Monday, 5 November 2012


 I had to laugh, my friends, when I saw this sign.
How many times have I received a forward telling
me I would lose my blessing if I didn't send  the message on to several other people? Or the measure
of my friendship would be judged based upon whether I sent the forward back to the person who
sent it to me? How ridiculous! Not to mention how
aggravating it is when you get one of these silly letters.
It brought back memories from the past for me.
These forwards are really akin to the old fashioned
chain letters I used to receive. The first one I remember falling for was a t-towel party. I would send a pretty t-towel to the person whose name was on the top of the list, send the letter on to 10 other people and then just sit back and wait for my pretty
10 t-towels to arrive.
Well, guess what, I'm still waiting for them!

Now I know you would've thought I had learned my lesson after this first bad experience, but no , I didn't. My girl friend, who was a teacher, sent me a chain letter just like the t-towel letter. Only this time it was 14 Golden story books for my children
that I was to receive.
I once again, faithfully bought and sent along a Little Golden book to the person whose name was
at the top of the list. I felt certain I was surely going
to fare better with this chain letter considering most of the names on my girlfriends list were teachers also. I wasn't  really expecting 14 books
mind you, but maybe at least half that many would show up.
Nope, wrong again. Zero, zilch, nada. Nothing
ever arrived.
I laugh now. But it was a lesson learned. I don't
hear much about anyone sending chain letter
these days. Do you? Have you ever fallen for a
chain letter? Or did you actually have good luck
with one?
Let me know, because I've never heard of anyone who actually received what they were promised.


  1. I have always just thrown them away. Sometimes I might hold onto it a few days, especially if it was someone I knew. In the end I would send it back to them explaining that I was unable to participate.

    I did not die.

  2. I think I did fall for one once. It was not for anything more than receiving postcards from around the world. Not one showed up. My mother originally thought it was innocent fun, though my friend's mother explained that she thought it was just plain evil so I didn't get tricked again.

    Too bad about that tea towel one, though. That would've been cool OR the Golden books.

  3. Thanks for remindiding me that I never got my dishtowel either! lol

  4. Oh, yes, I have fallen for those back years ago. I remember post card ones and letters when I was in high school. I might have gotten a letter or two but that's all. Oh, and the recipe ones. Annoying. And I detest getting those send along emails. The tombstone pic is cute. I hope you have a great week Kimberly. Hugs,

  5. I know what you mean. I got nothing...ever.
    Then the email first I passed them along. Then my brother who is quite techno-savvy told me it was email harvesting for hungry SPAMMERS.
    Sadly, I felt guilty the last one I got. It was to send a scripture along with saying a prayer for the person whose name was at the top...fill in with your name and pass along.
    Guess what? I didn't get any scriptures in my I DOUBT ANYONE WAS PRAYING FOR ME.
    The lesson? God's Spirit will prompt people to pray for me or prompt me whom to pray for.



    just say no to SPAM!

    AND...Kimberly-- love the t-towels. So pretty. Did you make those?

  6. They never roped me in! I just didn't believe that people would follow through. As you found out!

  7. I remember getting several chain letters in my younger days. I don't remember ever sending out what was asked for though.

  8. Evening Kimberly......always get them sent to me on the computer, send some on but never ever got anything good out of these, will delete now, Blessings Francine.

  9. Nope! I have joined three or four of them in my life and never received one stinking thing hate those email chain letters, too. xo Diana

  10. I received them, never participated, and basically threw them away or deleted them off of my computer.

  11. haha For some reason I just sat here laughing aloud. How funny. Yes, I did get roped in a couple of times... recipe one, and one for scriptures on an email. Never received a one. HOWEVER, my daughter participated on the book one too. She too btw is a teacher. She actually received two books. Now she was supposed to receive 15, but I thought that was pretty good. Oh and those forwarded emails so annoyed me I'd always hit delete. I enjoyed this!

  12. I HATE chain letters, they are evil!! I rarely use the word hate but the fear and pressure the laters put on people are evil, the tea towel and book scam is nasty as well.I do get them in emails sometimes, I just delete them even though they say I will have bad luck.I create my own luck.
    I hope you are well, its cold today isn't it!!

  13. ha ha. this is funny cause you are RIGHT ON about it feeling so akin to a chain letter.
    But, at least in the chain letters we weren't threatened death or poverty.
    I tried a recipe chain letter once. not that successful.

    I halway hated them

  14. I'm still waiting and it's been a long, long time! I must admit it took me a couple times before I just threw them away.
    Now about the emails, they mostly have an underling spammer or auto locator attached to capture your email. Some are pretty harmless just collecting data for advertiser but some can be really harmful. So I never pass any along and I'm still alive and kicking.

    Maybe on my tombstone it will read Still Waiting, LOL

  15. I laughed out loud when I read that sign. Nope, just like you, never received a single thing. I remember both of those too. Though I do have that golden book of when you were a baby. I always wanted my kids room to look like that little girls.
    That was such a great sign. I needed a laugh.

  16. Those are the prettiest tea towels! I would have loved to have gotten one of those. But I never played along. Same thing with the emails. I get those from time to time, make sure you send this on to X number of friends and your life will just be hunky-dory! LOL!! Whatever!! It's amazing some of the people I know who must believe in this stuff. Loved your sign and thanks for the chuckles!

  17. I'm smiling. I often get those and wonder if my friends that send them to me really know me. If they did...they wouldn't waste that precious time writing out my name. I do however admire your tenacity in your efforts. I am sorry that you do your part and get so little in return.

  18. I have learned to hit the 'delete' key - but I think you and I are a lot alike!

  19. LOL, I have to admit I am one of those people who throw a chain letter directly into the burning barrel.

  20. LOL, Yes I fell for the one to send a dollar to 10 people and I would be a millionaire.....You know how that came out LOL



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