Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A Pinterest Copycat On How To Clean A Stainless Steel sink


My friends today's Pinterest Copycat project can be found right here. 
I have been looking on pinterest for a recipe to make a stainless steel sink cleaner from products that I always keep on hand in my home.
 And I've found one that works.
The ingredients you will need to get started are:
baking soda
white vinegar
olive oil or baby oil
Here's what you do...
Begin by spraying your stainless steel sink surface with the white vinegar.
Step two you want to shake baking soda into the sinks.
Leave this to sit for 15 minutes. I went a little over board with the baking soda. You do not need this much at all! Also a step that I added was to scrub the sink. The recipe did not suggest scrubbing, but I did it anyway.
The next step is to rinse with boiling water.
Spray again with white vinegar.
 Wipe to dry, then shine with the olive oil or baby oil. 
It works. I will use this recipe again, for sure.
             My tea stained before photo is evidence that
this recipe really works.

Now I promised you two Pinterst Copycat projects and this pot scrubber that is made from your own onion or orange mesh produce bags is the second.

You can see where I found it here. This scrubber takes about ten minutes to make. I'm not kidding.
Follow the instructions from this original post though because she does such a good tutorial on how to make it.
I only had 3 mesh bags and the original calls for 6.
My scrubber worked just fine in cleaning the sink, so I can imagine that by doubling the thickness it would work even better.
Now tell me, have you ever tried either of my copycat projects before? Do you think you'll give them a try?



  1. I've posted about cleaning a stainless steel sink too (from Pinterest). Mine is pretty similar! I love how shiny it looks when it's done!

  2. That is a little too involved for me. I use Mrs. Meyers counter top/sink cleaner in a spray bottle and spray it down each day and wipe it out with the towel from the day before and I'm done...no fuss, no muss and mine always looks nice. Mrs. Meyers comes in a nice large bottle and it is concentrated so it lasts me for over a year and I use it every day. Plus it comes in a great scents like basil or geranium (my fav) and many more. It is also natural with no nasty chemicals. Truly, you are working too hard! LOL!

  3. Isn't it wonderful how a clean sink makes the whole kitchen have a better feel? I use a mixture of Dawn dish soap and white vinegar and water as an all-purpose cleaner for almost everything. It does a great job of cleaning the sinks. Shining the sink with olive oil would be a great idea!
    I'm working on a Pinterest inspired project just now and hope to post it in the next couple of days.

  4. yes! I clean my sink this way (and I scrub) I don't use boiling water (because ours is so dern hot when it comes out anyway) but I put baby oil in it to shine it up after towel drying first.
    The scrubby I'll have to check and see. I've made a veggie scrubber out of a stretchy produce bag, can't say onions came in it... I think oranges or limes or something but I cut mine and crocheted in a round. It's kind of flat. But pliable. I wrap it around a potato or carrot and scrub it clean!

  5. That is a old standby for cleaning stainless. Glad you found it.

  6. I have tried vinegar and baking soda to clean the sinks before, but I never followed up with oil. Looks like it worked great for you!

    1. The oil is only for the shine, so not necessary really.
      I won't bother with it next time, unless companies coming!

  7. Oh, what a nice Idea. I take baking soda for white Porzellan.
    I like your blog and I want to follow you :)
    Greetings from Austria,

  8. This sounds much safer than the method I used to use from FlyLady that required filling the sinks up with bleach and hot water for a long soak first. The fumes used to get to me and I decided it wasn't safe. I've been using Bon Ami type products but I've jotted down your method and will try it!

  9. Hi Kimberly. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I appreciate it. I'm now following you and I hope that you'll follow me. I don't blog very often as I'm rather very busy but I always enjoy new followers.

    I love this method of cleaning the sink without harsh chemical. Your sink is sparkling. I imagine it would do a great job on the tub too.

  10. I always thought those mesh bags could be usefull...good for you.


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