Saturday, 12 October 2013

Little Kitchen Details


I had plans to show you just a few more details from my kitchen reveal sooner, but I kind of got derailed this week.
You see, I scheduled a garage sale for this weekend.
With all the sorting, the pricing, and then the arranging of all the items, I completely forgot.
Then my computer gave me fits and that had to be corrected by a Bell technician.
If he had been here in person, I would've hugged him!
Anyway,  without any more blathering, on to the photos,finally.
 Why don't we start with the new curtains I've made....
While in the states, I bought a Painter's cloth at Menards. I simply cut it down the middle, measured it to length and then added a ruffle. 
It was simple, but adding the ruffle made it more time consuming than I had planned! 
But I like it and it works nicely for Fall.
Next, I replaced the green mirror  I had on this wall with a favourite antique print, antlers, and old rusty horseshoes.
When Spring comes I will hang my gingham curtains and the brighter mirror again.

I purchased this clock on sale for ten dollars and the wall quote for two fifty. I had the frame and the burlap from a previous use.
The kitchen is small, so I wanted to keep this wall simple.
Not that I seemed to be too worried about that at the other end of my kitchen where my dining nook is!
This is a view from the dining nook looking towards the clock wall.
Tim bought this for me many years ago and I so happy to display it above my kitchen sink now.
It's a metal sign that I placed on black matting and then framed.

Lastly, this cast iron piece is from an old Kalamazoo antique wood stove. To make the lettering stand out I placed a solid cloth behind it.
The 'K' is for Kimberly now!
I think that covers all of the kitchen up-dates.
If you are tinking of painting your kitchen cabinets white, I highly recommend it. I've been doing this for the last twenty three years in all of our kitchens and I haven't tired of it yet!
Have a wonderful weekend friends.
It's raining here, but I'm in a cozying mood so I don't even care.




  1. Everything looks lovely, Kimberly! I especially like the clock and the metal sign from your husband. All those little details add up and really make a difference.

  2. Hi Kimberly-
    Your kitchen definitely looks cozy.
    I love the white cabinets. Mine have been painted white about 14 years...and I love it. Though I did just paint the bottoms black a YEAR ago...not sure about that one. Sort of rethinking that one.
    I like the lace crocheted doilies in your kitchen. So pretty.
    Love seeing your new home.

  3. Morning Kimberly, love the cozy kitchen, looks the old picture, very nice.......New curtains are beautiful and love the oil lamp, Blessings Francine.

  4. I love all of your decorating touches. It is super cozy!

  5. Everything looks great! Love the curtains. What a neat idea!

  6. When I finally get my husband to agree and finally let me paint my cabinets white, I always love them so much. Then we move. I would love to redo my kitchen but so far haven't really said much. I would love them I know. They just make any kitchen look so nice and homey.
    Yours looks so cute and I love the curtains you made. You are quite handy. :)

  7. Everything truly looks wonderful! The perfect place to spend lots of your time :) Have a blessed week. Hugs!

  8. You've added some really nice touches to your kitchen, Kimberly. I like the old stove piece with the 'K' on it. You must feel such satisfaction getting all this done on a budget. Hugs, Pam

  9. Kimberly,

    Your kitchen and all the changes you've made are beautiful.

    Were going to have a yard sale at the end of the month.

  10. Your drapes are adorable, and the ruffle is a perfect addition!

  11. Totally picture perfect kitchen - I love seeing shelves and -- all the other added touches like the give such a home sweet feel.. Thanks for sharing..


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