Friday, 11 July 2014

You Can't Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd

I realised that as I was looking back through our photos from our trip home from the Yukon that I had not shown you the pictures I had taken of the Buffalo herd along the way.

These Buffalo are located between Watson Lake, Yukon and Liard Hotsprings, BC.
Aren't they just gorgeous creatures?
We encounter them every time we make this trip.
They are so amazing, I never tire of them!
Many times in the past we have had to drive around them with our car, as they were right in the road.
But they were all lazing around this trip.
I guess we caught them at their nap time.
I wish I had taken the time to count how many we were passing, but a certain fellow was driving so fast at times they were sometimes just a blur...
Every time I see the Buffalo now I remember what a very wise man once told me.
And it is this:
I think we'd all be wise to take heed to this very wise man's advice!
Don't you?
I am off to visit some of the grandchildren for the next few days so expect lots of brag photos in the next few post.
Also, I wanted to share two more blog parties were they were sweet enough to feature my Budget Decor Porch.
I'm calling it the porch that just keeps giving and giving!
Have a good week, my friends!



  1. Awesome shots- you really got some good closeups! I've only seen them from a distance whenever we go to Yellowstone, and once in South Dakota.

  2. They sure are gorgeous creatures! You got some great shots! Looking forward to the photos of the grandkids!

  3. LOL ~ Love the song. :-)
    Great photos. I think Buffalo are amazing creatures too.

  4. Boy, that song took me back!!

    Great shots btw!


  5. We saw Roger Miller perform live in Saskatoon, Canada in 1967 - loved his advice ever since!!! Sally

  6. Have a nice time visiting. I really like your Buffalo pictures. I think I would like to see them living like that rather the way I have seen them before. They look much healthier.

  7. We were good friends with Roger Miller's Mother. Her name was Laudene (Miller) Burdine. We got to go with her to a Roger Miller concert in Fort Worth one time and got to go backstage and see him and his wife. So... it was good to see this post and her Roger sing, "Can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd". :-)

  8. Super huge fellows, and that thick fur, they look so peaceful there. Lovely close-ups. Cheers,Jean

  9. They are magnificent. I've seen a few but never a big herd like this. Have fun with the grands! Hugs, Diane

  10. Hope you enjoy your time with your grandchildren... I'm sure you will.

    Love seeing the Buffalo. We saw lots of them in Yellowstone --and they loved blocking the road so that we have to WAIT to get through...


  11. Kimberly, Buffalo are wonderful great beast. Scary close up when you see how big they are. Hope you are enjoying this weekend. xoxo,Susie

  12. Oh, you really did get a good look at them.

  13. These are really beautiful photos of the majestic buffalo. They are so huge but they look like lazy dogs in the last photo. :) Hugs, Pam

  14. Awesome pictures. Enjoy the time with your grandchildren.

  15. wow Such great photos! Beautiful your right. Enjoy your time with the grandkids!

  16. Excellent photos! They are magnificent to see. I saw them at Yellowstone National Park and they make quite an impression! They seem to be far less impressed with us looking at them however! Have fun with the grands!

  17. They do look pretty...not mangy as the ones I saw long ago. Looking forward to any and all bragging. It is a grandmother's prerogative and privilege!

  18. They really are are your wonderful close-up photos! Enjoy your special time with the grandkids!

  19. Kimberly,

    These Bison are gorgeous, they look so soft with all that hair/fur. And when you compare them to the ones here, they looks so much healthier.

  20. Great pictures!!
    I've always loved buffalo! Such beautiful creatures!!
    Last time that I saw any buffalo, we were in Yellowstone. Good memories.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures and the little song :)

  21. I love seeing buffalo in the wild. I have never seen them in the wild in Canada, though. Lucky you to see them! I have seen them in the Black Hills and Yellowstone.
    Good advise from the wise old gent!

  22. Wow, these are wonderful photos, Kimberly. Buffalo are such magnificent creatures!

  23. Wow! Wow! Wow! Fabulous pictures! What unbelievable animals! Looks like a wonderful trip Kimberly!

  24. Great close ups! I love these majestic animals too.


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