Saturday, 27 July 2013

Inching Towards the Finish Line

  Yes, I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel on this little kitchen project I started!
I am hoping this will be the final week and we can be done. You know how it is, you start a project thinking it will take a week or two.
Here are a few shots of what we've gotten accomplished  so far.

Surprisingly, this home had an old wall phone left behind. Lucky for me Tim had bought me this beauty for Valentine's Day many moons ago.
I had an old shutter I've been carrying around for many years. And also tin leftover from an old back splash.
This might look like an easy project but it took me hours to get this hung. I had to get the phone matched perfectly with the innards of the phone box.
This was the old one. I bet you haven't seen one of these in a while.
For twenty dollars Tim installed this for my counter back splash.
Here it is with just the primer coat on it.
To be honest I am liking this sort of pickled look and I'm thinking of leaving it this way.
After all I can always come back and give it another coat of paint if I decide I don't like it after all.
This is by far my most favourite piece in the kitchen.
It is one of the many item my Dad gifted me with.
After he retired he spent many hours in his woodworking  shop building all of his children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren handmade gifts.
I can't even begin to list all of the items he had made over all of the year!
I love it that I can walk into any room of our house and find something that was made from Dad's own hands.
I've really missed visiting all of you!
Hopefully after this week I can make time for blogging again.
BTW, are you getting that cool front where you live?
It was 36F here yesterday morning and 48F yesterday afternoon.
Unbelievable for almost the end of July!
And nothing but rain, rain ,rain.
I'm afraid I'm losing hope for reaping much from my little garden. 
How are your gardens doing?
I bet you're already eating tomatoes while mine are only an inch in diameter as of yet!
Tomorrow is a day of rest so I'm going to pop over and see how you're all doing.
I hope you're getting sunshine....



  1. I am loving these little sneak peeks at your kitchen. Decor should be about special memories and fun collections and the people you love, or there isn't much point. Love the bird house your Dad made. People usually have to pay a lot of money to get that pickled look. :-) Yes, we have a cool front, too, although not as cool as yours is. It's 20-30 degrees cooler than normal for this time of July. A friend of mine in MN said he though they were going to get snow overnight.

  2. no sunshine here, rain cold and more cold, I love what you're doing with the kitchen, what a great photne! Having all the treasures your Dad made must make it seem he is always with you, such talent!
    We have raccons living in that bush right across from us, on the water side, you know where Purvis Marine is just past the library, foxes too!

  3. I love your phone, what a cool thing to own. I really like your back splash too. It looks great. I cannot even imagine how wonderful it would be to have some cool temps. We have stayed 100+ most of the summer. Even extreme for us. My garden hasn't done well either because of the non stop heat. Now we have humidity and heat. It sounds like you are really settling in to your new place.

  4. We've been having the best summer weather in a few years - sunshine every day, and cooling down at night.
    That phone is really something!

  5. Well I have been anxiously awaiting seeing your re-done kitchen. I LOVE the phone! And that color or blue! Lots of warm weather and sunshine here...though we have had a few weird (for California anyway) overcast humid days too...really don't like that, haha. Can't imagine it that cool in July.

  6. I love how the phone project turned out! And I like the pickled look on the back splash.
    It's always so nice to have homemade things by our loved ones. They are real treasures.
    We've had tons of rain here too and more tomorrow. Hot and humid in between. Good for the garden though.

  7. I love what you're doing here ! We installed the same4 bead board on our ceiling. We were going to paint it, but after living with it for awhile, the 'pickled look" seems perfect for our home and we even get compliments on our kitchen ceiling often enough to re-affirm our decision.

    I love that you've filled your home with things that have sentimental value and these items are stars in their own right, and fit in beautifully. Maybe I should say the rest of the decorating fits in beautifully with your sentimental items ! :)

  8. Things are looking great! That phone is fun! No cool front here. In the low 80's and cloudy.

  9. Things are looking god. Can't wait to see it all. Love the blue color:)

  10. I love the old telephone!
    ...and the color too.
    I like hand made things, especially when the were crafted in LOVE and give such fond memories.
    Yes...we've had cool temps 83° and up to the lower 90's... we're usually in the triple digits this time of year.
    We're thinking of a fall garden...our garden has been awful this year...we had terrible grasshoppers again along with extreme heat. So...maybe we'll get something good in the fall.
    Missed you, glad to see you update us...

  11. Can't wait to see it all, that bead board is quite a task, good for you!! I love the blue color you are using.


  12. A treasure from your Dad's hands, beautiful. It will be perfect in your new home. Greetings form Jean

  13. I love your phone! And the blue color you've chosen is so pretty. I think your dad's bird house looks just perfect! Surrounding ourselves with the things we love is what makes our house a home.

    The weather has been wonderful here the last few days. We've had a bit of needed rain and it's much cooler. I love it!

    Enjoy your Sunday and have a nice week ahead!

  14. Love the pics! We share the same design & color likes. NO tomatoes here, since we just moved here 2 months ago. However, blueberry picking is ready over at Blueberry Hill Farm. Blessings

  15. Handcrafted treasures are the best! I really love that phone project - gorgeous results! And the backsplash solution is inexpensive AND great looking.

  16. It looks great...can't wait for the big reveal. I like the pickled look of the backsplash, too. Yup, perhaps you can get away with it until you're tired of it. Lots of rain, though very warm and muggy. We've had two perfect days with low humidity and sunshine. The farmers are profoundly miserable. I have very few tomatoes.

  17. What fun details you're adding to your kitchen! Love that back splash!

  18. It's all coming together. :D I bet you are having fun making it be just how you like it.

    It's been cooler here the last few days as well.

  19. Sweet Kimberly,

    I love your updates to the kitchen. What a beautiful color, it's so alive, makes you feel good.

    The back splash came out really nice, I love what your husband did. Yes, I like the pickled look too.

    When you have a carpenter in the family, you must display his/her work.

    Can't wait to see other projects you've accomplished.

  20. I love the phone and the birdhouse shelf. Can't wait to see more kitchen photos.

  21. I squealed when i saw that gorgeous phone!!! I love it, you didn't say where you got it, it's fabulous! And so perfect for your vintage kitchen. I'm sure it is looking wonderful, sure wish I lived close enough to visit, I'd love to see it in real life. Your back splash looks great and yes, you can always go back and paint it.
    It has been hot here this week, we had a couple of cool nights last week but warm days. We had rain overnight and high clouds today, but hot, not humid though. I can't complain.
    Your birdhouse on the shelf is fabulous and so nice for you to have this memory of your dad's love.
    Hugs, cindy

  22. Bird house would be my favorite too and is... raining here too and no garden = no veggies.. no place of my own to have a garden - sad face I have!.. Liking what I am seeing so far in your kitchen redo -- can't wait for the completed project...wink!
    Oh, I got a kick seeing the wall phone and I think I like your shining phone better by far - smile..


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