Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Let's Talk

  I realised today that it's been a while since we've just sat down  and had a little visit.
I've  busied myself with several different projects lately, I've done a whole lot of de-cluttering around the house, and I've been doing my far share of party hopping too.
But today I want you to pull up a chair and relax.
I've made cinnamon rolls for us to share and a hot cup of tea for you to drink.
 And I've chosen one of my heirloom teacups to serve you because you are a special guest of mine today!

The fire is lit and now it's time to chat.
First, I wanted to let you know that today I became a 'school girl' again. Ha!
Yes, I am taking a computer class at the local learning centre.  Now I can go from being a dunce to a beginner.
Well, not quite that bad, but close!
The beauty of it is that it's free and only five minutes from my back door.
I'm learning that there are some advantages to being a Senior after all!
Now, something else I wanted to discuss was my kitchen re-model.
You remember a while back when I was  working like a bat out of hades on my kitchen?
I painted the walls, the cabinets, the kitchen table and chairs. I started decorating with the promise of the big reveal, then......
I never mentioned the kitchen again.
It was as if the project had ended.
Here's what happened.....

See this stove and this floor? They had to go!
However, I was not willing to pay $800.-$900.
for the basic white kitchen stove that I wanted.
So I waited and waited and finally two weeks ago found one on sale. The only problem is that it still hasn't arrived yet.
Then when Tim started the project of laying the kitchen flooring, the  table saw went kaput and ended that project too.
Fortunately the new switch just arrived today.
So he'll be back in the saddle on this project tomorrow.
Now that is the saga of my stalled kitchen project, my friends.
Have you heard when the new Downton Abbey is going to be airing? I can never remember if it's in the Fall or after the first of the new year.
I did hear you can watch it on you-tube right now if you want to.
This, I could never do.
It would be like sneaking into hidden Christmas gifts before Christmas morning.
It would just ruin it for me.
I'm the same way with babies. I do not want to know their sex until they are born.
They are a big, beautiful, miraculous Gift from God.
And I want to be surprised!
Our  forecast for the next three days is sunshine here.
So tomorrow will find me with a paint brush in my hand painting the black shutters and our black front door.
This is the colour I have chosen. Our brick is this same colour also.
So I'm hopeful it will turn out well.
I'll keep you posted on the end results.
Now hold on a minute while I pour you another cup of tea!
It's your turn to tell me what's going on with you.
I've been jabbering so much I haven't had time to eat my cinnamon roll....
Your turn now, my friend.




  1. I understand the woes of your kitchen reno. Every project in our house tends to expand and evolve at warp speed.
    Downton Abbey starts again in January and I don't want to peek ahead either.

  2. Downton Abbey starts after the new year here, and this fall in England.

    I know what you mean about renovation master bath has been going on for over a month now!

    Love the color you chose for your shutters!

  3. Great post Kimberly. I enjoyed catching up with you. I'm glad your kitchen reno will start again and that project will be finished. It's disappointing to have a big blurp right in the middle of it. The green you chose for your door and shutters is very nice and will make a big difference in your house's street view. I'm glad you're getting some sunny days to complete that project! I'll look forward to seeing Downton Abbey some day as we don't get it on our 3 channels. Maybe I'll watch it on you tube. But I won't tell the secrets. :) Have a lovely day painting. Thanks for the tea and sweet. Hugs, Pam

  4. You've been busy! The computer class sounds great and I love that paint color for your door and shutters!! Yay for the new stove!! I'm just getting back into a routine with the kids back in school and I can breathe for a second!

  5. Morning Cheryl, oh those kitchen make- overs, make ya nuts sometimes but so worth it.......Yum, cinnamon rolls, my fav and sweet tea cup, so pretty.......Today I am puttering around the house still putting some of my holiday buys away....nice cool day out, yay!!! Blessings Francine.

  6. I have to try and watch a few episodes of the show everyone raves about it....Can't wait for some more of your re-do pictures! Heidi

  7. Ha, ha, my kitchen remodel is on it's third year or maybe 4th year. It all started with the flooring I ordered. It was back ordered and then finally cancelled - out of stock. I got discourage and thought I would look later for new. Well later is still waiting. My ceilings finally are done but can't seem to kick myself in gear. Love the post, maybe I will jump start ME!!!!

  8. What?! I can watch Downton Abbey Season 4 right now? Catch you later... (I always had to pretend that I had never seen my Christmas presents. )

    Hope that all goes well from now on with your kitchen project!

  9. Would you believe I have never watched a single episode of Downtown Abbey? I must be way behind!
    I can't wait to see your kitchen. Doesn't it seem like every time you start some big project something always hinders it? It seems that way here anyway. Those cinnamon rolls look delicious!

  10. You will be so happy when your kitchen is done! It will be worth the wait. Hope hubby can get at the floor and get it finished for you.

    I LOVE the color of the trim. What color is that? It is gorgeous against the brick. Have fun painting- xo Diana

  11. Good morning! The tea and cinnamon roll look wonderful thank you...haha I HAD wondered what had happened, even checked a couple of times to see if I had missed the kitchen reveal post. I DO know how those things go so I guess we will wait for the FULL reveal. I am NOT patient...I definitely peeked at Christmas presents, I HAVE to know the sex of the baby, and yet! I will wait for Downton Abbey, but it will be hard! haha Enjoy your day!

  12. Thanks for the tea and cinnamon roll, it was delish! I hope all goes smoothly now so you can get your kitchen finished. Love the color of the trim, I think it looks great with the brick.

  13. Kimberly,

    Not much going on here with our place other than doing more canning, and going through everything in the house. We want to have a yard sale to get rid of stuff we've been holding for some time.

    I love the color you picked for the trim outside of the house.

  14. I am stealing that "broken computer" picture! I can't wait to see the reveal of your kitchen!

    Thanks for the tea and cinnamon roll!

  15. I wonder what the heck happened to that new stove? and yes I am waiting for the kitchen reveal:) I love the colors you are using and want to see it all together.

  16. Lovely visit!
    (I think I could smell the rolls!)

    Kitchen remodel: yea, back on track
    Computer class: never stop learning
    Downton Abby: the waiting is almost impossible
    House Painting: BEAUTIFUL!

    Looking forward to our next visit.

  17. What a nice visit I had with you, I can invision (imagine?) the visit. Great news on the class, LOVE Downton Abby (however, I am behind on the latest season (or should I say last?-with the move and all.) I did read some tidbits though, but I will keep them to myself. Shutter painting--I can't wait to see the finished product! Blessings

  18. What a very nice visit with you, I see you got a answer to when Downton Abbey comes back on. I am willing to wait too, it is more fun when the all my friends are watching.
    I can't wait to see your kitchen and I love that color of your front door to be.

  19. I didn't know you could watch it on line either I may have to do it sorry it is suppose to be on January.
    I would love to sit and talk and eat your yummy rolls.

  20. Good to read the up date -- I get a thrill to know what's going on in your part of the world.. Okay I glad your back to the kitchen and sorry for the slow down -- I've done enough remolded and fix-up's to know those very issues..
    Okay, to tell you what's been going on I'll have to email you...
    Hope things = project)keep moving forward and keep up dating... love it!

  21. Your tea cup is beautiful! I love the colors...just gorgeous!
    I hope your kitchen is completed soon, I know it's hard when things are out of place or not working, especially in the heart of the home!
    Ok...confession time, I haven't really watched Downton Abbey...I've seen only two episodes but can't seem to catch it when it's own. So, I'm really behind and need to catch up! I did enjoy the episodes I caught!

  22. I would love to sit down and have a visit with you with some tea and a cinnamon roll. Sorry to hear about your stalled kitchen project, but I'm sure you'll get it back on track soon. I hope you have a nice weekend.

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