Tuesday, 11 August 2015

How to Hang Scarves

How To Hang Your Scarves
Kim's Vintage Sheet Scarf Hanger

          Would you like to know the best way to hang your scarves?
Well my friends, I have found a solution for you.

And this is not it!
I told you that I would share with you my pinterest successes and my pinterest failures, that I will be a sort of guiniea pig on pinterest ideas for you.
 So I'm here to tell you in all honesty that his way of hanging my scarves turned out to be a big, fat failure for me.

This is what happened in reality with my scarf hanger. The shower hooks all slid to one side when knocked or touched at all. This wasn't a major catastrophe, but not quite what I wanted for a scarf hanger.

While researching pinterest one day I ran across this version of a scarf hanger. Voila! This is just what I was looking for. This scarf hanger is both pretty and functional.

 I know this because I made my own version of it. Mine is not an exact copy.
 This is how I like to use pinterest, as a springboard.


I personalized my scarf hanger by using a favorite vintage sheet, adding a couple of crochet accents, and then labeling it (just for fun).
I  recommend this project. It was fast and easy, and best of all a no cost project. I had all that I needed on hand.
The experts (me) here at Camp and Cottage Living give this pinterest scarf hanger a 10 rating. Ha!


  1. Ha, I have had that happen on a hanger with belts before. What a great idea for scarves.

  2. What an outstanding job. I like yours much better.

  3. Wonderful innovative idea, I can see these selling so well, are you going into production mode?

  4. A definite success! Love the fabric and the cute little label!

  5. Annnd!!!!!
    Look how stinking cute that is!!!
    I love the choice of vintage fabric and trimmings.

  6. What a clever idea, and it is pretty too!

  7. Love that idea Kimberly, pretty.Blessings Francine.

  8. I love your sweet scarf hanger! The vintage fabric is so pretty too. I have an old slacks hanger - one of those metal ones with vinyl covered rungs - that I use to hang my heavier scarves that I wear with jackets and coats on. It works great too. Have a great day!

  9. What a great idea for a scarf hanger. Some things just don't work out as planned, but the solution you found is brilliant. I keep my scarves folded in a drawer in the entry hall. It gets kind of messy at times, especially when I'm in a hurry to get out the door and dig to the bottom of the pile. Your hanger would prevent that.

  10. That's a brilliant solution! Now if I only had scarves. I never learned how to tie the darn things properly.

  11. Well that's certainly clever... and pretty! I need to do that. I've recently made a small accumulation of scarves from Goodwill. Seems it's a good time to find scarves.

  12. I made a scarf hanger very similar a few years ago and still put it to good use.

  13. Спасибо за идею!!! Давно мучалась вопросом - как разместить сотню галстуков сына, чтобы "на виду, в идеальном состоянии, удобно использовать".


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