Thursday, 23 May 2013

Heart Attack Time

When I looked at the calendar today I realized that my moving date is only one week from tomorrow.
Of course  I had to put my back out of place....
Not by lifting a heavy box.
No, I managed to do this by twisting while I was throwing
an empty box into the back of the car.
Fortunately my chiropractor was only half a block away
and was able to fit me in later that day. But the forty five
minute drives back into town since for appointments
have been a real pain. Especially now that my time
is so valued.
Well that's enough whining....
House & Gardens Home Tours
Since I've been spending so much time sitting, rotating between ice packs and a heating pad, I've had plenty of time to collect
a mountain of ideas for decorating the new (really old) house.
I seem to be drawn to all things kitchen!
Well, that is the heart of the home after all, isn't it?
This kitchen was sure a cute re-make.
I love the mix of so many colors she's displayed here.
To be honest, I've been admiring a few bedrooms too.
What I need to do now is quit looking and get busy
sewing something. Anything!
I really love the bright colors in this comforter.
Don't you think this would make for a cheery bedroom?
Here is the place we will soon be calling
'Home Sweet Home'
I'd be lying if I tried to tell you it isn't going to be
hard leaving the lake to go to a house in a small town.
But I know there are seasons for everything and
when we fully retire the plan is to come back to
the wonderful Gitche Gumee.
Be Blessed My Friends


  1. I love the ideas you have picked out for decorating. That kitchen is so cute! Sorry to hear about your back. I hope you are soon pain-free. Good luck with your move! This will be an exciting time for you.

  2. Oh poor you, I hate when my back hurst, hope you feel better for moving, you will make that home comfy cozy till your back at the lake, Hugs Francine.

  3. That would be the only good thing about having to take it easy...collecting ideas. I collect mine at Houzz. These are such cute kitchens!

  4. The Lake will be there forever, and waiting for you to return.Meantime, town, with the limitations of a smaller section, close neighbours,bonus of nearby facilities, maybe snow-free roads in winter. I looked up the words Gitche Gumee, and realise I have the book they are written in.Beautiful verse. Greetings from Jean

  5. I hope you are able to get that back of yours pain free again! I still remember all too well the mountain of details for a move. But it will all be worth it!

  6. Oh gosh, I'm sorry you are having back problems. You have found some great decorating ideas while taking it easy. I really love that first kitchen.
    Hope your back is healed by the time of your move next week and that everything goes smoothly!

  7. sorry to hear of your sore back, couldn't have come at a better time, NOT!!!
    This is a lovely house and you will work your magic and it will be home and you will soon be back to your log home, time flies!!
    Take care, some unseen force has MADE you slow down, time to listen to your body, take care,

  8. I'm so sorry you hurt your back Kimberly! I hope the chiropractic is helping. You certainly didn't need that happening with your moving day next Friday! I love the pretty and vintage look of the kitchen you've shared. So cute! I think your 'new' bungalow is sweet and I'm sure you will make it very homey when you get your decorating touch on it. Have a blessed weekend and week ahead as you pack. Take care of your back!!

  9. Through the pain, you are planning and looking forward to your move. Now that is positive thinking!

    Please take care! Let us know how things go. When you settle in, I'm sure we all want to know how you are.

  10. Even it has a pretty mountain behind it. I think it will be so much fun to decorate. I love all of your photos for inspiration. I hope you back gets better nothing worse that hurting your back.

  11. Kimberly,

    I love your new place and ideas you've found for decorating/designing your new place.

    Be careful girl, moving is just a week away. Let the guys lift the heavy stuff.

  12. Kimberly, We get attached to homes. It's the memories we have made in them. I wish you all the best of luck in your new home. I know one day, I will be moving back to town also. xoxo,Susie

  13. I love those color combinations! You have lots of inspiration there! All the best on the move!

  14. Your new home is adorable...and you found amazing ideas, love the kitchen! Heidi

  15. That house is so cute! You will have such fun decorating it! Hope your back is better soon!

  16. Your "new to you" little house is very cute, and I love the inspiration images that you've found. I know you will have this place looking just super! Sorry to hear that you've hurt your back though, and on such a simple thing... I hope it clears up very soon for you!

  17. You found some great kitchen ideas - Poppy always shows such beautiful pictures of her home.

  18. It always seems (for me) when there is added stress my body goes out on me. Got that problem right now...even. Hope you are up and at it soon. Try not to overdo.

    Looking forward to your new adventure.

  19. It looks like you will still have lots of open green space near you. Hopefully that will make the transition from the lake house a little easier. Just keep thinking of all the fun you can have as you redecorate! :-)

  20. not to bad of a home -- I can't wait to see all that you do to make your home away from Gitche Gumee..
    I had to look that word up I was not sure what it meant -- Native American name for Lake Superior - cool - learned something new - I did..
    Can't wait to see what design you decide on for the Kitchen being the heart of the home - indeed!



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