Monday, 1 June 2015

Forget Me Nots


I had to quickly get out today to pick the Forget Me Not before they disappeared.
They are really the most delicate and prettiest of flowers to me.
But they don't seem to last long enough.
I bet they are already long gone from your yards.

I hadn't showed you yet, but the day of the Mother's Day tea there was also a church sale at the local St. Paul's United Church.
I was so thrilled to find two Forget Me Not teacups there.
They are both bone china and I was able to purchase them, along with several other items, for just a twenty dollar donation.
 I couldn't resist getting a shot of the Forget Me Not teacups along side the real thing.
The sun was bright on the yard at that time, so there are many shadows showing, but I like the photo just the same!
Of course now that I was on this whole Forget Me Not theme, I remembered that I had bought a necklace that reminded me of Forget Me Not.
I quickly retrieved it from the drawer, double wrapped it around my wrist, then called to Tim to come out and take a picture of me picking the flowers.
Even though none of this makes any sense to him, I'm sure, he was still good about going along with my craziness!
Lastly, here is my pretty ......
What? I don't know what it is.
Maybe a sugar dish?
It's another pretty Forget Me Not piece I found and it had to come home with me.

Just one more shot.
As you can see I could be a 'before' candidate for Jane Seymour's special tissue paper hands cream.
 If by chance you are reading this, Jane, just e-mail me and I will send you my address.
I am more than ready and willing to be a guinea pig for your new tissue crepe paper skin cream!
~Until next time-Kimberly~

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  1. Beautiful forget-me-nots! I don't think I've ever seen any of those here. I love the pretty teacups too.

  2. I feel the same way about my hands! I love forget me nots! I used to have them in my garden, I need to plant them again! I love all blue flowers!! Your tea cups are so pretty and I love the bracelet too!

  3. I love forget-me-nots and don't have any of them in my garden! I've planted seeds a few times and they don't do anything. Perhaps it's time to purchase a plant or two at the nursery. I hear they spread on their own.
    Love those tea-cups, too. And the necklace/bracelet. What a great theme. My hands could be a candidate for the hand cream before photo, too. My Tim willingly takes photos although he doesn't understand why, either.

  4. I love them too. After my Mom passed her best friend gave me a China teacup with forget me nots on it. It's the cup I have tea with when I'm sad

  5. Such pretty forget me not cups and saucers. I very often get hubby to take some pictures for me and he has a look of why all over his face ... sometimes men just don't understand the blogging world. :)

  6. Beautiful post and pics. I'll be looking for that cream!

  7. I LOVE forget me nots! Your necklace used as a bracelet, your forget me not items and the flowers make such beautiful photos. I finally got some of these little gems to come up by the chicken coop this spring and I was so happy! Thank you for sharing yours :)

  8. I love all your forget-me-nots both real and on the dishes and your wrist. What a pretty post! Mine are still blooming but the clump is too small this year to cut any. I'll leave them for seed. Your china finds are beautiful!

  9. I have not seen any forget-me-nots here but I love them and I especially love your gorgeous tea cups and sugar bowl. You did a marvelous job of staging everything even the bracelet! I use Okeefe's hand cream for working hands and it keeps that "crepe paper" hand thing gone for quite a while and I bet it's cheaper than Jane's!LOL!

  10. Oh Kimberly, I adore these pretty blue flowers so much. My Forget me knots are in bloom right now too. I also love all the pretty sure with the flower on them, sweet post.Blessings Francine.

  11. Cute post!
    I love Forget Me Not's, also.

    Have you ever pressed them! They turn out perfectly.

  12. I know you were happy to find the teacups, they are so pretty! The blue in the Forget Me Nots is so vivid. Lovely post! And I think it's too late for my crepey hands, but if there is a cream out there that really works, I'd buy a case! :)

  13. This is so lovely. What a delicate flower. They do not grow here but I love that you have the bracelet to match. Very sweet. Like a Victoria magazine article.

  14. Love the pretty blues the tea cup and saucer & your necklace. Your husband is sweet to help you out..mine would take an hour to come around and by then I would forget what I wanted him to do. Have a lovely weekend!

  15. So beautiful and delicate! I received a beautiful pendant with a forget me not pressed in it from my boss when I retired in 2003.

  16. I have never had forget-me-nots flowers in my garden but I sure would like too - when and if I ever get that dream garden - -wink!


  17. Love this! I used to have forget me nots but they disappeared after a while. They move around and show up in different spots than where they were planted. Such a pretty flower and your necklace/bracelet too!


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