Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Brag Post

I hope you don’t mind if I do a brag post today.
I am super, duper busy around here for the next couple of days, but I will be back on Wednesday to fill you in on some news!
Until then, here are my most recent photos of some of our grandchildren.
                                    Conner, Lexy, & Camden

This is my oldest sons three youngest children.
You can't tell by this photo, but the youngest, Camden inherited my sons gorgeous blue eyes!
They moved from Michigan to Alberta last year.

This is our birthday girl, Lexy.
She will turn six on Thursday.
Lexy definitely is pretty in pink!
Here we have our middle son’s two boys.
They live in Michigan.
Aren’t they cute with their matching shirts?
photo 2
Little Brig just had his first haircut last week.
He is the youngest of our nine grandchildren.
Looks like the hairdresser did a spike on top!
I think Briggie likes it.
I know I do.
I believe this must be Captain Hook.
I never knew he could look so sweet!
Reece likes to dress up even when it isn’t Halloween.
I think Briggie is thinking he can't wait until he can grow into big brother's suit.
Ha! And who might this be?
I needed a up-dated photo for my new blog.
I think I put the camera too close to my face….
You think?
I can see every wrinkle, the hair in my nose, and even the hair above my lip.
Nope, this ones not going to work.
That’s for darn sure!
I guess I'll be trying again...
Hope you all have a Wonderful Wednesday!


  1. All darling photos, and I agree it is hard to get a good selfie :) I normally have to photo shop mine a bit to get rid of a few crows feet. LOL

  2. Oh- What beautiful grandchildren you have, Kimberly. They are all just darling. Love the little red hair I see in your midst! And gotta love a kid that dresses up in costume. Our girls did that for years.

    I think that is a pretty nice picture of you, too, Kimberly. You are a pretty lady! xo Diana

  3. They are all sooo darling. Personally (in case you haven't been able to tell, lol) I LOVE grandkid pics and posts. Even other happy grandma's babies. And! while it may be close, I think it is a GOOD picture of you. You look like you have gorgeous skin...and great dimples...and a wonderful smile! Enjoy your day!

  4. Aww- you've got some sweet, good looking grands there- I know you are a proud grandma! Your selfie looks fine- I think we all are our own worst critics when it comes to photos. I usually hide when I see a camera pointed at me.

  5. I love grand kid brag post!! They are the best thing ever to brag about!! So cute and nine to squeeze and snuggle with. Love your selfie!! We all hate our own picture!!

  6. They are all so cute! Brag away!! We're always our own harshest critics, aren't we?

  7. Oh what beautiful grand children, you will be having so much fun. I like your picture too. You are a cutie pie.
    I hope you have fun whatever you are doing today.

  8. Oh, the sweet life of having precious grands around. Enjoy every moment.. Hey... I think it's a great pic of you today..

  9. Had no idea you had NINE grands.... Wow---what cuties, all of them..

    Love your selfie.. You look GREAT to me. Just wait 'til you are almost 72 --and then enjoy the wrinkles... ha ha


  10. Kimberly, Go back and look at the selfie, you are very cute with those dimples. Your kiddos are too cute . We love those little guys even though they can wear us out. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  11. Those photos brought a smile to my face, thanks!!

    You look great!


  12. Kimberly,

    Grand children are so precious!!! We get to spoil them, and then turn them back to their parents. LOL!!!

    I love the pictures of all your grand babies. And I love the picture you took of yourself, your gorgeous :-)

  13. Lovely looking grand babies . Wonderful photos ! I like the selfie looks good ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  14. Brag away to your heart's content, they are all so beautiful. Busy, now what will we see soon? Cheers, Jean

  15. Aw, Kimberly, your grandkids are just adorable! You must miss seeing them as I do. I like your candid selfie. It's so hard to do that isn't it? I've been taking a bunch too as I have new glasses but I'm not happy with them at all. (age is catching up to me!) I'll keep trying though. :)

  16. Beautiful grands and beautiful grandma! You certainly have a lot to brag about, Kimberly. Blessings!


  17. Oh I love brag posts. Your grandchildren are adorable, I know you are enjoying them.

  18. You deserve to brag, so so sweet.....Blessings Francine.

  19. Brag all you want because they are sure cute! Everyone of them!
    Lexy is really beautiful.

    Now, for your picture...you crack me up. The picture is GOOD but the way you describe yourself, to funny!

  20. Such sweet photos! Your grandchildren are adorable!

  21. No? I like your photo very much! The grands are super duper cute!

  22. Girlfriend, you do know that some of us would absolutely kill for that hair of yours, don't you? Color and curls exactly right.

  23. I am giggling at your last photo.. Having YOU up close and personal - LOVE it truly. I would have never dared to post my blueprint THAT CLOSE - I need to be more like that - who cares and your G-kids will love it.. I agree with Debbie- your skin looks gorgeous - such a pretty face you have.. love it.. I am afraid I've been out in the sun to much - wishing I covered up more to have soft clear skin. I cover up these days not so much growing up - oh my outdoors was my 2nd home - wink! And by the we have curly hair in common..
    Okay Now -- the best part - cute cute indeed your G-kids -- lucky blessed you are..but you knew that - wink!

  24. What a bunch of cuties but I can see where they got it from....you look lovely in your picture!

  25. LOL, I think you may need longer arms for a selfie. The kids look adorable! Nine of them? Oh my!


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