Thursday, 10 May 2012

Thrift Shopping in Whitehorse

  I think I forgot to mention that I went thrift shopping while in
Whitehorse. The only 'good' place to go is the Salvation Army
store. And  using the word 'good' is really relative to the fact
that the three other re-sale shops are mostly clothing! But I'm
not complaining, I came away with several hard back books
 for only$.20 and this retro tablecloth. I love the red and blues in it!
And this pineapple crocheted tablecloth was just $4.50. I can't even imagine
the hours that were spent hooking this one. It is nearly as large as a full-sized
I'm not really sure what use I'll have for this floral
napkin, but for a quarter I'll find some way to repurpose it.
And there was no way I was passing up this retro fabric either.
Don't you think it will look nice with the old sheets I'm collecting to make
patchwork curtains for my g'daughter's bedroom? I left them all
at home, of course. So it's going to have to be a winter project for
me now.
This is my choice for my next crocheting challenge. I haven't
started on it because my boss isn't keeping the wi-fi turned on
everyday. And, of course the pattern was on-line. I've since
uploaded it to documents.

I've had to ask him twice to flip it on so I could call
Eli on his birthday and so I could order Mother's Day gifts.
Besides that, if a computer had a picture tube, I would say mine
is going on my lap-top. After I've used it for a while it starts getting
broad, black lines moving over the screen and then eventually the
whole screen fades out. Has anyone ever experienced this before?
Do you know if it's fixable? It may be cheaper to buy a new one than
to get this one repaired, I'm thinking. If any of you have any advice
I'd so.... appreciate it! You know I'd never survive out here in the
wilderness without a connection to my family and friends!
Still keeping my head above water!


  1. A head above water is the best place for it. I'm shocked that you found such nice finds at your local thrift store. Wish I could be of help with lap top info... Someone will know!

  2. Very cool things to look at, I am glad you are getting some normal things in there in Whitehorse.
    Sorry, I wish I knew some thing about computers but it sounds series.

  3. our lap top is screwing up too, itsthe hinge on the lid appartently interfering with the connection, thats all I know
    What lovely finds from the thrift shop and you are so correct, that table cloth must have taken hours and hours,

  4. What wonderful tablecloth finds!!! It would be a little remote and lonely there without the computer to help keep you connected to the world. Hang in there. I'm a "computer idiot". But I'm sure one of your other readers will know what to do.

  5. Love that wonderful old tablecloth...and that fabric will be great for your patchwork project.

    I'm sorry but I am NO help with the computer thing. I don't know a danged thing about them. Good luck! xo Diana

  6. Love all your great finds, Kimberly..
    The crochet is gorgeous.. Hope you get your computer working good.. I am not any help to you, I am afraid..
    Glad your are keeping it all together.. smile..
    God bless...

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  8. I love the vintage tablecloths - especially the red, white and blue one - perfect for the Fourth of July! Oh, wait, you're in Canada...never mind!

    It might be worth it to just replace the monitor on your laptop - we did this and it was much cheaper than buying another computer!

    Where exactly do you work? A lodge? A restaurant?

  9. Such great finds. I have no idea about your computer.
    I love the table cloth.

  10. I love the table cloths, especially the blue and red one. I don't know what your computer screen problem is. Sorry. I do hope you can find a solution or a new one for your sanity. :) I'm glad things are settling in for you (except for the internet). Blessings and hugs,

  11. You got some great finds and good bargains, Kimberly. That pineapple tablecloth is a treasure indeed!

  12. Fabulous the two tablecloths wow major score!!

  13. Oh my. That crocheted table cloth is breathtaking. What a great find.

  14. Kimberly, Great finds my friend. Every time I go to the Salvation Army here, I never find great finds :-(
    Don't work to hard, I wish I could help with the computer issues. I'm not familiar with the problem your experiencing.

  15. Now that's some good shopping! I think your curtain idea sounds adorable.

  16. Who knew that even Whitehorse would have the sort of thrift shop that would yield a pretty, vintage tablecloth? Well done!

  17. What great finds. I just adore the retro red and blue tablecloth and just love the retro fabric as well!

  18. Neat finds. Isn't it amazing to think of all the work ladies put into those beautiful crochet pieces and now they are available so inexpensively? Great tablecloth too!

  19. Hi Kimberly...
    You really found some great treasures.
    Love that pattern that your going to crochet.. I think it's pretty cool.
    Sorry about the lap top messing up.. that's frustrating!

    Hope you have a great weekend and a great Mother's Day!

  20. Who knew that you'd be able to find such treasures up there!

    I quickly went to to see what might be up, here is the link that came up.

    Have a very Happy Mother's Day! xo

  21. You found some really good things. Love the tablecloth. Wish I could help with the computer issues, but I know nothing...You'll figure it out...Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day! HUGS

  22. LOVE that tablecloth in reds and blues. I collect vintage linens too! Fun finds!

  23. Sounds like a big problem- I'd say get a new one!

    Love that pineapple crochet tablecloth- I can only imagine how many hours that took to make.

  24. You got some really neat things! Wow! And I hope the poor woman that made that pineapple spread is not aware of what it went're right...all the hours and labor that went into that! It belongs in a museum! I'm glad you got it and will take care of it and appreciate it.
    I can't wait to see your "swiffer" dust magnet! LOL! How pretty too! You go girl! Not sure about your pc problems....I've never had that problem but if you think it's going I would back it all up and fast! TTYL!

  25. You WILL have a 4th of July party using that red, white and blue table cloth, right? :-b

  26. You found some good stuff at the thrift store! I love the colors of the tablecloth! Have a good week!


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