Thursday, 15 November 2012

One Project Done...

I am so....glad to be finished with the painting! I really shouldn't complain since I only have
one small wall and one half wall to paint. The rest of the living room is log. But that doesn't stop me from doing it, since I do not like painting. Period!
I always like to display just a few of my favorite old
It was near impossible to get a decent photo of this
Yukon memory wall.  I didn't want to invest in expensive shadow boxes, so I'm using matching
woven baskets for the displays.
This memory box contains an old dog sled team photo, a crueler from the Yukon Brewery, a hand-
made caribou Ulu, and a fungus specimen from my own back yard.

Displayed here are my beaded slippers made by a local Kluane Lake native, another antler, and a
map of Alaska were our youngest son and our DIL
 live and we've visited many times in recent years.
And one last wall vignette in the bedroom.
My next project is the halllway. It, too, is painted.
But I need to hang all the family photos yet. With
eight g'kids and another on the way, it won't be hard to fill the walls quickly.
I've heard from our blogger friend, Sherri. Without
going into details, I want to share that she will be
requiring treatments as well as surgery for the cancer. Please continue to pray for her and her family as the journey is just beginning.
She's expressed to me what a comfort it is to know
 we're all praying for her.


  1. I just love those little slippers! Your shadow boxes turned out really great. I love how they provide memories every time you look at them.

    One more thing, I also hate painting!!!

  2. Your Yukon memory wall is lovely and I'm sure you remember all sorts of things and friends when you look at it.

  3. I love your memory boxes. They are wonderful. Wish I was there to help you paint- I don't mind painting at all.

    I will pray for your friend, Sherri- xo Diana

  4. Your memory boxes are great. I also like your display of books. My walls and shelves are filled with family pictures too...makes a house a home!

    I will pray for Sherri.


  5. Great keepsakes and what a great idea using a basket.

  6. I love what you've create3d for your walls, they are beautiful,the memory baskets, what a great idea! and the display with the lantern are amazing, such treasures you have collected.I also will keep Sherri in my prayers,

  7. Thanks for your update on Sherry. I will continue to pray for her and her family.
    Your walls look great as does your shadow boxes. I think you have all kinds of goodies. I had to click on the books to see the titles a bit better. I need to track The Cabin down and We Took to The Woods. I love old books.
    I have the other ones too. :) I like your old camera.
    You are going to have your eighth grand baby? You are so blessed. I didn't know that Congratulations! I don't like painting either.

  8. Sending prayers for your friend Sherri.
    Great paint job and wall color Kimberly. I love what you did with the baskets on your wall holding all your reminders of the Yukon.

  9. What color did you end up with on the walls? Love the idea of using baskets as display boxes. Creative idea:)

  10. It looks wonderful Kimberly! That golden yellow is pretty and the displays in baskets is a great idea.


  11. Hi Kimberly, sending prayers for your friend still, love the displays, great job......also the color is wonderful, Blessings Francine.

  12. Keep mentioning her, Kim. I pray for her when I see her name! Praying for her restoration to excellent health.

    Oh you have Louise Rich's book "We Took to the Woods"...a true classic by a wonderful Maine author! Have you read it? I am finding so many connections all over Blogdom today with my post of the day.

    Your walls look wonderful and your vignettes are terrific...very meaningful for your life journey.

  13. Thanks for the update on Sherri. Poor thing. I will continue to pray for her.

    I love your display! Especially the Alaska one! Next time you come to visit Elijah and his wife, come down to Juneau and see us!

  14. It all looks great, Kimberly! I love the memory boxes. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  15. Hooray for finishing painting! Your memory boxes turned out wonderfully!

  16. I love decorating and painting once I get it started, but boy getting started can be overwhelming can't it.
    I love the old camera on top of the books. Such a great display.
    Happy Thanksgiving Kimberly.
    Sue xo

  17. Oh, I love painting! It's the moving stuff before/afterwards and the cleanup parts that I don't like! Hand me a roller and a paint brush and I am a happy gal.

    Using baskets as a stand-in for shadow boxes is sheer genius! Looks like a really nice display.

    And I will keep your blogging friend in my prayers.

  18. I like your newly painted walls Kimberly. The colour is lovely and warm. Your shadow box idea is a great way to display your Yukon memorabilia. It all looks very nice. Hugs, Pamela


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