Thursday, 9 May 2013

Dreaming and Planning

As the moving day draws closer I am dreaming and planning in my head how I want to decorate each room of the new next  house.
You know how it is....
I wondering where I'll place each piece of furniture, wondering whether I'll want to paint the walls this color or that color, and what pictures would look best where.

I decided it might be smart to go back and review the things that I liked about the homes I've had and decorated in the past.
This is the kitchen from the home we bought on the lake right after we sold our business eight years ago.
 It was a camp, so we pretty much gutted everything and started over.
It was so much fun!
I designed this kitchen counter and my FIL built it for me.
I wanted it open for displaying all my retro kitchy stuff.
As you can see, I really loved red.
I still do.
But I believe I'll use it as an accent color for my new kitchen, not the dominant theme color.
This house was a real labor of love.
My MIL painted cabinets, my FIL made the counter and hung all the open shelved cabinets. 
 This was the home my husband cut his teeth on
concerning his carpentry skills!
Wow, looking back on this has really brought to mind some really happy memories we all shared creating this kitchen.
And now I leave you with this inspiration piece for our next kitchen.
Will I be brave enough to actually do it?
Well, only time will tell......




  1. I love your thinking. I like the inspiration photo and seeing pictures that sparked happy memories for you in your home, family and life!
    Moving is for most of us, I think it is always fun to dream about the possibilities for the next's what gets us through.
    Sort of like Heaven... dreaming about the possibilities, Pat

  2. Red is bright and cheery, but I like the paler turquoise, and the cushions so much. Happy planning, you are streets ahead of us . Cheers from Jean

  3. It can be fun to start over and make things just the way you want them. You are so creative, I'm sure whatever you do it will look great!

  4. It will be such fun for you to decorate your next nest! Love these vibrant colors. My hubby hopes to find his dream home within the next year, I already have thought about spaces and the garden-which is funny cause we don't even know what house it will be.
    Have fun, Noreen

  5. I love your kitchen in those photos. Great timeless color and do dad's. Not sure if the new look you are after is trendy and you will tire of quickly. I say stick to the colors you had before. Just my opinion:) I know I will love whatever you do:) Don't forget to send me a pic of the sheet you are looking for.

  6. It says a lot that you are excited about the possibilities. I'm exhausted just pondering it. Looking forward to hearing more about your next home and whether it's on a lake.

  7. Well you did a nice job in your other houses I am sure this one will be no different.
    You are quite adventurous. I am sure you will have no problem in decorating what ever house the Lord has for you.

  8. you have such an eye for things that go just beautifully, quite a talent, beautiful kitchen you had , have and will have, very exciting!!!

  9. Oh what fun decorating a new home in our minds is, I I always do, even in homes I would love to live in........ Your kitchen was so bright and cheery with all the red, loved will have fun decorating your new home too, can't wait till you share with us, :) Francine.

  10. Kimberly,

    Like you, I love red as accent pieces. I use red as an accent color to my living room.

    Can't wait until you post pictures of your new place and how you'll change it.

  11. Your new place will be so lovely! You have a wonderful decorating sense. I am going crazy wondering where you are moving!!!!

  12. It must be so exciting thinking about a new home to decorate! I love red, too, and have quite a bit of it in my home. I loved your previous kitchen, so charming!

  13. That is so fun to plan for decorating your next house. I like your kitchen in your old house you shared here. It's fun and the open shelving with all your vintage kitchen stuff is perfect. Your inspiration photo has some favourite colours of mine. Turquoise goes with just about any colour too. A fun time for you!

  14. The best thing about all the moving we used to do was planning, just as you've described. Old things were new again and odds and ends took on new life as they moved from one use to another.
    I love your inspiration still life. Go for it!

  15. Goodness, you are always on the move, what an exciting life you have! I love your inspiration pieces, it is always so fun to start over. I am really starting to like that midcentury blue color and it would go so well with touches of red! Well, we are on the edge of our seats to see what your next chapter holds!


  16. How exciting that you are moving! I had to go back and catch up on your posts. I love your inspiration picture!

  17. How wonderful to have a chance to start completely over from scratch! I personally love the aqua and green and coral combination!! Go for it!

  18. Your kitchen looks amazing. I thought it was from a magazine. Aren't you happy that you took such beautiful pictures to remember your kitchen?
    You have showed us all some really wonderful ideas for decorating, in the past. Now it's time for you to go crazy with your new place.
    Pictures! We want pictures!

  19. the colors for your next kitchen Oh do it -- I dare you -- wink.. I love those colors... fun days ahead in the decor....


  20. I sure do love red but DH does not take to it so I have to resort to accents in red. I love that kitchen though, absolutely gorgeous! I will keep checking back to see the progress on the new home... it's all so exciting getting to decorate a whole new place! Can't wait to see it...
    Hugs and enjoy the week,
    Beth P

  21. It's always fun looking forward to the next home, I look forward to seeing your photos of it. The befores are almost as fun as the afters, the difference is always incredible to behold.
    Have a good week. Cindy

  22. You did a good job in the cute little kitchen.....and now you will get to rediscover all your creative talents in your new place.
    You'll have fun with it I can tell. And I can't wait to see pictures as you go along.

  23. I am a bit have sold your place on the lake? My you are just full of adventures! I love your new color scheme...gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you are up to next.

  24. I love the inspiration combination! Retro, bright, and cheery!

  25. Hi Kimberly,

    Your kitchen is so sweet! I adore that red and white check wallpaper;haven't seen anything like it before! I'm sure your next house will be just as pretty; the turquoise/pink duo is darling and definitely inspiring. Best of luck!

    Your newest follower,



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