from the car to saving a chair. And just being there together.

    Your g'kids are so cute, I love his red hair !


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