Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Hunting for Canning Jars

 Do you remember my post on canning here? 
Then I showed you all my beautiful canned goods on the new farmhouse counter Tim built for me here.      
Well, guess what? I've run out of canning jars again and I am having quite a time finding any. A few weeks ago when I was canning I paid $15.00 here at our local Home Hardware for a dozen regular mouth jars. Ouch!
This really hurts a woman like myself who always had ten dozen or more jars piled high in boxes in my garage most of my married life.
What happened to them? They were left behind in the last move two years ago.
 I'm sure you're thinking it's no big deal I can just buy a few jars at a rummage sale or at one of the resale shops.
No, not anymore ladies!
You see that photo above with the beautiful recycled canning jar chandelier?
This is one of the reasons I can no longer find cheap canning jars!
Some smarty pants had to go and dream up another use for my gems.
People just can't be happy with putting food in their Ball jars any longer.
Now we have to paint them up pretty like and add flowers to  them.
Did you know that you can line canning jars with fabric?
This looks kind of hard to me....
But cute never the less.
Oh I'm not really as aggravated as I sound, if I had any extras I'd be using them for something pretty too!
I thought I had it made today when I went to WalMart  Canada's on line store and found a dozen one liter jars for $8.97. I had to have a minimum of over $50. for the free shipping. No problem, I could just order six dozen jars and meet the requirement.
I did this and this is what my final charge was with shipping:

Your Shopping Cart

$53.22 **


Standard shipping to (my address)

Pick up


Order Total:
$173.14 **

** Prices are based on your shipping location, and are subject to change in different shipping locations.
Do the math on this. It appears I'm getting taxed for the shipping.
Is that even legal?

 Now I thought this was crazy, so I called and the young  customer service guy thought it couldn't be right either so he was going to report it to his supervisor. He told me to try again in an hour. I tried again, same price. I tried several hours later, same price.
I want these jars badly enough, ladies, that I am going to call again tomorrow and find out just what in the world is going on over there at Wally World.
Stayed tuned and I'll let you know what happens!
Enjoy your Tuesday-Kim


  1. But I thought the shipping was free with an order over $50? Tax on shipping...never heard of such a thing. I have noticed that the garage sale supply of jars has dried up too. I think it is not only because of the craft and decorating craze that uses jars, but also the fact that fewer and fewer women can anymore. Good luck finding those jars! Do you have the equivalent of Craigslist or some other online way to find people who may want to get rid of jars?

  2. Wow! That's crazy. And worth a trip I think. They will ship free of charge to the nearest Wally World to you. Then you can pick them up. Maybe. I hope.

  3. That is crazy! I hate paying for shipping!! I haven't seen the fabric lined jars..so pretty. I collect them too but usually from thrift stores, etc

  4. There are still lots of canning jars in thrift stores around here. I'd love to find some of the 2 quart ones they used to make and use them for canisters. My daughter has some from her mother-in-law and I'm jealous.
    Hope you work something out with Wally! The painted jars are awfully pretty...

  5. Have you checked the kijiji ads? I was able to stock up over the last few years through the thrift stores too. Wishing you the best in your search.

  6. Must be some technical glitch. Best wishes.

  7. That makes no sense at all! I hope they get it figured out for you.

  8. If only I lived closer, I have jars, and jars, and more jars. Some are mine, some from my Mum, when they were thicker and had a slightly different rim. Some I have given to daughters, and still have more than I will ever use. Shipping from NZ to you... probably exorbitant!!! Hugs and good luck with the freight charges, and finding any more.Do you have a site like " Trade Me" there? Op shop, or Goodwill shop?

  9. Oh I love the lights, I want that!!!!! Wonderful canning jar ideas. Blessings Francine.

  10. Taxes on shipping...NO! Those lights are fabulous; maybe I could figure out how to do that with some of my old blue jars...love that idea!

  11. I hope you get it figured out. Amazon is our best online store. Are you able to use them? I only buy when I can get free shipping too. Sweet hugs, Diane

  12. I know it is crazy isn't it? I used to be able to get jars by just telling family, I needed canning jars. People would show up at my door with boxes of them. Now, they are like gold.
    I hope you find some and you don't have to pay all of that money for them that is just crazy.

  13. Kimberly,

    I always check Craigslist, and have found deals.
    I hope things work out with your jars, when you need them.....you need them.

  14. between thrifting and yard sales I have bumped into a lot of canning jars of course they may not be the size you need at the right point.
    good luck with the shipping that is crazy.

  15. Oh that is a dilemma. I've seen them at Value Village before. But, you're right in that people are using them for everything but food these days. That is a ridiculous price to pay for canning jars through Wal*mart. I hope you can find some. I bet your neighbours have lots stashed away in the basement. Maybe go knocking on doors for them?? lol Happy Canada Day to you and Tim. Have a great day.


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