Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Free Fall Graphics

I don't know about you, but I'm embracing Fall in a big way!
I am quite connected to this quote by George Elliot:
Delicious autumn!
My soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the Earth seeking the successive autumns.
I have made up two graphics that I want to share with you.
Please click on pinterest and go to my board titled,
Autumn Leaves are Falling, and re-pin.
This photo is from my last year Thanksgiving table.
If you're wondering why I'm already thinking about Thanksgiving, it is less than two weeks away here in Canada.
This photo will be posted on my Autumn board also.
  It is sunny and beautiful here today, but the leaves are falling fast, so I'm heading outside to enjoy Fall while I can!
Blessings to all-Kimberly
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  1. Wonderful ! Yes the weather has been breathtaking as has the scenery of all the colours . I have been out every day walking the valley with my Miggs getting snap happy . Looking forward to your fall pics .Have a good day

  2. Morning, ahhhh, beautiful Autumn, love this time of year so.....I adore your pumpkin in the wood box, looks great, Fall Blessings Francine.

  3. I loved being an American child growing up in Canada. We always celebrated both Thanksgivings. Yum!!
    xo Laura

  4. Kimberly,

    I love Autumn too. I worry though the weather pattern is changing, come Friday we may just have an opportunity for tornadoes here. This is unusual for us.

  5. Kimberly,

    I love Autumn too. I worry though the weather pattern is changing, come Friday we may just have an opportunity for tornadoes here. This is unusual for us.

  6. Loved the pumpkin on the table, great shot!
    I too love autumn, especially the call for sweaters and long pants!!!!


  7. Yes, you sensible Canadians are gearing up for Thanksgiving! Have big plans this year? Hosting or traveling? Love that pumpkin!

  8. This autumn is so splendid that I can hardly bare to stay inside! I might have to start posting fall color pictures twice a day! Loving it!!! Thanks for the graphics !

  9. HI Kimberly,
    Our weather has been so fantastic too. 70's during the day and 50 to 60 at night. The leaves are turning and it is starting to really feel like fall. Enjoy your day out on a lovely fall day.

  10. beautiful Autumn themed decorations, I haven't done much yet for decorations, I have been chasing my tail with so many things, take care Kimberly,

  11. I love Fall also---and we are seeing a few signs of it here in TN. I did see some colors on our recent trip--but not too much so far.

    I keep forgetting that your Thanksgiving comes earlier than ours. That is NEAT.. We have to wait 'til the end of November for ours.

  12. Dear Kimberly, I have always loved Fall with the vibrant colors and cooler days, filled with tea and fires. In northern Ca. the colors were much more diverse than here in Colorado. Love your T-day pumpkin-have to go to Pinterest to pin it. Can't wait to see everyone's color changes in their area.
    Hugs, Noreen

  13. It's been so beautiful here with temperatures in the low to mid 20's! The leaves are blowing off today in the first wind we've had since last week sometime. It was calm from Friday until yesterday which is unusual. I'm so enjoying the beauty right now and trying to hold on to it as long as I can. I like your fall printables. Your thanksgiving table looks so nice. Enjoy!

  14. Thanks for sharing your graphics. I'll be sure to pin them on my Autumn or Thanksgiving boards.


  15. So kind of you to share your graphics.. thanks!
    Beautiful pumpkin, so festive.

    Enjoy this wonderful, amazing, and beautiful time of year.

    smiles :)

  16. Hi Kimberly,
    Thanks for visiting Shadymont. I've been looking through your posts. What a lovely place you have to walk. Your photos are gorgeous!

  17. Great post, Kimberly. I have that same fabric that you are showing in the last picture. I have had it for years! Happy Autumn to you- xo Diana

  18. Fall is my fave but summer seemed awfully short to me this year... Love your fall decor!

  19. I absolutely love Fall. I always forget about Canada having a different Thanksgiving from the USA. Yay though, because I get to enjoy the celebrations for an extended length of time. Enjoy your day and big hugs to you

  20. The graphics are beautiful, I love the pumpkin in the wooden bowl. I love it.
    It has turned cool and the sun has finally come out of hiding at 1:30 this afternoon. I'd better do the same, head out and enjoy the sun and leaves while I can.
    I like the quote, I'd love to do that, enjoy fall perpetually! What a thought!

  21. two week that's all before the big feast of your Thanksgiving.. my I can see what the rush! Fall is slipping away if the leaves are falling off - then I would be you heading out to enjoy it more before the trees and bushes are leaf-less -- we just began our Fall but now we have snow - crazy!! Keep safe and warm dear friend.

  22. I'm following you on Pinterest now! Love your wonderful photos and graphics! Thanks!


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