Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Crazy Weather

We've had such crazy weather variances here lately.
After hours of pouring rain the middle of last week we were gifted with beautiful double rainbows.

Can you believe how brilliant the colours were?
I hadn't seen such a bright rainbow in years.
Thursday, Oct. 15th brought our first snow. As you can see it was only a skiff. And then on Friday we had another skiff.
Today we had a warm sunny day with temperatures in 12C (54F).
Last week was a busy one.
I did manage to get my mitten order finished and shipped to the Yukon. Here is a sample of four of the ten mitts that were mailed.

I also had an order for a pair of mitts from my special friend, Cecile, who also lives in the Yukon.
You might remember that it was Cecile and her husband that invited us to their Christmas eve service last year while Tim and I were working out west.

I love snow owls and I wanted Cecile's mitts to be special.
 So I found a machine embroidery snow owl pattern with pine trees which I thought was perfect for Cecile. This is the backside of one of the mitts.

                   And this is the opposite mitts backside.
I hope she likes them....

Our daughter and her children are coming to visit this weekend. We will celebrate our belated Thanksgiving together! Please pray for their safe travels.
Got to go!




  1. What a glorious rainbow! And your mittens are beautiful. Enjoy your week and getting ready for a nice visit! Hugs!

  2. How lovely, I love those mittens. Have a lovely time with your family. I bet you are so excited.

  3. Two rainbows is a rarity and a blessing to see.

    Beautiful mittens.

    Stay warm.

  4. Such a beautiful, glorious rainbow...seriously, soo pretty! So are you machine embroidering on sweater fabric? Or how are you doing these? Where are you getting the fabric? I LOVE them! Enjoy the time with your family!!

  5. I hope the early chill isn't a harbinger of the weather yet to come. The rainbows are beautifully intense - a real treat to see. Love the mittens. Enjoy your belated Thanksgiving!

  6. What a brilliant double rainbow! I love those mittens. There were lots of them for sale at the fall craft market a couple weeks ago. Very popular. And they are so warm too! The ones you made for your friends are so sweet. It is mitten weather here some days already! Praying your family has a safe trip and that you have a wonderful time together on the weekend. Blessings to you. Pam

  7. Such a beautiful rainbow Kimberly. Those are adorable mittens, always love a good pair.Blessings Francine.

  8. Yes, that rainbow was awesome! Snow...you lucky! So you have an embroidery machine? How do you like it and what kind do you have? Where do you get all the sweaters? Although I imagine being in the north there are lots of them. Are they all wool or does it matter? I'm very impressed with them and each one is so unique and pretty. Great job!

  9. Those rainbows are beautiful! Loved all the mittens too, such talent!
    Enjoy your family time.....

  10. Your handiwork is beautiful! The rainbows are amazing, Those are the brightest I've ever seen.

  11. This rainbow is seriously pretty.

  12. I see that I have missed a number of your posts while I have been away. Those mittens are beyond beautiful! And they look so warm. What a beautiful rainbow. Hope that your weather has held on the milder side and that you and your family had a blessed Thanksgiving together.


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