Friday, 9 October 2015

Post Left On The Cutting Floor

Me in 2013 when I first moved into my little home, before redecorating. Yes, I do really have eyes hiding behind those glasses!
I don't know if you've noticed but I've been suffering from bloggers block. Okay don't pretend that you've never been there before!
So today I'm not going to talk (write) much, I'm just going to show you pictures that represent those post that got let on the cutting floor.
I'm sure when you see many of them you'll understand why and probably wish that I had let them remain on the cutting floor!!

This was to be the post where I was to explain to you how the new Fat Free Oreo cookies are not made for dipping-they do not soften!
After dropping it and leaving it in a glass with milk for 15 minutes the edges softened, but alas the rest was still hard. This was very important knowledge I thought all of you should know...which is why I'm telling you all about it now. Ha.

Ever outgrow a favourite blouse? This was going to be a tutorial on how to add a side extension to a top.It never happened!
I did enjoy wearing my blouse all summer though.

I bet you didn't know that I have three kitchens in my home, did you? That is because I've been hiding it from you. Do you wonder why? Eek!! It's become a dumping station, as you can see.
This is the latest project on the table now. Don't expect me to come back in a couple of weeks with a beautifully converted kitchen. All I want to do is to get rid of the clutter and paint it all out nice and clean in white! Then I'll decide if I want to convert it into my sewing/craft room.
I'm sure my husband hopes I do!
Sadly ladies, this is the sort of post you get from a woman who is suffering from bloggers block.
  I think it may be time to consider taking a vacation!!
Take care-Kimberly


  1. I do enjoy these real life posts. We all have rooms/days/photos like this. Good luck with the clean up!

  2. Kimberly,I hoped for a " Holiday prescription" yesterday, maybe we both need to decide for eachother, and just be on holiday somewhere. I can easily stay home and enjoy quiet days, are you the same? A few weeks ago I had a massive tidy up in the small room where I do the quilt blocks cutting and have fabric in boxes. Ironing board is set up all the time, and the bench is clear, I like it so much now. Maybe one small thing put away or tidied up will help you feel better. I always thought your home was tidy and neat??

  3. Kimberly,

    Oh girl I so know how you feel with having writers block. I agree, it's time for a vacation away from home, and blogger.
    Take a long deserved break, and enjoy yourself :-)

  4. Kimberly, I know what you are saying.. I also understand that extra....let's just toss it in there OMG, I did a bedroom like that in town...just made myself nuts too. That is why I want to watch it now...I think I could become a clutter queen if not a hoarder. Yuck. I say a nice sewing room for you would be wonderful. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. I have a "junk" room myself lol! And before Thanksgiving I intend for it to be a guest room. I've got some WORK to do!!!Blessings from Missouri!

  6. I think that kitchen area has lots of potential to blog about in the near future Kimberly. LOL Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Blessings, Pam

  7. Oh! I love this sort of post.
    I call these Kernals of Corn! hahahaha...
    and lump them all together and hope it doesn't bore my readers to tears.
    All God's creatures are curious... and I am one! so reading this post -- well, we just can't look away, can we?!

  8. Okay why do you have three kitchens??? I really love this post. I didn't know that about Oreos and I think that is a really cute shirt. I think that area would be an excellent craft room. I hope you get over you blogger block. I have one developing right now though so I completely understand.

  9. Hi Kimberly, would make a good craft room I think, we all need one. Blessings Francine.,

  10. Oh, boy! I'd be down there wiping out those cupboards and loading them up! 3 kitchens? Why? How? I get 2 kitchens but 3 I've never heard of. You could blog about anything and I would still enjoy it and your photos!

  11. So that is what it is called, Bloggers Block.... I've suffered from that disease for several months now... I just thought I was just running out of time in my life --and blogging got kicked to the bottom of my long long list.... Now that hubby and I are BIG into fitness, we truly just don't have time to sit at the computer very much.... I'm 'trying' to get back into blogging some ---but I just never have time to go to others' blogs like I want to.... BUT--I still love blogging --so will probably never give it up totally... I just don't post nearly as much as I once did...

    Come back when you can... I always love catching up with you and your goings-on....


  12. I have a room I need to get back to, but it is currently housing my husband's bicycles that he was riding while recuperating..(on a trainer). I've cleaned this room out like three times now and within a month or two, it fills back up with junk. Good luck with yours...I'm about ready to through down my duster and trash bags in defeat on mine.

  13. I enjoyed these leftover post bits. :) Good luck with cleaning up and redoing your extra kitchen. I'm sure you will make it look great!

  14. What!? Other bloggers are not perfect? Who knew? :-)

  15. This is actually a comment on the 'Discouragement' post. Discouragement is a common human emotion, and although Christ followers, we still are human. The difference is that we know Jesus has gone before us and experienced discouragement as well, so he understands us and is the only one who can actually do something about the problems we have. Only the believer can experience the peace of forgiveness and relief and the calm that comes with turning our problems over to God, the maker of heaven and earth. Hope you have a blessed Thursday!

  16. I think we all have those "blogger blocks," probably more often than we want to admit, Kimberly! I guess I need to get out of the house more often.....I didn't know there was a Fat Free Oreo! Does it taste good even though it isn't a dunker? If you have the opportunity to turn that kitchen into a craft room, go for it! What a fantastic space that could be!

  17. Thank you! Although I'm afraid many of the posts I do publish should have been left on the cutting floor. They always seem good at first and then I go back and think how boring they are--this usually happens after I've visited some fabulous blog that knocks my socks off.

    Three kitchens? I'm curious too. I've read of summer kitchens and winter kitchens in old novels. Two kitchens might be nice, one for actually cooking and washing dishes in, the other just for show? Hmm, that's a thought!

    The picture of you is so cute! Like something out of Cottages and Bungalows magazine!


  18. Hi Kim,

    I know you have more recent posts, but this one appealed to me for obvious reasons! Yes, of course I have potential posts that are still in draft mode, and will probably remain there forever! I love the pic of you!

    Happy Tuesday!



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