Sunday, 6 May 2012

Crocheting Anyone?
Since I've had a couple of days off, I've been trying to think of
some projects I can work on that I can pick up and do at my
 convenience. I'm still elementary at crocheting so I was went
surfing for a pattern that might be easy, yet cute. This definitely
fits the bill for cuteness-I'll have to read through the pattern to
discover just how easy it is.
This one sure looks easy enough! I found this free pattern
at Bit O Whimsy Blog in 04/2011.
This one I just love for my swiffer. I might even enjoy dusting
my wood floors with this beauty. And again, it does look easy.

This site is just full of quick projects that look simple to boot. And the
download is free. You can't beat that, now can you? Try Make-Handmade
for 2011/07/05  for any of these sweet patterns and more.
I have a lot to think about now with so many choices. Which one would
you pick if you were looking for a crocheting project? I'll let you know
which one I'm trying soon!
Today is my youngest son Elijah's 29th birthday. My baby photos are
all at home, so I can't do any then and now pics. Darn! But here's
the handsome boy now:
He's the youngest of our sons on the right.
Happy Birthday Honey!!
Have a Blessed Sunday,


  1. What great patterns! It almost makes me want to learn how to crochet. I love those little booties!
    How are you doing? You sure have been on my mind.
    Your sons are handsome. I hope he had a lovely birthday.

  2. Fun projects...don't know how to crochet anything but squares :)

  3. Love those booties. I can crochet but have the dickens of a time following a pattern. Thanks goodness for a sister who can help me when I get to a "now what does that say"? I can't wait to see which one you picked. I think I need the owl so may try and download. Well that is one handsome birthday boy!

    I hope things are going good for you in your new adventure!!

  4. Those are some cute crochet ideas. I can only do a simple chain. Maybe one day I'll try again to learn more. But that would require getting off the computer! :D

    Happy Birthday to your handsome son! And have a great week!

  5. love the booties but I love the owl the most, thats soooo cute! Hopeyou have a wonderful relaxing day off

  6. Great patterns. I am a real novice crocheter, so they all look challenging to me!

  7. Kimberly, I love the booties, you have more patience than I have to crochet. Happy 29th Birthday to Elijah.

  8. I just love that photo...and especially seeing him all dressed up with a red dog leash in his hand!

  9. Happy Birthday......and I adore the owl!

  10. Happy belated birthday to your son!!
    Sheesh.. these kiddo's grow up too fast!

    Love the crochet patterns. Especially that swiffer one. Awesome!

    Have a wonderful week :)

  11. These links are super and the little owl is hard to resist, that might be one I could do. Thanks for sharing.
    best wishes Julie.C

  12. Wow...look at all those great projects....Happy Birthday to mom as well, don't we feel it just as much as they do?

  13. Happy birthday to your son! :D I would choose the swiffer one to make because I could use that myself. The baby boots sure are cute though.

  14. These are all so cute!! I love that owl!

  15. The boots are cute and so are the boys :):) Do you ever think"where are my little guys?" I feel my daughters grew up and were married and gone before I was ready. It wasn't like that but for me it went too fast. Smiles, Susie

  16. The boots are so cute! If you make them brown and tan, they would look like little Xtratufs, the official boot of Southeast Alaska!

    Happy Birthday to Elijah - it was nice to meet him when he was in town.

  17. Oooh, the booties are so cute! Almost makes me want to break out the hooks, but I don't have any tiny babies to crochet for.

    Happy Birthday to Elijah!

  18. So nice to see you have a bit of spare time to work with your yarn. I will have to go check out some of the patterns as I will need easy ones.

    A belated Happy Birthday to your Elijah! xo

  19. OMG! You found a pattern i have been looking all over the internet for! Thank you! I'll be making those cherries on the stem! Those little boots are darn cute though too. I love it all...and the Swiffer thingy...who knew? Those are awesome projects. Which one are you doing? So glad you got some free time...sounds like there's been lots of stress around you lately. Enjoy!

  20. Those booties are adorable.

    Happy birthday to your son.


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