Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Dancing Bears

 If you've followed me from my beginning post, you know that I mentioned I would soon be developing an Etsy shop. Well, I must admit that I've been very, very self indulgent with my time. I've been spending (not wasting!) hour after blissful hour  visiting every single blog a person can humanly, mentally, and physically endure visiting in ones waking day!
 But, never fear! My dear husband was very quick to see the signs of my developing addiction and threatened to smash the computer and calmly and lovingly sat me down to discuss how unhealthy it is for me to be sitting in the same position at this computer all day. How I was missing the world just outside my very door. The birds chirping in the trees, the loons calling in the lake, the butterflies fluttering in the skies, the sweet bunnies hopping through the yard. Well, I think you get the idea, right?
Now my whole purpose for telling you this is that I am devoting my whole day  today to getting my Etsy shop set up and running. But, I want to leave you with this sweet story first though!

This is my oldest grandson, Javan. While he was here visiting last summer we would have him do a piano recital each evening for us. One of the songs he played every evening was "Bear Dance". He had no idea that practically every evening before he had arrived a bear had made it a habit of walking through our front yard eating the grass and grubbing under our stones. This is the gospel truth!  So he believed that like a rain dance brings the rain, his "Bear Dance" was bringing the bear! It was so........much fun. It is a memory that will stay with me forever and Javan too I hope. We also had my daughters two children visiting so they were caught up in it all the excitement!
So now I leave you with my evidence of Javan's "Dancing Bears"!



  1. Hello Kimberly,

    The Bear Dance, wow!
    Now you don't see that everyday, at least not where I live.
    Great story, glad you made a post of it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Have a fun away from the computer.
    Yes, blogging can be addicting.

  2. That's a memory Javan will have all his life! A bear in my front yard would freak.me.out!!! I know what you mean about addiction and the computer. I usually do my posts early morning or at night as we watch tv so this laptop is on more than I want to admit! Blogging can be time consuming but you know...it's keeping me sane!

  3. What a great memory for your grandson! Love the bear pictures.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you like it well enough to follow (even thought I've been lazy so far this week!). I look forward to reading some of your earlier posts and am going to follow you now. Have a wonderful day...and I totally "get" the computer addiction! ;)

  4. How neat is that! Great pics,and you sure have a cutie pie grandson.

  5. so wild, literally, to have a bear as a roommate!

  6. Ooo! a bear dance. Sounds scary to me! I don't know what to think about a bear being in the yard.
    Coyotes, wild boar, racoons and skunks(stinky) ...but bears, Oh my!

    ...sounds exciting,Pat

  7. umm a bear in the yard -- and dancing -- I guess I wouldbe watching through the glass window indeed.. wink.. and Yes, seting in my position is NOT good for the body..hugs

  8. Javin is magic, for sure.
    Can he play "the money song"???
    Glad my Blog was one of the many you visited today.
    Nice to meet you!
    I signed on to FOLLOW,
    So I'll be baaack!

  9. That is a really cute story. Can't wait to tell it to my girls tomorrow morning. Believe!! Debi

  10. Wow! I would be so afraid to see a real bear! My daughter-in-law's nickname for my son is "Bear" and in looking for bear paraphernalia I was lead to this post. :)
    Your grandson is so sweet --I hope mine will learn to play the piano one day when they are a little older.


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