Saturday, 15 March 2014

An Early Happy Birthday

Nann'a gift
My MIL’s 80th birthday is coming in May.
 But, as you know, Tim and I will be living in the Yukon again by then.
Because of this we have decided to give her her present early this year.
So tomorrow when we have our Sunday dinner together she will get her birthday gift from me and Tim.
I think you can tell already from my photos what she’ll be receiving from us!
Nanna is a big collector of Bone China.
 She mostly collects tea cups now.
You would think she would have a really huge collection, but she is always giving them away to her children or grandchildren!
I think I’ve told you that my FIL was a Pastor.
So Nanna has moved many times in the years that they served together.
 And I know for a fact that she loved every it.
The moving, I mean.
 She has always loved seeing new places!
 She and Gramps flew together to visit Tim and I when we were working in Watson Lake, Yukon.
This is a photo of my father in-law and Nanna in front of Watson Lakes Sign Post Forest.
The photo below is at the Liard Hot Springs in BC.
 We all drove down from Watson Lake in February to warm up in the Springs!

After my FIL had passed, Nanna then moved and lived with us while we worked in the Northwest Territories.
And let me tell you, even when it was below zero, she would bundle up in her gear and walk the four blocks from our apartment to the Gallery that I managed, and then on to the coffee shop for a snack.
pictures from old acer 1097
The last time we were in the Yukon working, she and her daughter (Kym) flew out and rented a car. They toured the Yukon, going over the Top of the Mountain. After spending  several days where we were working they drove all the way down to Skagway Alaska where my son lives and visited that region  also!
Silver City & helicoptor ride 019
Okay, I know this is long so I will wrap this up quickly!
pictures from old acer 1026 (3)
I said she will be 80 in May, right?
Nanna knows that our 10 year old granddaughter wants to come and visit us while we are in the Yukon this summer. She mentioned last week that she thought that maybe she and Starlet might fly out together this summer to spend time with us.
Amazing, right?
So yes, we all think our Nanna is quite a gal!
I only hope that I am even half as adventurous as she is at 80.
So this is our early, “Happy Birthday” to Carol Irene Lowes!
She's Nanna to all of us....


  1. What a wonderful "Nanna" your mother-in-law is! I hope she enjoys her early birthday celebration and I think she'll love the china sugar and creamer. (very pretty!) Starlet and her great-grandmother will have a fun time traveling to see you this summer. It's great that she is so healthy and active. Have fun! Blessings, Pam

  2. A wonderful lady, but family love and a passion for life keeps her young at heart, All those adventures, and one more to visit you in the Yukon, love the china ,Cheers, Jean,

  3. Wow! She has my admiration as well. What a wonderful tribute and a Happy Early Birthday!

  4. What a blessing that she gets around like that! The china you are giving her is so pretty. You're MOVING to the Yukon? For some reason I thought you were visiting. Well now I can't wait to hear what your life will be like there:>)

  5. What a fun post. I must say, I pray that I will be just as active at 80 years young. :-)
    I love the gift you have for her.
    Happy Birthday to her.

  6. Such a heartfelt post, love the china, so pretty...Blessings Francine.

  7. What a beautiful Nanna. She looks great for her age. Happy Birthday Nanna with many more wishes for fun filled birthdays ahead. Sweet post.

  8. Oh, how wonderful that Nanna is a gypsy!! What a great influence on her family.

  9. What a beautiful gift! she will love it! Happy birthday to your MIL!

  10. She's a wonderful lady, your MIL. She will love the new china things. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  11. It is always so great to see older people living life to it's fullest.
    I sure I hope I get to.

  12. Happy Birthday to your MIL, Kimberly. This is a very sweet post you've written about her. She sounds like a wonderful lady that likes to keep active and travel. Good for her!

  13. She sounds like a peppy lady!

  14. God bless your Nanna! I want to be just like her when I grow up. Love that sweet little girl that is standing there with her. What fun for her to fly up there with her Nanna! She and her hubby were lovely together- xo Diana

  15. Your nanna is truly an amazing person. I wish her many more birthdays and glorious adventures. I have also soaked in that same Hot Spring back in 1991. Lovely gift. Hugs Judy

  16. Your MIL sounds like an amazing lady and to be so active still is wonderful.

  17. How lovely to have such a wonderful friend and MIL. She is a very brave and lovely woman.
    You are so blessed. I hope you have a wonderful birthday with her today. You always have the most interesting things on your blog.

  18. Truly AMAZING!
    This would make a great story or even a book.

  19. What beautiful teapots! What a woman and what a life. Tell her Happy Birthday from your "bloggin' friends"!

  20. oh beautiful teapot assortments.

    What a lady and what a life.

  21. Sounds like an amazing lady! Happy big '80' to her! Love, love the pretty gift.

  22. You have to admire spunk! Hope I'm that on the go when I'm 80.

  23. How wonderful that she is so active and full of life, and it seems like you appreciate each other very much!

  24. What an inspiration your MIL is.

    *Happy Birthday dear Nanna*


  25. I was going to ask you how old and then you said 80 -- I hope I am too that adventurous -- special time with her I can feel it.. and God bless her to have many more such visits with you..

  26. She sounds like a very special lady. Happy belated birthday to her!

  27. Love her spunk and spirit. Happy birthday to your Nanna.

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