Saturday, 25 June 2011

Where is Summer?

Did someone say it was the first day of summer a few days ago? Where? Certainly not here I can tell you. I would even have settled for spring temperatures here  today and not complained one single bit!  I don't complain even if it doesn't  get out of the 70's  for the  whole summer  long here. After all, I am use to those temperatures having lived so many years here on the lake. But a high of 48 degrees today.  That I'm complaining about. This is Ontario after all, not the Yukon!

I thought I was done with this. But with the rainy dampness, I finally broke down and had hubby build a fire.

I wanted a close up view of the flame for you. So I started snapping away. Can you see my reflection at all in this? My first shot appeared as praying hands in the fire. I was actually spooked when I was taking it! Wouldn't you know when I imported it to the computer it turned out too dark to even see anything. I do hope this gives you somewhat of an idea of what it resembled though.
Just when I want to give myself a pat on the back because I've learned how to do something new with my blog, then another problem appears. Like the fact that my name is not moving to the bottom as I'm writing. What does this mean? What have I done now? Oh well, I'll just pretend it's not happening and continue on.
While it was raining I did manage to get two nice shots of "natures lace". I hope you enjoy them and enjoy your weekend too!


  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your sweet commments. Your blog is looking good already! I love your header and the green background. I am blown away by the view you get to see every day. You are one lucky girl. It rained all day here yesterday, in Ohio, put today holds promise. Have a great weekend and welcome to Blogland!

  2. Great pictures and I actually was liking the signature mid way...then I read it wasn't suppose to be there! lol I thought you did it on purpose. Keep it there! :) Love the beautiful photos and your cute blog. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. That's too cold for summer! I get very irritable if the weather doesn't cooperate with my plans, like that will help!! When you come back to visit, click on the Facebook logo and join our Granny Mountain group on Facebook, we share ideas and recipes, it's FUN!So glad you found me so that I could find you...

  4. Hello and thank you for visiting and for your lovely comment about my blog.I will have to send some warm weather your way,as we are getting temperatures of 90 deg F this weekend! I do love the cosiness of a fire though,especially a log burner. :0)

  5. new follower - Hi -- been reading you past post nd enjoyng the read. Yes, I am enjoying your photos too!

  6. That is the same kind of spring we have had and still summer is very slow getting started. Our heat came on the other day..we have never had it on in June!

    We will be putting a woodstove in our Vancouver house before the fall cold weather sets in and are trying to find the best. Are you happy with yours and if so would you please share the details of the make and model? I love that the fire shows so well and we might even go for some praying hands also..

    I also thought you planned on your name there. You will find that this will not be the only problem you come across as Blogger seems to have a mind of it's own and sometimes a warped sense of humor. I don't know why things go to weird places sometimes...You are doing good and are brave. When I first started I was afraid to do anything, kind of like if I did it then maybe I could never change it back...kind of like getting a tattoo, hahaha!

    Hope your weather warms up tomorrow.

  7. Welcome to blogging. So happy you found the party. Thanks for joining me, and I look forward to seeing you on Friday.

  8. Decided to start at the beginning of your blog and I am glad I did. What great pictures. What I am looking forward to hearing about is your winter. I live in central Maryland USA. Our seasons are pretty equal - but no extremes - except for this week when it is around 100 degrees for the 5th day.

    But I am a winter person. I love cold weather. So I am eager to see what your winter is like.


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