Friday, 6 September 2013

A Tea Cosy Makeover

After deciding that my tea cosy had to go, and now, I decided to simply recover my old one.
Upon digging through my china cabinet drawers I came across this old linen t-towel I'd bought at a thrift shop.
I made a pattern out of card board from my old tea cosy.

Next I cut a front and a back piece from the vintage linen t-towel and two pieces of brown cotton for the liner.
After sewing both on the sewing machine, I attached the liner inside the old tea cosy and the print on the outside and attached both by hand stitching.
This could have been done on the machine but I didn't want any stitch lines showing on the fabric.

This is what I came up with.
Here are some of the additional recipes that were on the linen.
Does anyone know what dialect this is?
Notice moisten is moiften and sweet is fweet?

Infide for inside and is Wild Goofe, Wild Goose?
Lastly, an old-fashioned Corn Fritter recipe.
I will be joining these parties today!
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  1. It looks as if it represents writing from the 1600s or something...Pilgrim days. Very good idea and this one is not going to show the tea stains either! It is one of a kind.

  2. I love your new tea cozy. Perfect for fall and thanksgiving. I believe the spelling is old English. My great great grandfather was a Baptist minister and had a huge Bible written that way. The 's' was for 'f'. Interesting reading. :)

  3. I love this, its perfect and frugal too!

  4. It's perfect! And I agree with Laurie - it's frugal :) Have a lovely weekend. Hugs!

  5. Splendid, I like that you reused something rather than buying new material. It's perfect!

  6. What a good idea! Those lovely old tea towels are to be found, I'm sure, in everyone's bottom drawer, still stiff with sizing and folded as on the day they were bought. I'd never thought of this, but I am going to rifle through and make a cosy for my daughter out of one. Thanks!

  7. I like your new cosy! Very nice way to use what you have and I love the recipes on the fabric.

  8. Kimberly, I love tea cozies and yours is fab! Great idea using an old linen towel! I like to use quilted place mats. Great post!

    Linda and Jeannie at The French Hens Nest

  9. What a fun and frugal idea! And perfect for new homes or historic old houses! Thank you.

  10. Well aren't you crafty! Great idea too...


  11. I love it! So fresh and new. I really like your header, by the way!

  12. Very crafty :) Mmm, corn fritters - dipped in spicy salsa. Now I am hungry.

  13. Isn't that "olde English"? I could be wrong though. I love what you did with the tea towel! It's such a pretty one too!

  14. Cute- I just love it, Kimberly! There is just something homey and comforting about a tea cozy. xo Diana

  15. I love it! And the fact that it was made by hand makes it even more special. May you enjoy many pots of tea!

  16. That old towel is quite a prize...Great job and I loved the recipes...The parts I understood lol!


  17. What a great idea! I love your new tea cozy! It will indeed be very special and cute! It's nice to meet you...thanks so much for dropping by and leaving such a sweet comment!

  18. Oh, this is darling! The little tea towel made up into a wonderful little tea cozy! You did good. Thank you so much for popping in to see my little dolls.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. That looks great! You are so clever and creative!

  20. simply adorable!!

    so cute and useful!
    Hope this week will be full of wonderful blessings for you...

  21. Great way to use a great T-towel.


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