Sunday, 1 September 2013

Fall Floral Display


Waking today to another day of pouring rain has put me in the mood for Fall decorating.
I had really great plans Friday when I went to town to get all that was needed to make a beautiful Fall display.
You know, the kind you make with real Mums, gourds, pumpkins, and all that!
I was informed by a sales lady that they don't sell Mums this far north because it turns cold too fast.
 I know better than this!
So this, my friends, is what I came up with on the
It's part of my Fall décor stash.
And it will just have to do until I can find a store where nature's bounty is available.
I know this is over kill  on photos, but I want to show several close-ups of the floral tray my sister gifted me with.
She passed away 30 years ago so it is a great treasure to me for sure.
It has the appearance of being painted on leather.
My sister was the Queen of Garage Sales before garage selling was cool.
And that is exactly where she picked up this tray!
It just goes to support the saying that it's the thought that counts.
Because I love it!
I will be partying here, follow along if you have time!



  1. Your fall display is wonderful Kimberly. I love the colors of autumn. Gold is one of my favorites for sweaters. Blessings to you and yours. xoxo,Susie

  2. Now this is strange because I went to the farm stand where I usually buy mums and the place was empty. The gal told me that they weren't selling mums this year. Weirdest thing I ever heard.

    Oh that tray is very special. I really like the colors...strong autumnal quality. And that your dear sister gave it to you...all the more of a treasure.

    Rain coming here again tomorrow...maybe I'll feel like doing something for cooler weather.

  3. That's a very beautiful display. I love the rich warm colors!
    Be a sweetie,Shelia ;)

  4. While I love all things about fall it is much to short and then we come to winter that is much to long.
    Beautiful color
    we were queens of the thrift before it was cool.

  5. It's a beautiful tray. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. Thanks for sharing at the Pin it Monday link party. I hope you have a happy September. :)

    -Emily @

  6. What a beautiful autumn display, Kimberly. I love the fall colours and I hope that clerk was wrong about the mums in your area. However, faux fruit and silks and a beautiful tray work perfectly! That tray is gorgeous. A lovely reminder of your late sister. Hugs, Pam

  7. Plenty of mums here Kimberly. I've bought a few, but a little warmer than usual. Still I have decorated for Fall. Love the tray and the entire vignette is lovely.

  8. The colors of Fall are in all the stores. Now...if we can just have some temps below a 100 it would be great. this is a beautiful tray and I know it is a treasure! My sister gave me a candy dish, about a month before she died and as ugly as the thing is....I absolutely Love it! It is a true treasure to me. Beautiful post

  9. Now that is a pretty tray! I have seen many in that shape but nothing with that artistic detail. It is obvious that you have cherished and cared for it by the great condition it is in...A true treasure from your sister, indeed.

    Happy September, my friend. xo

  10. Beautiful colors that definitely reflect Fall season. That's a gorgeous tray and I know it must hold special memories for you.

    I am your newest follower.


  11. The tray and your display are lovely and so rich and inviting for fall...
    Not to mention a wonderful treasure from your sister. She had a good eye!
    Thanks for joining us on the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop!

  12. This is lovely, Kimberly...and how wonderful to have such a special tray from your sister!

  13. The mums are just getting into the stores around here. I love what you have done and I bet you will like that fall arrangement better than some store bought mums this has special meaning to you.

  14. Kimberly,

    Beautiful arrangement Kimberly, sorry you couldn't get your hands on the flowers you wanted.

    I love the trays your sister found in yard sales years ago.

  15. This is a beautiful fall display! I love the colors in your pretty tray and I know how special it must be since your sister gave it to you. We have had mums available here for awhile now, but I'm waiting until cooler weather to buy some.

  16. It is a beautiful tray and doubly special because it belonged to your sweet sister. I'm excited about fall too, but unless the heat goes away, it still feels like blazing August. We did get rain in the night...finally!

  17. Your tray is gorgeous, and so perfect to display this time of year! I'm still having a hard time letting go of summer, especially since temperatures are in the 90's here.
    Mary Alice

  18. That is a beautiful toile tray, and the perfect backdrop for your Fall vignette. Rain and a cloudy day were your driving force and heat was mine for doing my Fall decorating -- whatever inspires, right?

  19. The tray is gorgeous, as is your display. Fall has always been my favorite time of year. I hope you get the mums you are looking for. They are truly symbolic of fall! Thanks for your input about my kitchen, I have decided to go with neutral walls!

  20. This is absolutely beautiful and so perfect for Autumn :) Thanks for sharing and have a lovely Labor Day!

  21. You are right, the colors are beautiful. But what makes the tray and it's colors even more wonderful, is who gave it to you.

    Still not thinking about Fall but looking forward to it, soon.

  22. How pretty! I love fall colours, and the tray is gorgeous!

  23. That is a gorgeous tray and your bejewelled fruit makes a lovely Autumn display.
    We find mums everywhere for sale here, that sales woman was just making an excuse for why she didn't have them, I think.
    Hugs, Cindy

  24. I just adore fall and the lovely colors that abound. Your tray is beautiful and perfect for a fall setting. I am visiting from Amaze Me Monday and am a new follower. I enjoy blog give me a chance to meet and follow other blogs. I would love to have you visit me at Still Woods Farmhouse. No fall vignettes, but I am sharing a great chocolate cake!
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

  25. Your tray is fabulous...made more special because your sister gave it to you.
    I love your tool box three ways & your new hutch!

  26. That's a beautiful fall display! And I adore the tray!

  27. This fall mantel display is so pretty and special too. Your sister's tole tray is very pretty, I know it's a treasured heirloom. You've inspired me to dress my house for fall!

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