Thursday, 31 May 2012

I'm In a Rut

I am in a rut!
  I get up at 6am, work until 2pm, then go for a walk.
I then get my camera and walk around the resort looking for some
inspiration for my blog.
Now this is a fair sized property, but really there is only so much that
one can consider interesting here everyday.  After my stroll  around
the grounds I wander back up to our lodgings to see if there is anything
worth watching on TV-there never is.
 I take the time to do my stretches, maybe read a book for a while. Then when my DH gets off at 4pm we visit and have our devotions together.
At 5:30 it's time for supper. I don't think I told you that all of our meals
are provided for us. We have to eat whatever the special is. But I'm not
complaining there! We have pretty much anything we want for break-
fast. Lunch is homemade soup and a sandwich. Supper is a nice dinner.
Last night it was BBQ Ribs. We've had Salisbury Steak, Veal, Fried Chicken,
Spaghetti, Fish&Chips, Oriental, and Meatloaf. Some of it isn't too tasty, but mostly it's good. And we're not allowed in the kitchen to wash our own dishes.
Darn! That breaks my heart.
After we eat, it's back to our lodgings. We bath, then read e-mails. I do a
little blogging. I put a DVD in to watch. We just finished the whole 'Pie
in the Sky' series. I can highly recommend it. I just hated it when I knew
there were no more to watch. I think I got attached to the charaters!
 We are now starting on  Alfred Hitchcock movies from
the 1930's. The first one was "39 Steps". I had seen a remake of this
last year and really liked it. The original wasn't bad either, just a very
different story line than the newer version.

By 9:30 the wood furnace is stocked, my hubby is sleeping, and I spend
the last hour before I retire usually reading.
And that, my friends, is just how exciting my days have been here in the


  1. Nothing worse than being in a rut. Maybe now it will warm up and spring will come and turn really fast into summer. Can you go fishing? Do you have anything to sew? My old standbys.
    Gosh I wish I could think of something fun for you to do.
    It is beautiful. Could you look for bigfoot? My son and I are always interested in that. :)

  2. It sounds wonderful I would not like the constant cold though.
    it is bad enough in a northern new england winter.
    I love hitchock and watched most of his movies when my mother thought it was ok at 13.

  3. Your rut sounds wonderfully restful! We are trying to embrace a life with more routine to lessen stress. Your pictues are great - remember that what may seem mundane to you will probably be interesting to most of us!

    You might start a birding list to see how many species you can view. I like to wear binoculars when out walking - there is always something distant to watch if you look.

  4. I would love to see where you live, how many guests you have, what you do all day, how far away from stores, banks, restaurants, are you, where do you eat the fabulous already prepared meals, do you cook at all, do you have a fridg,. what is the weather like, does it ever get warm, do you have many TV stations. Do you have cell phone service, are you the only employees. do you have any days off. Oh goodness, I am so excited about this adventure of yours and have so many questions. Alfred Hitchcock..My favorite is the Birds


  5. Well it seems restful if nothing else. Not too much to clutter the mind. I think I could get used to the supper meal being provided. The scenery is exquisite. Perhaps you can start writing your book.

  6. Well, Kimberly, that sounds like a pretty nice rut. You have a good routine and don't have to prepare meals or do dishes either. Lucky you! I love the pics you have taken especially the old boats. I'm sure as the summer goes on and it gets greener (it does get green doesn't it??) you will have more photo ops. Did I see ice in the lake/river? Have a great weekend. Hugs, Pamela

  7. I'm seconding the Polka Dot. I want to hear more. Your life is an adventure that's different than mine. Blog away, blog away!

  8. Hi Kimberly, Are you a little homesick? I know that I would be --although the Yukon is a gorgeous area.

    Hubby and I have devotions together every morning about 10 a.m. That is a very important and special time for us.

    Great set of pictures. What is the temp up there now? Do you still need heat?

    Neat that your meals are furnished.


  9. I guess it would be like a's fun at first but usually by the time it's over you're ready to leave..only you have a bit of an extended vacation..hmm.

    Think of you often. xo

  10. Isn't this place nearby? I don't know whether its open to the public, but you might check.

    It would be very interesting to hear more of the details of your day and experiences there. YUKON, for most of us, conjures up such wonderful scenes.

  11. Well, while it might not seem exciting to you, it is interesting to know what your days are like. Interesting about the meals. You don[t have to cook? I WOULD miss baking though- I love to bake-I don't eat it but I bake it!

    Blessings to you- Have you watched the Downton Abby series yet? That will hook you, too! xo Diana

  12. With those great pictures it is a dream place. Enjoy.

  13. Kimberly,

    Your pictures are a piece of heaven. It's beautiful there. When it warms up, are you able to garden? Have you considered making crafts on your time off?
    Lucky you, don't have to make dinner or even do the dishes. I'm a little jealous (just teasing).

  14. How wonderful that someone cooks and cleans up for you! It sounds like you need some crafts to work on to help the hours pass. I bet you could find some fun ideas on some of the blogs you read, or on pinterest.
    And I do love seeing the pictures you take.

  15. Sad the place is slowly deteriorating. I cannot believe how little green for June now. Hope is comes quick. Still so beautiful.

  16. The photo's of your area, remind me so much of my Uncle's camp/cabin site near Princeton, British Columbia. We would go there for our summer holidays, when I was growing up. There wasn't a whole lot around to do..just exploring and making ones own entertainment..which I suppose it quite fun for just a few weeks, perhaps not so much for the long term though. Enjoy your books and Hitchcock Movies though :)
    Magie x

  17. I would spend the spare time running, blogging and reading :-) Love your pics!

  18. It's nice to have someone do the cooking and cleaning up. But is sounds like you are a little board with the same routine.
    Maybe ask someone else to do a guest post on your site once a week while you get your creative juices flowing.
    Start some flower seeds indoors, watching things grow always brightens my mood, and you can blog about there progress.
    Start a new quilt along with a tutorial.
    I can make you a long list if you are interested. LOL

  19. I really enjoy seeing all the photos you take on your walks. So much history up there. Too bad about not having dishes to wash ... want me to send you some?

  20. I can understand you feeling like you are in a rut.
    Sometimes routines feel that way.
    I love that you have time for yourself to walk and to meditate.
    I would love that!

    One thing about it .. you will be rested and restored .

    Have a great weekend.
    Smiles :)

  21. We all have times in our lives when we are "in ruts". That doesn't mean we have boring lives. It's just that God wants us to appreciate what we have and enjoy.
    Looking at your pictures I see that you do enjoy and sharing with us is what we want.
    How great that you two take the time for devotional together... beautiful.

  22. Sounds like a nice way to spend the day to me. I love your scenic photos. Very pretty there. I don't think I'd ever get tired of looking at what's around you there.

  23. Your photos are marvelous. What pretty country!

  24. Yes...answer all those questions that Polka Dot Closet asked as I'm curious about the same thing. What did you do on Lake Superior that you don't do now? Can you decorate? Sew? Crochet? Write a book about your experience? Make a movie like Richard Prenicky did....I watch that over and over! I want to order Wind at My Back series but they're so expensive...maybe just one at a time.
    You can call me...I'm available as I am ALWAYS home! LOL! Although tomorrow is my big outing to Walmart...first time in 2 weeks. TTYL! Chin up!


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